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Calendar of conception of the child by the date of birth and phase of the moon

Calendar of conception of the child by the date of birth and phase of the moon

With the help of the moon, you can determine the day most effective for conception. For this, it is enough for a woman to calculate the phase of the moon, and better the specific lunar day of her birth. It is these days and two days before that are the most likely for conception. Since at this moment the mother's body is the most prepared for this. Also, a man is more prolific on his lunar birthday. But if the woman's birth time refers to unfavorable days for the conception of a baby, then this rule does not fit.

The probability of conception increases at a time when the phase of the Moon (that is, the angle between the Moon and the Sun) repeats the phase that was at the birth of the woman. And the probability of conception rises sharply, no matter at what period of the hormonal cycle is the repetition of the lunar phase. The probability of conception is highest when the phase repeat coincides with ovulation, but in the second place in probability there is, oddly enough, the coincidence of phase repeat with menstruation.

The moon takes part in all life processes of people. This also applies to conception. If you want to pre-select the sex of the unborn child or find out when the conception is most favorable, go to the lunar calendar of the conception of the child.

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The day of conception for a person is important birthday. This will determine the nature of the person, his interests, hobbies, and also how his life will develop. If there is an opportunity to find out on which lunar day a person was conceived, then it is possible to get quite useful information. Knowing about such a feature of the moon as an influence on conception, you can plan a day in which a child will be conceived. At the same time, you need to know that you can not just choose a day that is favorable for the lunar calendar, each day has its pros and cons, and you need to reckon with them. There are days that are not recommended for conception. There are not a lot of such days, but you also need to know about them.

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