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Moon without a course at june 2023 year

Moon without course for 2017-2024 years

A moon without a course, a single moon or a moon in free care is a concept of practical astrology. The fastest celestial body on the earth's horizon, the Moon sometimes finds itself in such parts of its own orbit, which, although they pass inside certain zodiacal houses, do not have any contact with any of the planets in the solar system. The state of the "empty" Moon lasts for several hours sometimes, and sometimes the whole day, bringing confusion to the destinies of people and entire states.

The fact is that the Moon without a course retains and carries with it a situation related to the past aspect, it does not correspond to the current situation. After all, one favorable moment has already left, and the other has not yet come. Under the influence of the "empty" moon, a person is forced to commit acts untimely, more suitable for the time already gone.

Working with information, you can see that during this period we often get false messages. Either this information in the future does not come in handy. Suggestions that seem so tempting, with time, are not necessary, or contain deception. A "beautiful" idea - in fact, is trivial or meaningless. During the period of the idle moon, there are frequent delays in meetings, on trains and planes, confusion and confusion arise with documents, tickets. It is not necessary at this time to start important business, marry, buy houses and apartments, file documents somewhere (if you do not need them to get lost or the examination is braked). Be attentive to any calculations. City Los Angeles.

Moon without a course at june 2023 year, city Los Angeles
date start / end sign of the moon last aspect
2 fr 02-06-2023 17:50:55
02-06-2023 22:03:17
♏ Scorpio 27°33'
♐ Sagittarius 00°00'
☽ Moon trine ∆ ♆ Neptune (in the sign ♓ Pisces 27°28'40")
4 su 04-06-2023 20:23:41
05-06-2023 00:30:48
♐ Sagittarius 27°30'
♑ Capricorn 00°00'
☽ Moon square ☐ ♆ Neptune (in the sign ♓ Pisces 27°30'29")
6 tu 06-06-2023 21:39:28
07-06-2023 01:41:26
♑ Capricorn 27°32'
♒ Aquarius 00°00'
☽ Moon sextile ⚹ ♆ Neptune (in the sign ♓ Pisces 27°32'07")
8 th 08-06-2023 21:23:39
09-06-2023 03:13:55
♒ Aquarius 26°30'
♓ Pisces 00°00'
☽ Moon square ☐ ☿ Mercury (in the sign ♉ Taurus 26°30'11")
13 tu 13-06-2023 11:26:39
13-06-2023 11:31:04
♈ Aries 29°57'
♉ Taurus 00°00'
☽ Moon square ☐ ♇ Pluto (in the sign ♑ Capricorn 29°57'33", retrograde)
15 th 15-06-2023 18:36:13
15-06-2023 18:45:28
♉ Taurus 29°55'
♊ Gemini 00°00'
☽ Moon trine ∆ ♇ Pluto (in the sign ♑ Capricorn 29°55'04", retrograde)
17 sa 17-06-2023 23:23:48
18-06-2023 03:57:31
♊ Gemini 27°38'
♋ Cancer 00°00'
☽ Moon square ☐ ♆ Neptune (in the sign ♓ Pisces 27°38'39")
20 tu 20-06-2023 14:43:10
20-06-2023 15:04:02
♋ Cancer 29°49'
♌ Leo 00°00'
☽ Moon opposition ☍ ♇ Pluto (in the sign ♑ Capricorn 29°49'33", retrograde)
22 th 22-06-2023 10:00:33
23-06-2023 03:34:56
♌ Leo 21°19'
♍ Virgo 00°00'
☽ Moon square ☐ ♅ Uranus (in the sign ♉ Taurus 21°19'32")
25 su 25-06-2023 15:24:09
25-06-2023 15:57:01
♍ Virgo 29°43'
♎ Libra 00°00'
☽ Moon trine ∆ ♇ Pluto (in the sign ♑ Capricorn 29°43'26", retrograde)
28 we 28-06-2023 01:18:38
28-06-2023 01:55:21
♎ Libra 29°40'
♏ Scorpio 00°00'
☽ Moon square ☐ ♇ Pluto (in the sign ♑ Capricorn 29°40'22", retrograde)
30 fr 30-06-2023 07:20:14
30-06-2023 07:59:20
♏ Scorpio 29°37'
♐ Sagittarius 00°00'
☽ Moon sextile ⚹ ♇ Pluto (in the sign ♑ Capricorn 29°37'28", retrograde)
Moon without a course by months for 2023 Moon without a course january february march april may june july august september october november december

Overall forecast

Ruler Moon

The periods of inefficient Moon (or Moon without course) are unfavorable for any undertakings, and they should be avoided whenever possible. The case started in the Moon period without a course is rarely carried out as planned, if at all, to the end. And any undertaking, most likely, will lead to nothing.

Remember: the goods bought during the Moon without a course are defective, defective or do not work, and the clothes do not sit properly. The begun course of treatment will be complicated and long. The ideas that have arisen at this time turn out to be unpromising. During an ineffective moon it is useless to look for a job or to pass an interview, since you still will not get a job. Business trip, which you will go during an ineffective moon, will be useless. Open at this time, the business after a long and costly effort will end in failure.

The time of "Moon without a course" is unfavorable for those cases that are aimed at concrete results. This list is quite broad and diverse: sending important e-mail messages, submitting an application for a contest, surgical operation, finding a new job, registering a business and opening an enterprise, buying a car or other property, and recognizing in love and marriage. Usually, everything that happens with the "Moon without a course" - is not implemented at all or is not carried out in the expected direction. Promises are not fulfilled, feelings are not reciprocated, letters do not reach the addressee, contracts are terminated, applications are not accepted, the purchase is useless or defective. Remember the rule: if you want something to happen and happen safely, do not start an important business for the period of "Moon without a course."


If a person was born in the period of the Moon without a course - it will mean only that the mood and feelings will not play a big role in his life, he will be rather mean to emotions. In the companions of life, such a person should choose the same logic or pragmatist as himself, or his partner should accept him as he is and not demand sentimentality. In karmic astrology, it is believed that people born in the Moon period without a course complete a series of past family, family and family relationships and are going (or forced to) create new karmic connections with women (with their mother, sister, wife, daughter), with environment or society as a whole.


Abstain from buying. The made purchases turn into a waste of money: the thing either does not fit, or it turns out to be unnecessary. Often in the unit purchased under the Moon without a course, later hidden defects are found. The costs and investments made at this time are not effective, or the money remains unused.

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