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[Strong, fruit-bearing orange trees that you see..]

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dream book Freud

The orange that appeared in a dream symbolizes pleasure, temptation. To see it is a sign that it is typical for you to imagine what, in a sexual way, a certain stranger, it is easy and pleasant for you to imagine your joint occupation with sex. It's not at all disgraceful, you're just exploring your attraction. If you eat an orange, then someone will give you great pleasure, most likely for you such a turn of events will be an opening, since earlier, you did not even suspect that this person is so emotional. If you clean the orange from the crust, this dream should be interpreted as a sign that you really think spontaneous sex is inadmissible, because it is ugly, however, sometimes it's the opposite, so why not experience new feelings for you.

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dream book Miller

Strong, fruit-bearing orange trees, which you see in a dream - a symbol that you rotate in a good society and have good health.

Bad omen - there are oranges in a dream, this sign, foreshadows that one of your friends or loved ones will soon find out about a serious illness, and this news will upset you greatly. Also, this dream warns that some business connections can give you dissatisfaction. Listen to the aroma, if it is pleasant and fragrant, then the grief will not be so heavy.

A girl who dreams that she is an orange, sleep foreshadows the loss of a loved one. In case she sees a beautiful fruit on the tree, in life she will show maximum caution when choosing a life partner.

If you dream that you slipped on an orange peel, wait for news of the death of a loved one.

A married man can see how his wife asks to buy his oranges, which she eats with pleasure, sleep predicts that all problems of the sleeper will be resolved by themselves, moreover, this dream says that soon he will have additional income.

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dream book Correct

If you dream of mature oranges hanging on trees - to well-being and good health. If you eat oranges in a dream, you expect a fiasco in some important matter for you. Also, this dream can be an indication that you will have family disagreements or difficulties in the service. The orange that a young woman dreams about is a messenger of separation from her lover. If she saw one fruit high on a tree, then she should carefully choose a life partner. If the husband bought his wife oranges, which she then ate, then he will get out of trouble without applying any effort.


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