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[Traveling in a dream on a stony unfamiliar road..]

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Traveling in a dream on a rocky unfamiliar road means new things, activities that will bring you much more than trouble or wasting time. The road, along the roadsides of which trees and flowers grow, portends unexpected luck. If you are accompanied by friends on a walk along this road - you will be lucky in creating the ideal family hearth where children will be happy, and the husband and wife are committed to each other. Falling asleep from the road is a sign that you will make a mistake in dealing with some business issue and will suffer financial losses as a result.

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dream book Nostradamus

Walk in a dream along a deserted road - a sign that in real life you are carefully concealing something. And in vain. Only intervention in your affairs of any person will help you.

Paving the road in a dream means that in the future you will make a great discovery, than you deserve the respect of a large number of people. If you dreamed that you have many assistants, then such a dream says that in the not so distant time, unknown, very rich lands will be discovered.

To see in the dream simultaneously three parallel roads - a sign that you are threatened by a car accident that will happen due to your fault. In this dream number 3 can be interpreted in different ways: 1) it means the number of people affected by the accident; 2) three cars will collide in an accident and 3) an accident will occur at a crossroads.

To dream of a curved road is a sign that your future life will be unstable. Perhaps such a dream means that an incompetent person stands in power in the state in which you live. This ruler gradually breaks down the state, because he knows absolutely nothing about economics and politics.

Walking on a dusty road is evidence that in the future you will be influenced by bad people who will try to convince you to join their sect. If you dream that a large number of people are walking along the dusty road, then such a dream means that in the future a large and very influential sect will appear in the world, the goal of which will be to entice as many people as possible.

To see in a dream a narrow path is a good omen. You go on the right road, although different from the roads of other people. Such a dream indicates that you are a bright, distinct personality who will achieve great success in your life.

Walk in a dream on a cobblestone road - a sign that in the future you will do something bad, because of what you will repent your whole life. Most likely you will even be sure that for this sin after death you will go to hell.

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To dream of a curved road is clear evidence that your thoughts and actions make you want something better. You are moving through life in the wrong direction. If you do not come to your senses, then you are waiting for two ways: to the cemetery or to the prison. If you dreamed of a straight, wide road, then in real life you are on the right, if not quite easy, path. After a while you will have a stable job, a stable financial position and a beloved family. To walk in a dream along a deserted road is a sign that in real life you are lonely and very worried. It seems to you that no one understands you and does not like you, but it is far from being so. Find peace, turning to God, and your life will be fine. To lay a road in a dream is a testament to the fact that due to your hard character and hard work you will achieve great heights in this life, becoming truly a great man. But, having achieved a high position, do not turn away from others, remembering your hard times. If you are walking along a dusty road in a dream, it means that there are many false, evil people around you who are trying to harm you by any means, defaming your good name in the eyes of loved ones. To see in a dream a narrow path - the prophecy that you will have to go through a difficult path to glory, a stable life and a material situation. But in the end everything will work out. Walk in a dream on a cobblestone road - a sign that you are going slowly but surely to the goal.

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dream book Correct

If you dreamed that you are driving through an unfamiliar broken road, your beginnings will not bring you anything but problems. If you dream about a road along which trees and flowers grow, then you will be lucky. If on the road you are accompanied by friends, then in life you are destined to have a happy family life with obedient children and a faithful wife (or a reliable husband). Going astray means that you will make a mistake that will cost you dearly.

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dream book Lunar

Go for it - sadness, hard work; curve-loss; iron - a hasty business.

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dream book Muslim

To see the road straight means the faith of Islam, and the uneven path means unbelief.

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