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Moon Virgo

In the sign of the Virgin

Overall forecast

In the abode of Mercury - the god of science and trade. In the element of the Earth.

Emotions and behavior. When the Moon enters Virgo, a concrete and pragmatic approach takes precedence. Much more attention is drawn to small things. This is the best time to remember your duties, to put things in order, especially in documents, at home. More attention is also being paid to health problems. The greatest weight is given to the word, information, rationality. This is a period of employment, enthusiasm for business, but disputes and debates are becoming more frequent.

Job. If there are no serious negative aspects, these days are favorable for the spheres of mediation and information. This period is especially good for traders, medical personnel, educators, and media workers: at this time, significantly increased attention to detail, the ability to analyze. This period is favorable for scientific conferences, examinations. The best time for masters: fingers become fast and agile. Therefore, as with the Moon in Gemini, take care of wallets!

Finances and values. Trade and exchanges are becoming more active. If you trust your opinion, do not succumb to persuasion, choose a thing yourself, it will be practical, useful and convenient. This period is particularly suitable for the purchase of medicines, various tools, household items and household items, for daily clothing of video and audio equipment, various mechanisms; books, various accessories.

Love. If someone on this day begins to intrusively invite on the first date, there is reason to suspect that this is done for mercenary purposes. Emotions and attention at this time are aimed at useful things, not romance. In love relationships, as in everything else, much will be determined by the details. One phrase or promise is able to destroy everything or save. The need for hygiene will increase: we become more sensitive to good or bad smells, to order. Love is obscured by deeds, duties. Relationships started at this time can at best be useful for both partners, but rarely are truly romantic. Relationships can easily be destroyed, and later renewed.

Health. During this period it is advisable to take care of your health. The doctor's examination will be thorough, attentive. This period is suitable to treat the nervous system, various neuroses, heels, liver, blood system, get rid of addiction to drugs, alcohol, smoking, make a manicure. Sensitive parts of the body: intestines, abdomen - it is not advisable to operate, overload them. Vulnerable mainly intestines and gastrointestinal tract (except the rectum). Therefore, these days you need to be attentive to the issues of dieting. Abdominal surgery is prohibited. If you perform an operation to remove the appendix, it often gives complications and poor tissue healing. There have been deaths during abdominal operations performed on that day.

With the Moon in Virgo, it is possible to perform procedures for the purification of blood and liver, as well as to treat skin diseases. This time is very suitable for space procedures and preparation for plastic surgery. The operations themselves must be done when the moon is in Libra.

Children. Children at this time become curious, receptive, more attentive. They need less emotional expression of love, and more in explanation. Useful games that contribute to the development of their rational mind, analytical skills. This is the time of questions. It is also desirable to develop zeal, a sense of duty, and painstakingness. Offer to read an interesting book or work, learn foreign languages. These days, young children will better understand how to tie shoelaces, hold a spoon, easier to talk.

  • Entering the Moon as a sign Virgo in 2024 year, Minsk:
  • 1 january 00:00
  • 27 january 22:11
  • 24 february 04:37
  • 22 march 10:41
  • 18 april 17:10
  • 16 may 00:32
  • 12 june 08:38
  • 9 july 16:47
  • 6 august 00:16
  • 2 september 06:48
  • 29 september 12:41
  • 26 october 18:47
  • 23 november 02:00
  • 20 december 10:36
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The moon in Virgo is considered one of the most favorable time for visiting a hairdresser. Hair grows well, is poured by force, it is less divided after a hairstyle.


The moon in Virgo gives a person a methodical and receptive mind. He is inclined to a careful, scrupulous analysis of what is happening. At the same time, in thinking, it does not show conservatism, on the contrary, it shows a rare liveliness and ingenuity. The mind is skeptical, in critical circumstances it is critical. If the lunar Virgo finds itself in a difficult situation, it begins to show its worst qualities - suspiciousness, stinginess, timidity, pedantry, coldness, limitation. In depression or in the black life zone - this is a restrained, unemotional personality, cautious in utterances, possessing a bunch of complexes, stubborn and irritable. In such negative circumstances, the lunar Virgo goes headlong into work or life, completely abandoning the emotional life in which it feels very uncomfortable. He begins to show a passion for accumulation and stinginess.

But this is the lunar Virgo in the negative. Normally, such a person is a patient and hardworking nature. He is not quick in the manifestation of feelings, but is able to experience deep feelings. Lunar Virgo - monogamous, this person is difficult to love, but if he really loves, then forever. Having failed in love, will remember it for life and may not recover even over a long time. The conflict between the mind and the senses for the lunar Virgin simply does not exist, for in this struggle the mind wins immediately and effortlessly.

The lunar Virgin has excellent memory, good learning ability and practical work. Practice prefers theories, but puts the matter above words. He does not like empty promises. Experiencing, if he could not fulfill the promised.

In the work such a person is painstaking and diligent, can spend hours on the task until it is completed. In affairs, he appreciates the order, puts everything on the shelves and separate folders in the workplace. It requires the same from colleagues and subordinates, sometimes it can also hint to the boss that there is a mess in the workplace.

Work . The virgin, unlike many other lunar signs, is capable of doing monotonous, monotonous work. She will not try to make a creative variety in such work, but she will also cope with the task without any entertainment. And necessarily in time: the lunar Virgo is punctual, can not tolerate delays, considers them a manifestation of disrespect and non-mandatory. She also does not like superfluous questions and explanations, especially when everything is clear. In the work, it requires the utmost clarity of the task. It needs specificity, not an abstract purpose: the phrase "it is necessary to increase the indicators" for such a person is an empty phrase, but he will understand everything if one says that "it is necessary to increase sales by 40% and cut costs by 10%".

Relationships . For the opposite sex, the lunar Virgo is attractive due to its charm, cute, often refined appearance, balanced character, constancy. He does not like emotional outbursts and clarification of relations. In this person there is an eternal mystery, which it is interesting for the partner to solve. Although in fact the secret is that the lunar Virgo is much more emotional and sentimental than it wants to seem. "Rasterebit" it to a rapid manifestation of feelings - this is the task worthy of a gambling partner.

Communication . In contacts, the lunar Virgo is selective, although by what criteria it selects partners and friends, it remains a mystery. It should be noted that in the negative, it shows an absolutely opposite quality - complete chaos in the circle of communication, it is often seen "in discrediting connections."

The house . In any circumstance the lunar Lyova has a craving for purity. Even if such a person leads an antisocial lifestyle or performs heavy dirty work, his house and clothes will always be clean and tidy. He hates the mess, tries to avoid blockages, regretfully parted with the old things, which only litter the dwelling. If he has a car, tries not to eat or smoke in it, he keeps the salon in order. Lunar Virgo loves good and practical things, which do not necessarily have to be luxurious. Another thing is that it will rather choose to buy a sweater for three thousand than three hundred rubles, but not for fashion, but because it appreciates the quality. If the lunar Virgo is impatient to make a purchase, let no one doubt that it will be made. However, the lunar Virgo does not spend money on an unnecessary thing.

Features of personality . In addition, it is a person with an unshakable confidence in himself. This sense of self-sufficiency he gains due to the excellent ability to adapt to any situation. Plus, he never forgets anything. He remembers both good and evil, keeps in his mind every affectionate word spoken to him and every offense inflicted. He likes to remember who and what he once said. Perfectly remembers the circumstances in which the notorious phrase was uttered. If he said that he forgives the offense, this does not mean that he forgot it: forgive - forgive, but will remember and will periodically return to this episode. Man is not vindictive and not evil, just his memory is good. And the nature is sensitive, in which he himself refuses to admit. With pleasure will help another person, but will not give up the reward, will try to think over how to turn the situation on its own benefit. And this is not self-interest, but more than practical.

Aspirations . If some lunar signs tend to exaggerate everything, then the lunar Virgo, on the contrary, will rather reduce the significance of the event. In this respect, a person can be both easy and difficult. On the one hand, he will not make an elephant out of a fly, he will not inflate the problem to a gigantic size, he will not exaggerate either his own importance or another's mistake. And on the other hand, just as easily will reduce the scale of a really serious problem, will not approach the goal with leaps and bounds, will always act cautiously, will hardly accept the wide scope of the project.

Life plan . Indecision and melancholy can be a stumbling block for the lunar Virgin, unless these qualities are smoothed out by the positions of other planets, for example, the Sun in a more active sign - fire or air. Otherwise, the lunar Virgo refuses to take risks, take responsibility, carry out serious assignments, take the initiative. Instead, it will roll down to quibbles and criticism. In general, the person is harmless, although very demanding. It often looks more dry and hard than it actually is. He knows that many consider him a "biscuit", and skillfully uses someone else's delusion.

Gardener - watering plants

Favorable for watering the signs of the elements of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) - akin to the element of Water.

Collection of herbs

Disturbance of the digestive system and pancreas. Nervous diseases.

Planning a child's sex

The moon is in the female zodiacal sign.

Weather forecast

The Cold Day reigns in the world. Although the thermometer shows a high temperature, the earth is cold, sometimes you have goosebumps from a tiny breeze blowing. The sky is covered with clouds. Pay special attention to your health, as these days the danger of colds increases.

Nutrition and weight loss

When the Moon passes the signs of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), the body needs more salt. Salt these days is almost harmless, so you can forget for a while that it is called a white death. Excess salt is really harmful to health, but in moderation everything is good and everything is useful. Salt, which we use these days, improves blood composition and is not put off where it is not supposed to. However, if you have serious contraindications regarding the use of salt, be careful. If there are no contraindications, then these days you can afford as many salty as you want.

These days you can eat herring, pickles, salt nuts, you can slightly more than usual salt different dishes. Consumption of foods that contain many proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it is better to limit.


The procedures and operations on the feet, legs, removal of the calluses will be well conducted. Recommended massage and foot treatment, salt bath.
You can not conduct any procedures and operations in the abdomen, intestines. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.


Not the best time for marriage.


Buy fertilizer, household stuff and pets. With the Moon in Virgo, it is time to put in order at home and buy things that help in the organization of work. All office supplies need to be purchased right now, along with folders, files and organizers. As well as the necessary items for the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and other similar facilities (just not for the living room!). The purchase of hygiene products and home care will be successful. However, these days, the most to be feared are pocket thefts and various sellers. The moon is in the house of the responsible responsible Proserpine. In this position of the Moon, many people become more calculating, more careful, more carefully analyze their impressions and sensations, pay more attention to the practicality of objects that are going to acquire. Therefore, the Moon in Virgo favors most purchases and economic affairs. This is a good time to buy equipment. It's better to go for a business suit right now. But with linen you can well miss. From cosmetics at this time it is good to buy cleaning and toning means, scrubs, masking pencils, funds for oily skin, shampoos (especially for oily hair), styling products. You can choose and buy kitchen furniture - there is a chance to improve with its help your culinary skills and generally addicted to creativity at the stove.


The magic of getting a job, health and intellectual issues. Magic is directed at the growth of knowledge and understanding. This time is suitable for working on success in business, bringing chaos in order, as well as for magic related to health and a healthy lifestyle. This sign also corresponds to magic, which is aimed at gaining mastery in various kinds of crafts.


This time is perfect for visiting your hairdresser and beautician. It is recommended these days to do a manicure, pedicure, and in general, various procedures and manipulations with the feet. You can do all kinds of haircuts, nail extensions, various procedures and baths for nails, hair, skin will be very useful. Even if you are prone to allergies and you have sensitive skin, on days when the Moon is following the Virgo sign, you can treat yourself to various cosmetic novelties, and even aromatherapy.

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