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Great Nostradamus

Great Nostradamus

French prophet Michel Nostradamus, mathematician, astrologer, physician, physician-physician of Charles IX. Born January 14 in a family of Jews who lived in the town of Saint-Remy in Provence.

Shortly before the birth of Michel, his parents baptized, obeying the decree of Louis XII, which was the reason for the double life of the family. they continued to practice Judaism. Under the guidance of his grandfathers, Pierre and Jean mastered medicine, folk healing, alchemy, cabalistics, mathematics, astrology, and began to speak Greek, Latin and Hebrew. For the sake of a doctor's license, in 1529 he entered the University of Montpellier.

In 1532, having passed the examinations for a bachelor's degree, he went to the provinces. Using his own methods of treatment, he was able to stop epidemics of bubonic plague in Carcassonne, Toulouse, Narbonne, Bordeaux and other large cities of France. After four years of practice, he received his doctorate. During the plague epidemic in Anzhang, his wife and two children were killed. At the same time, the Nostradamus family that was buried, was declared a charlatan, and on charges of heresy, he appeared before the Inquisition court in Toulouse. Nostradamus fled his native country to Italy and for several years hid from the Inquisition. During these wanderings his prophetic gift was awakened.

In the middle of the XVI century in Provence, broke out one of the most terrible epidemics in the history of France. When Nostradamus arrived in the capital of Provence, the city of Aix, corpses lay in the streets, the doctors either died or were still dying, or fled from Aix, calling it "a cursed place." Over the next 270 days, Nostradamus struggled with the epidemic. On his orders, the streets were put in order. On the the famous pink pill, mixed on the basis of pink petals and rich in vitamin C, the doctor spent all the money that he had, giving away the medicine for free on the streets. The plague receded, and Michel Nostradamus from an outcast turned into a national hero. The Fathers of the City. Some time after that, Michelle continued his wanderings, the following plague.

At the age of 45 he settled in the city of Salon, where he married a rich widow Anni Pozar Gemel. From that moment Nostradamus begins to write down his messages to future generations, but he did not hurry to publish his insights, rightly believing that it's never too late to appear before the Inquisition court. In 1550 the first almanac of Michel Nostradamus appeared with the prophecies of twelve quatrains-quatrains, each of which contained a prediction for one of the months of the coming year. The phrases of the quatrains were streamlined, the author was referred to the exact science of astrology, the Inquisition had nothing to complain about, and the almanacs were published every year until Nostradamus's death. In 1554, work began on centurions ("centuria" means "hundred", "century").

According to the original plan there should be ten centurions of one hundred quatrains-quatrains in each. In 1555 the first three centurions were published in Lyons, then, in the same year, the end of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh. Prophecies were released in a modest circulation and brought the author a frenzied popularity in France. Michel Nostradamus died on February 7, 1566.

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