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Gustav Hindman Miller and his dream book

Gustav Hindman Miller and his dream book

Gustav Hindman Miller (1857-1929) - known psychologist, author of the book "Dream Interpretation, or the Interpretation of Dreams."

Gustav Hindman Miller was born on September 4, 1857, on a ranch in the vicinity of the present district of Correl, Texas. Gustav's parents are the first settlers. Miller received his education at Corell County School.

His labor activity in 1877 he began as a clerk in a rural store in Christian, Tennessee. In 1879 he opened a shop in Barestone, Tennessee. In 1889, after moving to the city of Chattanoong, he founded his department store with his brother.

In 1895 GH Miller became one of the founders of the factory and corporation. As president, he directed them until he retired in 1923. In addition, he was vice-president of the National Bank. Hamilton in Chattanooga.

His first dream book, Miller published as early as the end of the 19th century, in which 1750 objects and phenomena were found in dreams were interpreted. Miller's dream was so successful that it still remains one of the main sources of interpretation of dreams around the world.

Many generations of our ancestors were guided precisely by Miller's dream book, as the main source of information about dreams. Gustav Miller created his dream book on the basis of years of study of the influence of images and subjects of sleep on the future. He was for many years, the relationship between the same dreams of different people and the subsequent events in their lives. Based on this, the interpretation of Miller's dreams appeared and became known.

Miller's dream album as a book, was first published in GW Dillingham Co., in the city of New York, in 1901 as Whats in a Dream; A Scientific and Practical Interpretation of Dreams and was subsequently reprinted several times. Now, this dream book, known as the Gustav Hindman Miller Book Miller's Dreambook - 10,000 interpretations of your dreams.

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