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  • Orange (3 value)
    Strong, fruit-bearing orange trees that you see in a dream - a symbol of what you
  • Otter (2 value)
    Luck in business and happiness awaits the one who in the dream saw an otter..
  • Oak (2 value)
    If in a dream you were lucky to see more than one oak, and a whole grove of these..
  • Occupation (1 value)
    To dream of any occupation is an unfavorable sign. Such a dream predicts a..
  • Oilcloth (1 value)
    To see in the dream an oilcloth is a sign that foreshadows coldness and betrayal...
  • Onion is (1 value)
    To quarrel and to reveal secrets.
  • Onions (Vegetables) (1 value)
    If you see a lot of onions in a dream, then in real life you can succeed, however,
  • Ointment (2 value)
    If you dream an ointment, then you will be able to succeed in the most unfavorable..
  • Obituary (1 value)
    To see an obituary in a dream means that you will be given unpleasant and..
  • Oasis (2 value)
    If you dreamed of an oasis, it means that soon everything normalizes in your life...
  • Oblast (1 value)
    If in a dream you see how the representatives of the law enforcement agencies..
  • Oats (2 value)
    To see in a dream oats is a favorable sign. Such a dream portends luck to all,..
  • Ocean (2 value)
    To see in a dream a calm ocean - for good, a sailor is waiting for a pleasant and..
  • Omelet (1 value)
    To see that you have prepared an omelette - a warning to you about flattery and..
  • Opera (1 value)
    In a dream to be in an opera - means an early meeting with people close in spirit,..
Prophetic dreams of the lunar calendar
whether today's dream will come true or was just a nightmare, this will help the lunar calendar of dreams →

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Natal card online This is a personal horoscope, which is based on the time and place of birth of a person.
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