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Aromatherapy and home fragrances on may 2022

Lunar aromatherapy calendar for may 2022 year Aromatherapy on may 2022

Aromatherapy is a process of treatment using essential oils. Each essential oil has its own specific properties. There are aphrodisiac oils that increase sexual attraction and excitement (ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood oil, rose oil), and pine, fir, lavender, chamomile, mint and lemon balm oils have a therapeutic and therapeutic effect on your body. For the treatment of diseases and conditions in aromatherapy, in addition to the smells of live flowers and burning dry plants, various essential oils are used, which can be bought at the pharmacy or in special stores. Usually the essential oil is inhaled directly from the vial, dissipating its smell around the room or being applied to the body. But it is best to prepare a lamp or snuff based on essential oils.

To make a flavoring lamp you need to pour essential oil along with warm water into the vessel and install it so that you can put a candle under it. During the treatment session, the candle lights up. If only one oil is used for treatment, then its quantity should not exceed 20 drops.

For the preparation of snuff, it is necessary to pour ordinary table salt into the cup, add essential oil to it and mix thoroughly, so that the salt absorbs all the oil. The smelling salt is poured into a vial or a plastic bag. The bottle is tightly sealed. The bag is sealed with a hot iron, then pierced in several places with a needle to get small holes. Such a bag is stored in a cloth bag and used as needed.

Each lunar day, like the sign of the Zodiac, is unique in energy, have their properties, and has an impact on the human body. Therefore, depending on the lunar day, the position of the moon in the sign of the Zodiac and the phase of the moon, unique recommendations for combining the rhythms of the moon with the energies of essential oils are presented. The effect of aromatic oils will be best if the aromatherapy is coordinated with the specified recommendations. Because all aromas and essential oils, correspond to a certain lunar day. Also from the description, you will learn about the effect of essential oils on the body as a whole, and on the proper selection of fragrances for the home. City Buenos Aires.

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Calendar of aromatherapy and fragrances for home s 1 by 7 may 2022 years

from 01.05.2022 - sunday 
from 00:00
1 lunar day continues

Mirra warms, eliminates the confusion of thoughts and confusion of feelings. Clears the aura, stimulates energy growth, enhances vital energy. The fragrance of Mirra sates with love, opens the heart for love, filling it with the pure energies of the Universe. Helps a person understand the actions of others, accept and forgive, teaches wisdom and prudence. Helps to get rid of egocentrism and dependence. Increases self-esteem. Mirra helps to build a bridge between "heavenly" and "earthly" in man.

from 08:13
The beginning of the 2 lunar day

Protects a person from negative alien energy. It strengthens self-confidence and one's own strengths, evades self-esteem and instills respect for oneself. Restores the thickness of the aura. Eliminates depressive states, anxiety and despair. This fragrance fills the person with energy of joy and well-being, and also optimism. Jasmine opens a pragmatic view of such negative events as treason, betrayal and irreparable losses, muffling useless emotions.

from 02.05.2022 - monday 
from 09:14
The beginning of the 3 lunar day

It improves the mood, helps to get rid of depression. Increases self-confidence and strengthens energy. Improves concentration and memory. In ancient Greeks, the fragrance of the Lavra was considered to protect from the negative, diseases and evil.

from 03.05.2022 - tuesday 
from 10:14
The beginning of the 4 lunar day

Removes fears and irritability, relieves stress, helps with depression. Restores energy and peace of mind. Encourages spiritual creativity. The aroma of Mandarin is good for productive and sublime intellectual communication. A great remedy for obesity and cellulite.

from 04.05.2022 - wednesday 
from 11:11
The beginning of the 5 lunar day

Provides full energy relaxation. Protects against negative energies. A wonderful remedy for overwork, overexcitement, irritability and aggression. Eliminates tearfulness and hysterical reactions. Restores sleep.

from 18:53
The beginning of the waxing crescent 🌒 phase, Moon in the sign of ♊ Gemini
Waxing crescent

The best smells for the moon in Gemini - coniferous, citrus (except lemon), you can add a few drops of eucalyptus to the aromatic bottle. And before you go to sleep, smoke your house with bergamot or jasmine. Bergamot oil perfectly saves from depression and apathy, expels depression and despondency, gives strength to a tired body, charges it with vital energy. Drip a few drops of bergamot into the aroma lamp - and you will feel like emancipation and faith in the future come, as the vital forces fill you.

all current events (1)
1) The beginning of the 5 lunar day (from 04.05 11:11)
from 20:05
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♋ Cancer, waxing crescent 🌒
In the sign of Cancer

For fumigating a house on the growing Moon in Cancer, the flavors of rose oil, melissa, rosemary, verbena are best. In the evening, fill the house with the smell of sandalwood or incense. When the Moon in Cancer, it is very important to think about good, drive away bad thoughts and not succumb to someone else's influence. Smells help tune in to a pleasant, relieve nervous tension, drive away the heavy thoughts.

all current events (1)
1) The beginning of the 5 lunar day (from 04.05 11:11)
from 05.05.2022 - thursday 
from 12:05
The beginning of the 6 lunar day

Eliminates stagnant phenomena, removes energy blocks, strengthens energy and protects the aura. Eliminates nervousness and confusion, regulates the "rupturedness" of thoughts. Increases mental and vital activity. Ennobles thoughts and actions.

all current events (1)
1) ☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♋ Cancer, waxing crescent 🌒 (from 04.05 20:05)
from 06.05.2022 - friday 
from 12:53
The beginning of the 7 lunar day

Warms, increases and thickens the aura. Helps to get rid of feelings of anger and envy, self-pity and fixation on past problems and mistakes. Eliminates astheno-depressive conditions and emotional cold. Fragrance of Cinnamon improves the well-being of a person, tuning to an optimistic mood. Develops optimism, personal integrity, faith in oneself and self-esteem. The fragrance creates a cozy atmosphere of trust and goodwill. It improves memory and increases efficiency.

all current events (1)
1) ☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♋ Cancer, waxing crescent 🌒 (from 04.05 20:05)
from 07.05.2022 - saturday 
from 08:49
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♌ Leo, waxing crescent 🌒
In the sign of Leo

The moon in Leo is consonant with the aromas of cypress, pine, sage and roses. On the growing moon, do not forget about the smell of oranges - it will be very useful. In this sign great importance is attached to cleanliness and fresh fragrances. Unremovable kitchen odors are especially problematic. Use for this purpose aromatic oils, and you will not be mistaken. To feel fresh in the kitchen, it is better to choose a special aromatic composition: 2 drops of rosemary oil + 2 drops of lemon oil + 2 drops of eucalyptus oil + 2 drops of lavender oil. If you do not have an aroma lamp, you can add aromatic oils to the water and do a wet cleaning. Take 2 drops of lavender oil, 3 drops of lemon oil, 2 drops of eucalyptus oil and 1 drop of thyme oil per 600 ml of water. Your kitchen will smell sweet!

all current events (1)
1) The beginning of the 7 lunar day (from 06.05 12:53)
from 13:35
The beginning of the 8 lunar day

rose flower
Transforms negative energy into a positive, filling with a sense of well-being and joy, eliminates the symptoms of fatigue and stops reactions to stress. Relieves feelings of resentment and irritation. Eliminates the inferiority complex. Enriches emotions. Refreshes and clarifies the mind, increases efficiency. It stimulates creative and intellectual growth. Rosa's fragrance creates a cozy and joyful atmosphere.

all current events (1)
1) ☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♌ Leo, waxing crescent 🌒 (from 07.05 08:49)
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