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Lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener on july 2019

The sowing lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener at july 2019 year The full lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener at july 2019 year

July is the middle of summer and the hottest season of the year. During this period, the active development of all plants, the formation of fruit ovaries, continues. The list of cases for gardeners and truck farmers is not diminishing. It is necessary to spray the fruit garden in a timely manner from the pests, to engage in ocularization, to prepare cuttings, and to feed the lawn. Garden crops need regular watering and loosening. In July, the bushes and trees are filled with fruits. During this period, the main task of the gardener is to prevent the drying of the soil and provide plants with the necessary organomineral elements.

Seasonal works in the young garden include pinching of strong shoots. From the 15th number, you can begin to gaze wild and re-inoculate young trees. For this purpose, branches with a diameter greater than 1 cm are chosen. In strawberries, it is necessary to systematically remove growing antennae, to land the rosettes developing on them. This will not only get new bushes, but also strengthen the mother plants for the winter, becoming the guarantee of a good harvest in the next season.

By mid-July, tomatoes are already fully formed. They should be regularly pamphoned, leaving on the bush no more than 5 fruit brushes. Otherwise, the plant, giving all the juices to the development of numerous fruits, not being able to strengthen its branches, can not bear their weight and break. Timely pinching will not only accelerate the maturation of fruits, but also make their taste more saturated, fragrant. Their moderate amount can ripen on strong shoots.

To head cauliflower has grown large and white, it must be pritenit. To do this, one of the leaves must be broken and covered with a head. The upper leaves can be gathered in a bundle, bandaged with a rope or knit with a clothespin. They will create additional protection for cabbage.

After harvesting the foliage in the last days of the month, the stems of the beans must be cut off. This will promote the growth of new shoots, which will appear after 2 weeks. In mid-September you will receive a repeated harvest of young pods. The lunar calendar of truck farmers and gardeners at 2019 year will help to plan all the necessary activities. It is composed taking into account the influence of the Moon and the signs of the Zodiac on plants and nature.

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In addition to the recommended works carried out according to the lunar calendar of a horticulturist, you can familiarize yourself with the general list of works performed in july.

In the current calendar (New York) all types of work are indicated - this is the so-called general calendar of the gardener for a month, so for the sake of convenience, individual lunar calendars of the gardener were made-a calendar of planting, picking, watering, harvesting and 8 more calendars especially for gardeners. You can familiarize yourself with all the lunar calendars and choose the right time for any kind of work in the garden and the garden. All calendars are compiled taking into account the phase and position of the moon in the signs of the Zodiac. Considering the influence of the moon on plants, you can correctly plan your agricultural work.

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Lunar calendar of the gardener and truck farmer s 1 by 7 july 2019 years

from 01.07.2019 - monday 
sunrise 05:35, sunset 20:36 27 lunar day, in ♊ Gemini,
Element of Air, descending
from 00:00 - day of light, influence on flowers
The waning crescent 🌘 phase continues, Moon in the sign of ♊ Gemini
Waning crescent

Sowing and planting in the days of twins are not recommended. Weed and thinned plantings will not be overgrown with weeds for a long time. The earth is useful for deep plowing, cultivation and mulching. Skewed these days the grass will not grow for a long time. The treatment carried out on these days against terrestrial pests will be most beneficial.

In this period it is necessary to spray fruit trees, remove excess shoots. The period is good for fertilizing flowers, but not for watering. Vegetables and mushrooms, which you prepared for drought these days, will be stored for a long time. Good time for harvesting firewood.

from 21:23 - day of water, influence on the leaves
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♋ Cancer, waning crescent 🌘
In the sign of Cancer

Possible sowing of winter crops, landing of bulbous flowers. Good time for dealing with terrestrial pests. You can dig in the soil. Favorable period for planting potatoes of early varieties, beets, carrots, radishes and radishes, cabbage (well curd heads).

In these days it is necessary to prepare juices and wine, to dry berries and mushrooms. Fruit trees, circumcised in the days of cancer, will easily transfer this procedure. Good time for fertilizing flowers.

from 02.07.2019 - tuesday 
sunrise 05:36, sunset 20:36 29 lunar day, in ♋ Cancer,
Water element, descending
from 12:55
Beginning of the solar eclipse phase
Full eclipse

Eclipses (solar and lunar), even if they are not observed in this region - an unfavorable time for planting and sowing.

all current events (1)
1) ☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♋ Cancer, waning crescent 🌘 (from 01.07 21:23) - day of water, influence on the leaves
from 15:16
The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase
New moon

The phase of the new moon lasts three days - the day before the new moon date, the new moon itself and the day following it. The moon is not visible in the sky. But its attraction forces are maximal. So, the saturation of the juices, as well as the activity of the biofield in the roots and at the base of the trunks are the best - it is a good time to harvest root crops and seeds. On the days of the new moon, root damage should be avoided (plant, transplant, loosen soil). The upper, aboveground part of the plant freezes, the circulation of juices ceases and growth. Good watering gives the plant new strength.

During this period, the most effective control of weeds and pests. All work with plants should be done the day before the new moon and the day after it. On the day of the new moon, it is better not to touch them.

Acceptable types of work: - pruning plants; - destruction of weeds; - spraying from pests; - removal of diseased and withered branches; - pinched plants; - thinning; - watering in arid weather; - collection of root crops; - collection of seeds; - additional fertilizing, especially foliar.

It is not recommended: - sowing (except for long germinating seeds); - planting, transplanting any plants; - deep loosening in the root zone (to avoid their damage); - Inoculation (poor survival); - copious watering.

The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase, Moon in the sign of ♋ Cancer
New moon

Follow the recommendations described for the new moon phase (see above).

all current events (1)
1) Beginning of the solar eclipse phase (from 02.07 12:55)
from 17:50
The end of the solar eclipse phase
all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase, Moon in the sign of ♋ Cancer (from 02.07 15:16) - day of water, influence on the leaves
2) The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase (from 02.07 15:16)
from 03.07.2019 - wednesday 
sunrise 05:36, sunset 20:36 2 lunar day, with ♌ Leo,
Fire element, descending
from 23:19 - day of warmth, influence on fruits
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♌ Leo, new moon 🌑
In the sign of Leo

Follow the recommendations described for the new moon phase (see above).

all current events (1)
1) The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase (from 02.07 15:16)
from 05.07.2019 - friday 
sunrise 05:37, sunset 20:35 4 lunar day, with ♌ Leo,
Fire element, descending
from 22:24 - day of warmth, influence on fruits
The beginning of the waxing crescent 🌒 phase
Waxing crescent

The beginning of the growth of the moon. The phase of the growing Moon lasts 11-12 days. During this period, the activity of the biofield is directed from the roots to the branches and leaves of the plant, and thus induces the seeds to swell and germinate, and promotes the growth of the "vertices". Roots are less painful to respond to damage, their survival rate is reduced. Energy and juices move from the roots upwards - to the stems and leaves, promoting the growth and development of the aboveground part of plants, the formation of a new seedling. Plants require more water and nutrition, so during this period you need to water more often, including compost heaps.

Acceptable types of work: - sowing, planting and transplantation of fast-growing "tops" - annual plants with an edible ground part that produce seeds outside the shell (without fruit), for example - green and cabbage (such as salad, asparagus, spinach, celery leaf , broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, endive); - sowing, planting and transplanting cucumbers, spicy crops, annual flowers, roses, herbs, as well as root crops and bulbous; - laying of turf; - transplanting in pots in particular such grasses: anise, basil, scarlet true, borage, dill, marjoram, parsley leaf; - loosening; - weeding; - thinning of seedlings; - mineral top dressing; - cutting cuttings; - trimming; - Inoculation; - budding; - Cut flowers; - grass mowing; - collection of fruits.

These are general recommendations for the growing Moon, but also forget about the sign of the Zodiac in which the Moon is located, because all signs can be conditionally divided into fertile and sterile. The position of the moon in one of the signs determines the external impact of energy on plants, which affects their yield and growth. Accordingly, all work must be coordinated on the basis of the position of the moon in the sign of the Zodiac, which is the determining factor.

The beginning of the waxing crescent 🌒 phase, Moon in the sign of ♌ Leo
Waxing crescent

Favorable period for sowing, planting and picking drought-resistant plants. Seed these days, the grass will rise evenly. Fruit trees and shrubs easily transfer the inoculation. Collected during this period, medicinal herbs will have the greatest strength, especially this applies to herbs that treat heart diseases. Favorable period for collecting sunflower seeds. Spraying against diseases and pests can be useful.

from 06.07.2019 - saturday 
sunrise 05:38, sunset 20:35 4 lunar day, in ♍ Virgo,
Earth's elements, descending
from 00:25 - cold day, influence on the roots
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♍ Virgo, waxing crescent 🌒
In the sign of the Virgin

The best period for sowing, planting and transplanting all kinds of plants. Plants and lawns for sowing have to be dig deep. The grass sown in these days will grow steadily. Fertilizers can not be introduced. In the spring period of the virgin, the green cuttings planted well will take root. Unstable to diseases flowers (gladiolus, dahlias, etc.) It is best to plant it in the days of the virgin on the growing moon, then they will be less sick.

Live hedges or trees, which must grow tall, must be planted in the days of the virgin. Perfect time for transplanting indoor flowers and vegetables grown on a balcony or windowsill. In this period it is favorable to lay mixborders, snowmobiles, alpine hills.

all current events (1)
1) The beginning of the waxing crescent 🌒 phase (from 05.07 22:24)
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