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Super Moon from 2017 to 2024 years

Super Moon 2017-2024

A super moon is called such an astronomical phenomenon, when the natural satellite of the earth - the moon - visually seems much brighter and larger than usual. The Super Moon can occur on a new moon or on a full moon. But since in the new moon the moon is not visible, this part of the event goes unnoticed. People pay attention to the fact that the moon is much larger, brighter, and often has an ominous reddish tint, namely, on the Super Moon at full moon.

The origin of the Superlunium is due to the fact that the moon's orbit is elliptical. The moon revolves around the earth in an ellipse, and at different times its distance to the earth is different. The nearest point in the movement of the moon is from us only in 357,000 kilometers (this is the perigee of the orbit). And at the furthest point (apogee), the moon is about 400,000 kilometers from the earth. As can be seen, the difference in distance is about 45,000 kilometers, which just corresponds to a visual increase in the size of the moon by 15%. City Miami.

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