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Horoscope of marriage online with decoding

Horoscope of marriage

A marriage horoscope is a map built at the time of marriage registration. Many believe that this is the time for which registration was assigned. However, this is not quite true. The moment (birth) of marriage should be considered the phrase: "I declare you husband and wife!" or the moment of mutual exchange by rings. You can build horoscopes of "unofficial" marriage. In the case of a civil marriage, the horoscope is built on a date that the couple considers to be significant - dating date, date of first sexual contacts, date of cohabitation, date of the first meaningful joint purchase, etc. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that not all marriages are concluded "for love", often - "by calculation," and the unconscious; for mutual benefit, "because of" children (marriages "according to the flight"), because of feelings of guilt, a sense of duty, duty, because of fears "to remain alone", etc. All this can tell a horoscope of marriage.

Throughout life, we encounter a lot of people, but only a few of them are in harmony with us in a spiritual and sexual sense. Compatibility horoscope by birth date will help you to reveal the character traits of a partner. It is also recommended to calculate the compatibility of the lunar signs of the zodiac. And the marriage horoscope will help you avoid many problems, with its help you will be able to skilfully bypass all the pitfalls that may meet in your path. Married couples, this horoscope will allow you to penetrate into sometimes unconscious features of your marriage, to realize and solve many problems.

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Cuspid 1th house in the sign ♍ Virgo horoscope marriage

1 house of the horoscope

If in the individual horoscopes of the spouses there are no other instructions, almost always such a marriage is perceived as a grave necessity, a cross that needs to be conveyed to the end. When such a couple comes to your house, you have a feeling that the team of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, the Tax Inspectorate and the Police of Morals, headed by the district inspector, has come to you. They learn from you everything, up to the features of your (sorry) morning chair, and most importantly, everything will be given names, characteristics and determine the approximate cost. In addition, you will try to plunge into the abyss gossip about neighbors, relatives, etc. The spouses themselves seem to be a monolith that can not be divided. They are united, but in the manifestations of feelings they are lazy, analytical and partly insidious. Often such couples remain childless, but with an unrestrained desire to share their methods of upbringing and introducing it into your family. They are excellent employees at work, and every nuance of the working day is subject to careful analysis. Such unions are rarely subject to divorce - they are interested in each other's company. The main priorities in marriage are cleanliness, pedantry, diet, hygiene of family relationships. Their house often resembles a well-appointed office space. Participation in joint recreational activities is one of the main hobbies.

1 house in the zodiac signs
1 house in the sign Aries
In the sign of Aries

Alone, the spouses can manifest themselves according to individual characteristics, but when the couple gathers together, it gives the impression of a hurricane bursting into calm waters. Together they represent a single.. go →

1 house in the sign Taurus
In the sign of Taurus

It's a very house-like couple. Each of the spouses strives to outbid the other in usefulness to the house and family. In a few years their house could turn into a storehouse of useful and useless things. They are very fond of.. go →

1 house in the sign Gemini
In the sign of Gemini

If you are introduced to a man - the head of this family, you will not think that he can be married, and a woman will seem inconceivable to you as the wife and mistress of the house. Of course, each person has his own.. go →

1 house in the sign Cancer
In the sign of Cancer

If you are interested in the family relationship of such a couple, you will never penetrate the veil of secrecy. Even if you are a close person, you are more likely to talk about digestion of a spouse than about problems that.. go →

1 house in the sign Leo
In the sign of Leo

Whom this man and woman were in reality, together they will appear before you, like a royal couple. They are the trendsetters, dictators of traditions and good taste. About all aspects of family life, they have their own.. go →

1 house in the sign Virgo
In the sign of the Virgin

If in the individual horoscopes of the spouses there are no other instructions, almost always such a marriage is perceived as a grave necessity, a cross that needs to be conveyed to the end. When such a couple comes to your.. go →

1 house in the sign Libra
In the sign of Libra

It's almost an ideal union. They would add a little warmth of feelings, sharpness of self-expression, but if individual horoscopes of spouses do not require it, we can assume that the marriage took place. In communication this.. go →

1 house in the sign Scorpio
In the sign of Scorpio

To be in such a marriage, you need a natural talent or strong emphasis on the Scorpio sign in the horoscope of each partner. The weak in this marriage does not survive and the marriage is doomed. Such a pair, even with.. go →

1 house in the sign Sagittarius
In the sign of Sagittarius

These spouses are eager to fill in all available space. Having come to visit, they strive to occupy the most honorable places, and, necessarily nearby, to pronounce toasts and attract attention to themselves by all.. go →

1 house in the sign Capricorn
In the sign of Capricorn

Even in the Slavic world, these spouses give the impression of a prim English couple. About them you can not say "husband" and "wife" - they are said by "spouses". They are not sociable, they will not even say a.. go →

1 house in the sign Aquarius
In the sign of Aquarius

Each of the spouses during their life together, at least several times was asked: "And what, you really are married?" This is an elusive couple. The husband never knows where his wife is and what his wife does and vice.. go →

1 house in the sign Pisces
In the sign of Pisces

A very spiritual union. At least, the spouses of the soul do not chat in each other. They are always together, great emotional dependence - both from each other, and from the environment. They can easily be persuaded that an.. go →

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