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The Muslim dream book

The Muslim dream book

The Muslim Dream Book includes interpretations common in the Islamic world. They are trusted by the millions of Muslims around the world, they are recognized by the mullahs, they disperse thousands of copies in all the countries of the Muslim East. The medieval works of the wise men from the ancient Persia are taken as the basis of the dream book. The main sources of the interpreter are "The totality of knowledge" and a book entitled "The Ascent of the Luminaries of Various Sciences."

Researchers believe that the Muslim Book of Abdu'l-Kerim and Rakhmetu'llah (the year of publication - 1891). The Muslims' dream book describes the phenomena in a certain order, taking into account their significance from the point of view of religion. Interestingly, according to the Muslim dream book, morning dreams come true more often and faster than night dreams.

We believe that the Muslim dream, to discover something new and interesting.

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