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Now it's 8 lunar day -

New York
Lunar day today

Moon phase First quarter 🌓, in the sign ♒ Aquarius 09°17'

The symbol is the bird of the sirin, the phoenix, the treasure, the fire, the peacocks, the, the misfortune. Color - red-black (the color of a dying flame). Phoenix, burning and transforming. Here the symbol is Prosperpine, associated with the Twins. This lunar day can be called a day of purification, repentance, absolution of sins and alchemy. At this time, it is also good to starve and clean the intestines, as well as to make medicines for all diseases. Under no circumstances can one be selfish and dissolute. This period is difficult, because there are still unsolved problems, but the old goals and plans will require spending much more time on them. It is necessary to try to attract new employees and partners in their plans. At this..

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The influence of the moon

The lunar calendar for 2020, phases of the moon for 2020

Bright and inviting moonlight has been aroused by people's interest. Tracking the phases of the moon and observing natural phenomena, people came to the conclusion that the rhythms of the surrounding world are consistent with the change of the lunar phases, and harmony in nature is subordinated to the energy of the moon.

The lunar calendar, as one of the oldest calendars on Earth, is based on knowledge of the ancient civilizations and contains important information about lunar rhythms on humans. The periodicity of changing the lunar phases affects the biorhythms of the human body, affects its physical health and emotional state.

If you listen to the advice, the lunar calendar on the 2020 year, then soon learn to use the powerful influence of the moon exclusively for yourself. In accordance with the lunar phases, important life decisions can be made more effectively, for example, about the changing of a place of residence, launching new projects, creating a family, giving birth to a family.

Given the influence of lunar rhythms on humans, we offer the following lunar calendars: a general lunar calendar for every day, a gardener and gardener, haircuts, beauty and health, a shopping calendar and many others.

Lunar calendars for 2020

Lunar calendar haircuts Calendar of hair cutting

"Haircut on the lunar calendar is a secret and the key to success in life, the beauty and health of your hair."

Lunar calendar of hair coloring Calendar of coloring of hair

"Choose the best day for coloring and perming the hair on the Moon, to always look stylish and attractive."

The lunar calendar of the gardener Gardener's calendar

"The lunar-solar planting and sowing calendar of gardeners and truck farmers for each month 2020 year."

Sowing calendar Sowing calendar

"The presented lunar seeding calendar will help you choose the best days for sowing seeds."

Lunar Calendar of purchases Lunar Calendar of purchases

"The Lunar Calendar will allow you to choose the right time to buy things and valuables with the maximum benefit."

Calendar of trips and trips Travel Calendar

"The calendar of travel and travel will help you to plan ahead of time trips on favorable days."

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Online horoscopes

Lunar Birthday Lunar Birthday

"Knowing the lunar birthday, you can judge what will be the life of a person, his habits, characteristics of character."

Natal chart Natal chart of birth

"Natal card - a personal horoscope, built at the time of birth."

Compatibility horoscope Compatibility horoscope

"The compatibility analysis, also called synastric analysis, will indicate the terms of the relationship."

Moonlight conception calendar Childhood conception calendar

"A unique method of calculation for choosing the best time for conception of a child according to the lunar calendar."

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Online payments

Moon calendar without course Moon calendar without course

"The time of the Moon without a course is unfavorable for those cases that are aimed at concrete results."

Sunrise and sunset Sunrise Sunset

"Select the desired date in the calendar and find out information about the sunrise and sunset of the Sun and other planets."

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Interesting articles about the Moon

Facts about the Moon 20 facts about the Moon

"20 little-known and secret facts about the Moon that will be interesting and useful to know to every person."

History of the Moon The Origin of the Moon

"There are two groups, sections, hypotheses of the origin of the moon: natural and artificial."

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Photo Gallery

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Lunar calendar for october

Lunar calendar on october The moon and the position of the stars significantly affect the character, life, sometimes determine the fate and push for solutions. Therefore, finding the moon in this or that sign of the zodiac is able both to give good luck and happiness, and bring troubles and bitterness. To protect yourself and loved ones and avoid disagreements at work and in your personal life, watch the stars
and control your destiny! go →

Phases of the Moon for october

Phases of the Moon on october 2020 The lunar month is 29 or 30 lunar days.
During each month, the Moon passes through four phases, first in a new moon, then in the first quarter, the full moon, and in the last quarter. The phase change is connected with the fact that depending on the location of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, the magnitude of the moon's surface illuminated by the Sun changes. go →

Natal birth chart online

Natal card online This is a personal horoscope, which is based on the time and place of birth of a person.
With its help you can learn about everyone's karma, and also
about inclinations, opportunities and anticipated circumstances that can affect the course of life. When you create a birth chart, you are defined with a cosmogram. It shows the alignment of the planets in the zodiacal circle and houses. go →