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Lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener on may 2019

The sowing lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener at may 2019 year The full lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener at may 2019 year

In gardeners, gardeners, the month of May is considered to be the most fleeting and the most stressful. This is a period of temperature contrasts. After the early spring, often recoil falls, night frosts may well persist until the end of the month. With the predominance of warm weather, the resources of thawed waters are rapidly drying out, and the deficit of moisture in young shoots and awakened trees becomes more acute. During May, you need to complete all the crops, planting, transplanting, pruning, mulching, thinning, loosening, mulching and many other things that were not completed during the season.

For the preservation of a flowering garden, it is recommended to carry out smoke and sprinkling. To prepare a smoke pile, one of the stakes is driven into the ground, several more are crosswise around it. From below put dry branches, brushwood, chips, peat, old weeds, sawdust. The heap is slightly compacted, on the sides and on top of it, a little earth is sprinkled. With the onset of twilight, when the air temperature drops by 2-3C, the pile is set on the leeward side, gently removing the pegs.

Since mid-May, active multiplication of pests begins. To protect the cruciferous flowers before the emergence of their shoots in the early morning and after watering, pollination is carried out with tobacco dust, a mixture of lime with ash or just ashes. Processing plants with a soap solution and soda ash (50g per 10l) will prevent powdery mildew.

When choosing cabbage seedlings, attention should be paid to the presence on the roots of larvae of cabbage flies. When a pest is found, it is necessary to rinse the roots, and then hold it in the clay and mullein chatty (1: 1) for a while. To plant potatoes can only proceed when the soil is warmed to a depth of more than 10cm to 6C. You can be guided while blossoming birch. At this temperature, potato tubers will germinate well. When they are planted in each hole as a fertilizer is recommended to make 2 tbsp. wood ash, as well as 1 hour. nitrophosphate and superphosphate. The lunar calendar of truck farmers and gardeners at 2019 year will help to plan all the necessary activities. It is composed taking into account the influence of the Moon and the signs of the Zodiac on plants and nature.

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In addition to the recommended works carried out according to the lunar calendar of a horticulturist, you can familiarize yourself with the general list of works performed in may.

In the current calendar (New York) all types of work are indicated - this is the so-called general calendar of the gardener for a month, so for the sake of convenience, individual lunar calendars of the gardener were made-a calendar of planting, picking, watering, harvesting and 8 more calendars especially for gardeners. You can familiarize yourself with all the lunar calendars and choose the right time for any kind of work in the garden and the garden. All calendars are compiled taking into account the phase and position of the moon in the signs of the Zodiac. Considering the influence of the moon on plants, you can correctly plan your agricultural work.

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Lunar calendar of the gardener and truck farmer s 1 by 7 may 2019 years

from 01.05.2019 - wednesday 
sunrise 06:01, sunset 19:57 26 lunar day, in ♓ Pisces,
Water element, ascending
from 00:00 - day of water, influence on the leaves
The waning crescent 🌘 phase continues, Moon in the sign of ♓ Pisces
Waning crescent

Favorable period for the collection of vegetables, fruits, herbs, which are subject to drying. You can plant potatoes and other root crops. This is a good period for the preparation of juices and wines. On lawns and lawns, beveled in this period, the grass will not grow for a long time.

Do not work on these days using water. Do not plant trees in the days of fish, nor do they cut them. For canning is an unfortunate period. The firewood harvested these days will quickly rot.

from 06:23 - day of warmth, influence on fruits
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♈ Aries, waning crescent 🌘
In the sign of Aries

Pruning trees these days will pass painlessly for them. A great time for making fertilizers for cereals, vegetables and fruit trees. The period is favorable for plowing and loosening of the soil. These days you can weed and mulch the planting.

A favorable period for harvesting hay and firewood for the winter. With the greatest benefit will be sprayed landings from pests. It is necessary to collect root crops, including potatoes, for storage. The shelves of the cellars, washed these days, will not dampen and mold.

from 03.05.2019 - friday 
sunrise 05:59, sunset 19:59 29 lunar day, in ♉ Taurus,
element of the Earth ascending
from 16:18 - cold day, influence on the roots
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♉ Taurus, waning crescent 🌘
In the sign of Taurus

Your undoubted victory will end with the fight against pests that inhabit the earth. All kinds of planted root crops will take root perfectly. Well passes the rooting of seedlings of trees and bushes. Favorable period for pruning trees and shrubs. Hay, beveled these days, will be well kept. A wonderful effect on root vegetables will be fertilizing.

Flowers, cut for a bouquet on the days of the calf, will stand for a long time in the water. Favorable period for bookmarking compost heaps. You can collect root vegetables.

from 04.05.2019 - saturday 
sunrise 05:58, sunset 20:00 1 lunar day, in ♉ Taurus,
element of the Earth ascending
from 18:45 - cold day, influence on the roots
The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase
New moon

The phase of the new moon lasts three days - the day before the new moon date, the new moon itself and the day following it. The moon is not visible in the sky. But its attraction forces are maximal. So, the saturation of the juices, as well as the activity of the biofield in the roots and at the base of the trunks are the best - it is a good time to harvest root crops and seeds. On the days of the new moon, root damage should be avoided (plant, transplant, loosen soil). The upper, aboveground part of the plant freezes, the circulation of juices ceases and growth. Good watering gives the plant new strength.

During this period, the most effective control of weeds and pests. All work with plants should be done the day before the new moon and the day after it. On the day of the new moon, it is better not to touch them.

Acceptable types of work: - pruning plants; - destruction of weeds; - spraying from pests; - removal of diseased and withered branches; - pinched plants; - thinning; - watering in arid weather; - collection of root crops; - collection of seeds; - additional fertilizing, especially foliar.

It is not recommended: - sowing (except for long germinating seeds); - planting, transplanting any plants; - deep loosening in the root zone (to avoid their damage); - Inoculation (poor survival); - copious watering.

The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase, Moon in the sign of ♉ Taurus
New moon

Follow the recommendations described for the new moon phase (see above).

from 05.05.2019 - sunday 
sunrise 05:56, sunset 20:01 2 lunar day, in ♊ Gemini,
Element of Air, descending
from 23:40 - day of light, influence on flowers
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♊ Gemini, new moon 🌑
In the sign of Gemini

Follow the recommendations described for the new moon phase (see above).

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1) The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase (from 04.05 18:45)
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