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Choosing a partner by zodiac signs

Choosing a partner by zodiac signs

Find a partner with whom you will experience happiness in a married life is not an easy task. One of the most important problems is the correct choice of the second "half." Astrology is the science that can help in finding the right answer to the questions of this problem. In order to avoid real disasters, tragedies and all kinds of dramas, you must use the Horoscope map. Let's consider various variants of compatibility on position of the Sun in Zodiac Signs.

Compatibility or the right choice of a partner in the zodiac signs

Aries is Aries. Such marriages are extremely rare. Imagine - two leaders who are not in a hurry to concede each other. Usually, when they are together, disputes and quarrels are common. They are quick-tempered, aggressive and irritable, but their anger passes quickly, it can be said, it is short-lived.

When one of the partners leaves, for example, on a business trip, the second becomes uncomfortable with depression. Why? Yes, just bored and there's no one to quarrel with. Such a marriage can be prolonged only if one of the partners concedes in favor of the leadership of the other. And it happens quite quickly, within one or two months.

Aries - Taurus . Of course, Taurus is comfortable with an active and determined Aries. Taurus nowhere and never will be lost with his partner. Aries can be faithful and caring, but there is one big BUT. Usually, in the first half, family life is very hectic. Aries, like a volcano and a practical Taurus are not always understandable actions of their partner. Often both are in eternal disputes, and because of small things. Taurus wants peace and stability, at the same time Aries carries on "feats." The second half of family life becomes more calm.

Taurus gets used to its satellite and ceases to respond to the violent acts of Aries. The problem of the marriage union will disappear immediately, as soon as both representatives saw off and throw their horns away. Taurus creates a cozy home and the best conditions for rest, certainly Aries likes this vital approach. In the apartment everyone should have his own room to be able to retire and restore his emotional state, but at night - only together on a bed and in an embrace.

Aries - Gemini . Between the representatives of these signs, contacts are easy and quick. Love comes at a glance and a kiss. But a long marriage union is not guaranteed. Gemini - a double sign and they should be only two, for example, in a double size - friends and girlfriends, work and hobbies, a partner for marriage and for love, etc. Gemini is very interesting and fun.

Aries are also purposeful, active, full of energy, strength, which Gemini lacks so much. Therefore, the need for such a partner, like Aries, is simply great. The twins are full of ideas, and Aries can easily realize them. But instability in relations with Gemini, Aries "out of himself" and then he begins to discipline his companion or companion. Therefore, if the Twins want to preserve this marriage alliance, then they must stop all sorts of side-links, become correct and more polite, and also respectful, which meets the requirements of Aries.

Aries is Cancer . In this pair, despite the physical attraction, there are still big divergences in views on life. Cancer wants tenderness and affection, harmony in communication. He loves the home and, of course, his energetic and unpredictable Aries. The relationship between them resembles a "storm in a glass", because, there is a complete opposite character traits.

Aries aspires to self-affirmation, he needs thrills, new feats, which causes anxiety and anxiety in Cancer. This couple is better, for a time, to live together before the wedding, in order to get to know each other better, as well as to have the opportunity to analyze the prospects of this marriage.

Aries - Leo . This marriage union without real love, simply, is not possible. Lions are brave and courageous, like to overcome obstacles on their way, but sometimes life throws up and such a partner as Aries and then, Leo forgets that he really is, Leo. They are representatives of fire signs, both are energetic and passionate. They can together achieve a certain social and material well-being. But nevertheless, in this marriage union, the advantage will be on the side of Aries.

The lion likes gifts, decorations, attention to himself, but to get everything, he must continuously praise his Aries. And this is very annoying first, he can even "snarl" a little at his partner, but this is done more for exercise and strengthening his vocal cords. The marriage union can be prolonged only if the Lion can fully meet the requirements of Aries, namely, will resignedly obey him, otherwise, the gap is guaranteed.

Aries - Virgo . Such a marriage is very problematic, one can say, is not possible. Cold and calculating Virgo does not care about the energetic Aries. She will not tolerate his pressure and all sorts of "quirks". Virgo is selfish and self-serving. Aries with her will not be comfortable, therefore in these relations, only business cooperation is possible and no more.

Aries - Libra . Opposing Zodiac Signs, conflicting views in many spheres of life and all-these very often enter into a marriage union. Aries love the external beauty of Libra, and Libra likes the power and energy of Aries. To say that marriage can be long is difficult. Here everything depends, first of all, on Aries. If he learns from Libra delicacy in treatment, then the marriage can even be successful.

Aries - Scorpio . Representatives of these signs can become either inseparable friends, or irreconcilable enemies. Marriage can be prolonged in the event that partners in it are free and independent, equal and independent. Well, when in this union the guy is Aries, and the girl is Scorpio. The first needs tenderness and concern, and the second needs support, male energy and determination. Aries need to calm down their aggressiveness, and Scorpio - to conquer a partner with the help of his female weaknesses, then marriage can become just perfect.

Aries - Sagittarius . For these signs, the marriage union promises to be prosperous and harmonious, but there is a special feature here. The fact is that Sagittarius directs all his actions towards the Palace of Marriage, but if for some reason time is delayed, then he has doubts about the correctness of the choice. Then the intended alliance can fall apart. In these relations, the initiative comes from Aries. When the marriage all the same took place, you need to be careful. Until Sagittarius consults only with his Aries, everything goes smoothly, but as soon as he conceives and starts looking for advice outside the home, the relationship can lead to disappointment.

Aries - Capricorn . The marriage union between representatives of these signs is extremely rare. Between them, often there are arguments and quarrels, because both "horned" and who kills those "horns" is difficult to predict. In fact, Capricorn needs to thank his Aries for giving him energy and temperament, driving out pessimism and gloomy thoughts from his soul. Capricorn likes to plan everything slowly, too deliberately, but Aries acts swiftly and quickly. We can say that such a marriage union can last only as long as he needs Aries, but then - farewell for ever!

Aries is Aquarius . A marriage union can be successful only if Aries does not suppress the individuality and originality of Aquarius. At first Aquarius likes the role of Aries as a conqueror and a winner, but after a certain time his stubbornness begins to bother, in consequence, Aquarius can escape. True, there are cases when, after a period of time, he wants to return again, but unfortunately it's too late, since Aries does not like rubble.

Aries - Pisces . Aries attract Pisces very much, but in their essence they are completely different. Pisces are very soft, they tend to live their inner life, and Aries likes rough activity. In this marriage union, the head will be only Aries, whether it be a man or a woman.

If Aries is a man, then he will swallow up his fish completely, and a woman-Aries will accustom her companion to do household chores and children. Save the situation can, if the fish is busy with work and spend a long time in business. But nevertheless, Pisces will have to cede to his Aries in any case, which will not only strengthen health, but will preserve the marriage.

Taurus - Taurus . Both Taurus know what they want from each other. And they want, first of all stability, money incomes and the provided old age. Therefore, such a union can exist for a long time.

Taurus - Gemini . These partners have a lot in common, but marriage between them is not possible. Sociable Twins are rarely at home, which irritates Taurus. Taurus is stable and practical, his house is "his fortress", he has a serious approach to life and generally to everything. Gemini he thinks are not serious, although at first, he will like ideas, for example, how quickly to make money, but earning them, as a rule, leaves at home. Of course, this situation does not suit the naive Twins. Frequent misunderstanding of each other leads to a break in the relationship.

Taurus - Cancer . They have much in common. Both love their home and dream of prosperity. Marriage can be successful if they impose a ban on their stubbornness and obstinacy. Taurus are very jealous and try to keep their Cancer under control, which the latter does not like. Cancer wants to spend time with friends or girlfriends, but Taurus will not tolerate even the shadow of such meetings. There's nothing to be done, you have to give in to your Taurus, because Raku likes to be close to a reliable and devoted partner, who can be relied on in everything.

Taurus - the Lion . Both are strong signs. Between them a strong physical attraction, but the marriage union is not persistent. Taurus is cautious and thrifty, and the Lion likes to take a walk, have fun, spend a tidy sum of money, which will certainly lead to indignation of the economical Taurus. Even when the years pass, all the same, between the representatives of these signs, the "war" will continue. Therefore, it is better to avoid this marriage.

Taurus is Virgo . A very favorable marriage. Both are practical and economical, soberly look at life. They always agree with each other and help each other. Both are easygoing and peaceful. Such an alliance brings them joy from living together and a significant material success.

Taurus - Libra . Rarely there is a marriage union between the representatives of these signs. In spite of the fact that they have much in common, nevertheless, family life is not just good. They have completely different views on life.

Taurus - Scorpio . Both are very jealous and are not compliant. Often there are conflicts and disagreements between them. A marriage union can only hold on to the sexual side of life. They often have beautiful and talented children. In general, if you remove jealousy, then it will leave dramas and tragedies. Otherwise, it is better to disperse quietly and calmly, in the name of preserving your health and nerve cells.

Taurus - Sagittarius . The marriage union is doomed to destruction. The smallest obstacle and everything, the fairy tale is the end!

Taurus - Capricorn . Everything is all right here. We can say that Capricorn was very lucky to meet on his way partner-Taurus. They are true to each other and their marriage is very strong. Representatives of these signs do not fall in love with the "first glance", they look at each other for a long time, but then for life. Both are practical, hardy and persistent. They have common interests and plans for life, even disagreements can not bring a gap to this union, because they are not essential.

Taurus - Aquarius . Taurus in such an alliance will suffer one of the first. He will lose his peace from his constant friends and friends of his Aquarius. There are many differences between these signs. They can hardly live in harmony and harmony. Aquarius thrives rich imagination, only Taurus does not believe in it. For Taurus - Aquarius, this is a headache, and eternal. Such an alliance will be fraught with all sorts of surprises, surprises, "surprises", ultimately Taurus "bursts" patience, and with it the marriage itself.

Taurus - Pisces . Marriage is very favorable. Between them, stable, gentle and harmonious relations are built. This couple has a lot in common. They like peace, comfort, convenience. With good material opportunities - this union will be simply magnificent. To Pisces such an alliance gives confidence in the future, and Taurus likes to receive warmth and cordiality from their partner.

Gemini - Gemini . Usually, when both Gemini get enough exercise, they will have time to divorce and even, not once, then finally they will meet. Such a marriage union is simply a calculation. Between them, friendly and easy relationship. Usually such an alliance passes without noise and jealousy. They can have loyal lovers, just friends "on the bed," but have no claims to each other.

Gemini - Cancer . There is no agreement between them. Cancer is strong with feelings, and Gemini is intelligent. Hence the differences and irritations. For Cancer, such an alliance will not bring anything good, only sleepless nights and nervous upheavals. Twins do not care about the tender feelings of Cancer, sometimes they even "lose their temper." Both often regret that they married, because this is no longer life, but only suffering.

Gemini - Leo . Common interests. Twins like a cheerful Lion or Lioness. True, if the Twins want to preserve this marriage, they need to become more determined, which is very pleasing to Leo. It is an alliance of intellect and power. But provided that both partners close their eyes to their inaccuracies, then this marriage is durable. Gemini must remember that from time to time, he must worship his Leo, so that he does not cause hidden grief and sadness.

Gemini - Virgo . Such a marriage will surprise everyone. How could Virgo, so cold and vitally stable, find herself in the company of such an easy, sometimes not serious Gemini? Only then can this marriage union exist if Gemini goes to him for the sake of calculation, at the expense of which he can improve his material position. What is there to do? There is no way out, or obey the strict rules of the Virgin and live securely or all to break and leave, to remain a "naked falcon," but to gain freedom.

Gemini - Libra . Marriage between representatives of these signs usually ends in divorce. Although together, they are fun and pleasant. They do not tolerate loneliness. Scales work hard, but no matter how hard they try, it will be very difficult for them to keep Gemini with them. Even Libra likes to be respected, adored, praised, but unfortunately, from Gemini they are unlikely to wait.

Gemini - Scorpio . There are frequent divorces. This pair can be united only by business cooperation. They can become simply beloved, because between them physical attraction is great, but for a family life they are not ready. Their marriage will be very problematic.

Gemini - Sagittarius . Also, the marriage union is not prosperous, although there is much in common between them. Each of them looks at the world in their own way and does not share the views of the partner. Both are striving for a new, change, unexplored, unknown, which does not provide stability in relationships and marriage.

Gemini - Capricorn . Cases of strong marital relationships are very rare. Here, only business cooperation can be more favorable.

Gemini - Aquarius . The marriage union is lively, cheerful, with original ideas and plans, but it will not bring material prosperity and financial stability. Here are good partnership and friendly relations.

Gemini - Pisces . Such a marriage can not be called favorable. Pisces are very sensitive, they need peace. Gemini, on the contrary, are sociable, windy, with a great imagination. Sometimes they can chat together, but the fish weary of long-term communication, and Gemini is not very interesting to listen to sensitive Fish. If the fish is a woman, then she will usually be buried in tears forever because of a non-fair attitude towards her by the partner, when on the contrary, a male representative of Pisces, this person can be buried in the sea of ​​alcohol, because of dissatisfaction in his personal life .

Cancer is Cancer . Marriage here will be boring and, I think, it's better when they just have comradely or business relations. Cancers are emotional, they often change in mood. They need a number of partners who can become a support in life, which can be supported in a difficult moment, in one word - reliable. Here, it's just grown-up children, who always need attention. The only thing that can bring diversity to this union and dispel boredom, if both are engaged in creativity, travel, at least for a short distance or something else amusing.

Cancer - Leo . Relationships are very contradictory. Leo should always praise and admire him, and emotional Cancer, on the contrary, requires attention to yourself, that the first acts "on your nerves". Here, the marriage union will live only if the partner Cancer, quickly rebuilt and realizes that it is necessary to perform a feat over oneself, learn to constantly pay attention to Leo, applaud him. Otherwise, the marriage is doomed and Cancer is unlikely to know in it happiness, love and material support.

Cancer is Virgo . For Virgo, it is an advantageous union. Virgo is practical, she is interested in every detail, she is economical, workable. Before entering into the marriage union, will think over everything to the smallest detail. Cancer also likes to live circumspectly, with fear of the future and also prefers to postpone "for a rainy day", which is very like the Virgin, it just suits such a partner. If in this marriage Virgo satisfies her Cancer in the sphere of love and sex, then it will be prolonged.

Cancer - Libra . Marriage is problematic, often ends in a break in relations. It's better if the man is Libra, and the woman is Rak who will sacrifice herself completely for the sake of comfort in the house, children, kitchen, while her partner will spend time with the company of gay companies. If you have the patience, then there is no problem!

Cancer is Scorpio . The marriage is very favorable and lasting. As a rule, there are almost no breaks. They are very comfortable with each other. It is especially good if the husband is Scorpio, and the wife is Cancer, the only problem may be Scorpio's jealousy and it is necessary to reconcile with this.

Cancer is Sagittarius . Dissimilarity of views, opinions and beliefs. Between them will be an ideal friendship, but the marriage union is doomed to failure.

Cancer - Capricorn . The least divorce, if the husband is Capricorn, and the wife -Rac. These women are the true comforters for depressive Capricorns. Attention and gentle attitude, just needed him, like air.

Cancer is Aquarius . The marriage union is doomed to break. Even friendship or cooperation between them is hardly possible.

Cancer - Pisces . Very often there is love between them from the "first glance". They are very suitable for each other. They have much in common in views and opinions. The only thing when there comes a "black streak" in life, this can be devastating, since both can sink their troubles in alcohol.

Leo - The Lion . Between the representatives of this couple, only friendship or business relationships are possible.

The Lion is the Virgin . The marriage union will bring disappointment. They are very different in character, habits, in views on life. Lions can not endure the constant criticism of the Virgin, her captiousness, coldness. At the same time, Virgo does not understand the lifestyle of her partner. In a marriage union is very uncomfortable with this couple. But a business union can lead to prosperity.

Leo - Libra . In this couple's relationship, harmony and understanding, love and interest to each other. Libra should remember that you need to constantly take care of your appearance, try not to lose attractiveness. If Leo is a careerist and quickly promotes, then recognition by Libra is guaranteed.

Leo - Scorpio . Both have a very developed sense of pride and dignity. They are contradictory in their convictions, opinions, customs. The marriage union can not be long. Scorpio is the owner, the conqueror, and the Lion does not allow himself to rule. In this union it will be better when the man is Scorpio, and the woman is Leo. Scorpio will take care of his Lioness, at least, while they are young and sexy - are interesting to each other.

Leo - Sagittarius . Sagittarians love to be listened to, and Lions do not know how to listen to others. Sagittarians are very impressionable, receptive and when communicating with their partner may experience an internal contradiction and irritation, which in time will lead to the desire to break the relationship. The best option is when Sagittarius is a woman, because having a huge experience in the field of intimate life, will have the opportunity to conquer his Lion and win his predisposition to himself.

Leo - Capricorn . There can only be reliable friendship, mutually beneficial business cooperation, but we can not talk about marital relations.

Leo - Aquarius . There can be conflicts and various kinds of contradictions, but all this is fixable. In general, such a marriage union is prosperous. Aquarius is original in the sphere of intimate life, which is very much appreciated by Leo. The first prefers freedom and does not hasten to the Wedding Palace, which also suits his partner. Especially good is the union, when the woman is Aquarius, and the man is Leo. They have much in common in their views on life and in characters, which undoubtedly prolongs the relationship.

Leo - Pisces . Their marriage union almost always fails. The lion can have fun with the Fish, but not for long, because he quickly loses interest in it. It is better not to experiment.

Virgo is the Virgin . Such a marriage union is not harmonious. Both love to teach each other, they are critical and very petty. The common task of this couple is to strengthen their financial position and ensure old age. All their affairs are strictly divided into points. Such an alliance, oddly enough, despite the boredom, rarely disintegrates.

Virgo - Libra . The marriage union is doomed to failure. The scales will not be able to withstand constant quibbles on the part of Virgo. The best option is business cooperation.

Virgo - Scorpio . The friendship between the representatives of these signs is magnificent, but the marriage union is problematic. It is accompanied by constant disputes, conflicts. The only way out of this situation is to completely subordinate one of them to another. But who needs someone to understand themselves.

Virgo - Sagittarius . There are different views on life, marriage is problematic. Sagittarius keeps next to the Virgin, only her fat wallet, he has to live according to the schedule compiled for him by the Virgin. Sagittarius's life turns into a "strict regime camp", in time he will understand that it is necessary to finish with this, but will he have enough strength?

Virgo - Capricorn . This marriage is successful. Both are very comfortable. He is long and happy. Representatives have a common goal - to strengthen the material base and career growth.

Virgo is Aquarius . Such an alliance is not prosperous, here even business relations are extremely rare.

Virgo - Pisces . Favorable for Pisces, because they are well-financed, they have moral support. Virgo uses them as housewives, cooks. When Pisces has no other choice, one has to accept this position.

Scales - Scales . They like to enjoy earthly joys, know how to spend money, love, communicate. But what if it turns out that the money is over, then what? They do not like physical and tedious work, and diplomatic talent does not always work. And then come the fatal blows, which can not withstand two Libra, so the marriage union between these partners is doomed to divorce.

Scales - Scorpio . Both are good diplomats. Scales can rely on a stubborn, but reliable Scorpio. If a man is a Scorpio, then of course, he will educate his "half", read lectures on "how to live", etc. A more harmonious marriage union, when a man is a Libra, and a woman is a Scorpio.

Libra - Sagittarius . If between them true love, then we can say about a long and happy marriage. Well, when in this pair the man is Sagittarius, and the woman is Libra. Scales are able to smooth out all acute angles, they are courteous and diplomatic, as well as they can help their partner in realizing his goals.

Libra - Capricorn . The marriage union is not strong. Unfortunately, even friendly relations between them are rare.

Libra - Aquarius . Both prefer free relations, so the marriage union proceeds without conflicts. They are always good, they are able to expand their inner horizon and make innovations in everyday life.

Scales - Pisces . For friendship and business partnership, relations will develop very well. But the marriage union does not bring happiness.

Scorpio - Scorpio . Marriage between two Scorpios is extremely rare. Even if such a marriage happens, then the partners are absolutely different in character from each other. One of them can be strict, power-hungry, and the second, cunning, deft and diplomatic. But anyway, it is very difficult for the two Scorpios to make friends.

Scorpio - Sagittarius . For friendship such a union is favorable, but no more. Between them, often there will be contradictions, tense situations. More or less well, when a man - Sagittarius, and a woman - Scorpio.

Scorpio - Capricorn . This marriage union is favorable for both representatives of these signs. It will be long and very reliable. Both partners are hardworking, ambitious, mutually respectful. The difference of views can only be in an intimate life. For example, Scorpio is ardent and passionate, and Capricorn is cold. Therefore, it's good, when in this marriage partner - Scorpio is older in age than the partner-Capricorn. These people are realistic, they together know exactly what they want from life and succeed with it.

Scorpio - Aquarius . Scorpio is a man of action, and Aquarius is a dreamer. They will never understand each other. In addition, Scorpio is jealous, and Aquarius prefers freedom. In general, we can say that between them the marriage will not be favorable, not lasting, but friends can not become bad.

Scorpio - Pisces . Their joint life will be full of permanence and durability. Fish can always rely on Scorpios. The second can be trusted not only by your tender feelings and love, but also by your destiny. Both cherish a friendly atmosphere in the family, peace and harmony. So, if a woman is a Scorpio, then she will take part in the career growth of her husband. Husbands - Pisces, usually, owes much to their wives, for example, successes, cultural growth, promotion. When the husband is Scorpio, then he will take care of his "fish", believe me, she will be very comfortable with him.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius . This is a very living marriage, full of fun and entertainment. Their house will be frequented by friends and it does not bore them, but, on the contrary, gives new strength to realize their plans. They will travel together, get pleasant surprises from each other. We can say that such a union will bring only happiness and inspiration.

Sagittarius - Capricorn . If Capricorn manages to satisfy his Sagittarius sexually, then we can say that the marriage union can be less successful, otherwise, family life will give a break.

Sagittarius - Aquarius . Both values ​​freedom and independence, they have the same view of life as a whole. The best option when a man is Aquarius. Then the woman will be able to convince her partner that she is the best and that she was created for him. When a man-Strelec, relations will develop worse. His indecisiveness, will lead to emotional disagreement, and consequently, to the conflict situation in the family. In this case, the wife - Aquarius will have to look for a compromise, otherwise the relationship can be spoiled for a long time.

Sagittarius - Pisces . Marriage between them is very problematic. Contradictions are essential. In the first place, the sensitive fish will suffer.

Capricorn - Capricorn . Successful marriage! They have common interests, understand each other well and support in difficult times. They are able to resist failures together. The marriage union, as a rule, long and happy.

Capricorn - Aquarius . In these relations, business cooperation or friendship will be better. The consent in this marriage union can not be. Aquarius for Capricorn is a headache that almost never passes, but only worsens. But also to Capricorn, Aquarius is gradually losing interest. Therefore, the representative of the sign Aquarius, very quickly can be disappointed in his partner and abandon him, immersed in an ocean of new feelings.

Capricorn - Pisces . The marriage union is especially good if the man is a fish, and the female is Capricorn. She will be a support for her husband and a reliable friend, whom you can always rely on. Pisces is the weakest sign of the whole zodiac, so they always need a strong and sober-thinking partner. If on the contrary, then here is Pisces - a woman will not envy. Capricorn is always busy at work, he works like a "wave" and he does not caress. And she so wants tenderness and displays of feelings from her partner, but there's nothing to be done, usually you have to accept that, in fact, Fish does.

Aquarius is Aquarius . In this union, the main thing is freedom and independence, it is not at all like the generally accepted one. Amazing is that how, they could even reach the Palace of Marriage and even more so, register their marriage union?

Aquarius - Pisces . This marriage union is very problematic and doomed to break the relationship.

Fish - Pisces . Such an alliance can be long and happy. Partners often support each other, but since both lack strength in character, they rarely succeed in their careers. Both love art, reading books. There is a mess in the house, which absolutely does not cause any irritation in both. In the event that one of the Pisces decides to break off relations and "swim" to another partner, the divorce is calm, human, even touching.

We examined the compatibility of the marriage union on the position of the Sun in the signs of the zodiac. I want to note that there are other factors in horoscopes that are included in the plan for conducting a synastric analysis. Conclusions on the compatibility of the marriage union, you can do only after a thorough study of the birth cards of partners.


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