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Bull on the eastern horoscope

Bull on the eastern horoscope

The bull is a rather stubborn and hardworking animal. In his year were born people who set themselves ambitious goals and went to achieve them to the end. The great deeds and changes that they accomplished shocked the whole world, only three names can be cited here, which are known to everyone, perhaps M. Kutuzov, B. Napoleon, A. Hitler.

A man born in the year of the Ox is terse, patient and inspires confidence. Though sometimes it can be eccentric and, having lost patience, after all it all the same not rubber, can leave itself. If you still managed to get the Ox out of yourself, save yourself who can, and who can not - even more so! His fury knows no bounds. After all, do not forget that it's still Bull - and you should not shake a red rag for a long time before his face.

A bull by nature restrained, sluggish, inconspicuous, balanced, accurate and methodical person.

Under external modesty, the original mind is most often hidden. His main trump card in achieving success is that the Bull can bring about the frankness of almost any person. But it should be said that the Bull is inclined to loneliness and contemplation.

The bull is a fanatical person, therefore he often enters into various sects. He is often a prude or a chauvinist, for which he receives a well-deserved share of criticism in his address.

The bull is stubborn and ruthless towards those who interfere with the implementation and promotion of his projects. The bull is a typical leader who, under favorable circumstances, is very eloquent and emotional. But the Bull, unfortunately, is an ardent opponent of innovations, adheres to strictly established frameworks and is very traditional in observing conventions.

Childhood and youth of the Ox go without any special adventures. The second half of life faces difficulties in marriage, since a spouse or husband can find comfort on the side because of the Will's indifferent attitude towards them. Since the Bull will be in working condition all his life, financial capital will be able to put together quite quickly.

In the last phase of his life, the Bull, having overcome all difficulties, assures himself a calm and long old age. A bull born in the winter is more happy than the one born in the warm season.

Male Bull

A man of this sign can reach a rather high position in society and for this he will apply all his efforts. But, having received a high position, he ceases to deny himself anything, begins to enjoy the fruits of his activities without restrictions. And since the Bull is a gourmet, all of its surplus immediately goes to restaurants and the kitchen. This, as you know, can not but lead to an increase in its natural size.

Male-Ox, though a good family man, is very despotic and often dictates his will to the rest of the household. He can be very sensual and gentle, but never romantic. Despises coquetry, passion and love.

Men-Oxen rarely monitor their health, so many of them try to get themselves a personal doctor, who will perform such an unbearable job for them.

Female Ox

The woman of this sign is economic, loves the home, loves to greet guests. But she has one small drawback - the desire of power in the family. She will try to keep her husband "under the heel", and to achieve this goal, the Bull woman will resort to the simplest way: a quiet husband is a full-time husband.

A woman-ox can often see a whole bunch of children at home, and adults too. She will always find a kind word for everyone, but this will continue only until something does not alienate her in the behavior of a person, after which the road to her house will be closed. And because the Bull is inherently difficult to retire, it can last for several years until you are forgiven or changed your opinion about you.

Relations with other people

The ideal partner for the Ox is the Rooster. The relations with the Rat, which responds to the Will faithfully, are not bad. Union with the Snake is possible, only the Serpent will often change the Will, which, of course, he will not guess. To win the confidence of the Monkey, Vola lacks the imagination and imagination inherent in the Monkey itself. Constant Whims Goats irrevocably lead to the destruction of any relationship. In alliance with the Tiger there will be a constant war, threatening a real catastrophe.


The ox is a hard worker by nature, therefore its house is a full cup. Best of all he succeeds in free professions, where he can achieve great success. However, when choosing a profession, he should remember that he does not get along well with people. Also, he categorically contraindicated long trips, which take away calmness, balance, and most importantly - health.

Because the Bull is a rather slow animal, these traits are passed on to people born in his year. They can turn mountains on their way, but it takes them a very long time.


Ox can often be found behind a favorite pastime - reading books. It's a hobby, passion and dependence at once. But this is not all that the Bull does in his spare time. Being a gourmet, the Bull often spends the night right in the kitchen, and this applies not only to women.

If the Bull decided to somehow spend his free time, it will definitely be a holiday with beasts, balls and fireworks. He will invite everyone to join him, but then he himself will complain of fatigue and malaise, connected with the crowd and noise that the invitees produce.

Bull - compatibility characteristics

Compatibility of Bull with Rat

They understand each other, because both are bright individualities. Both the Bull and the Rat are very correct about the freedom of the partner. The rat needs serious attitude, and for this purpose the Bull is ideally suited to it. He respects the secrets of his partner.

It is much worse when the Rat can not keep his mouth shut and starts chatting about the intimate details of the connection with the Bull. And there is nothing secret that does not become obvious. If the Bull learns something, it will work for him, like a red rag, and he will surely get mad.

But there are other difficulties, since the Bull can not fully satisfy the sexual needs of the Rat. He is too accurate, and his pedanticity irritates the Rat a little, but he is always faithful and will never change the Rat. This Rat will be very pleased, and the Bull too.

Compatibility of the Bull with the Bull

They do not have any problems in their daily life, everything goes like clockwork. Life is built as if on schedule, all in time: both lunch and rest. But sometimes they get bored together, because Bulls need a shake from time to time, otherwise they will fall asleep on the way.

Maybe, therefore, it is undesirable to have a partner of the same sign, since the second bull in the harness can contribute to the manifestation of excessive laziness. If they are not to be whipped by someone's whip, they will both dive together. It is unlikely that they will get a common business, because the friendship between them is favorable, but an alliance in business is impossible.

Compatibility of the Bull with the Tiger

For such a bloodthirsty animal as the Tiger, the Bull is an excellent prey, because the Tiger will never resist the temptation to snatch a fresh piece of meat. The bull was not too used to being attacked or urged by him, he would not allow himself to be swallowed. Bulls are too freedom-loving, and whoever has time to eat it will necessarily spoil the stomach.

The bull can not prevent the Tiger from leading a predatory life, but still tries to somehow dominate, remind him of caution and warn against rudeness. They do not see a common business, because every trifling misunderstanding ends with a violent scandal.

But women - Bulls are slightly different from the male representative of this sign and get used to the silent role, if the Tiger can meet all their needs. But later on they will necessarily show impatience, the Tiger Woman will necessarily pay attention to the majestic Bull, because in her eyes he is an example of a pure conscience,

Compatibility of the Bull with the Rabbit

It is an ideal union. Rabbit needs security and harmony, which he can only give an alliance with the Bull. Rabbit is a potential Don Juan, but if you look deeper, you can see the features of a family man who loves his house. The bull knows how to show loyalty to this type of people, but he can not leave his suspicion.

In any case, he will never be spying. Both animals are afraid of life changes, so the house is considered a fortress. It is better, if in this union the active side was taken by the Bull, because he is more suited to the role of a fighter. And Rabbit will show maximum diplomacy to smooth out all the sharp angles of delicate situations.

The only thing the Bull can not like is the blurring and disguise of Rabbit's answers. In this case, the Rabbit should be more determined and self-confident. The Bull will solve all other difficulties himself. This union is perfect for love, but not for business, because both do not like to take risks and they will need a third.

Compatibility of the Bull with the Dragon

The bull is ideal for normal everyday life, he knows how to avoid unnecessary risk, and the Dragon rushes into any unusual adventures, both in work and in everyday life. Therefore, often in the life of the Ox, the Dragon sweeps like a racing express.

But for the Bull, such shocks are very useful: although it is very tiresome for him, but it will do him good. The dragon will help the Bull become a more mature, sophisticated experience, in turn, enjoying the stability of the Bull. The dragon will rest for some time near the Bull. They will feel each other's peace, but not for long.

The dragon can not stay in one place for a long time and therefore will soon want to unwind. In the joint work they feel great. When the Dragon travels on business trips, the Bull will certainly count.

Compatibility of the Bull with the Snake

A snake is an animal that can adapt to everything. In this union, the Bull will seem that he can take the lead. Of course, at first the Serpent will not show visible resistance, she will surround the Bull with care and understanding and will pour balm on his soul. The snake loves comfort, and the Bull can provide it to him.

Of course, the Serpent can achieve everything in life, although he never refuses to climb a pack animal that can work for two. She will never give up the temptation to devote more time to herself than to spend it on useless work in the house. The snake will try to swallow the Bull, and this can give him pleasure.

In this case it turns out that everyone is satisfied. When the Serpent sees that the Bull shows selfless devotion, she will come out of her time to look for other entertainments, but he should not know about it. In the work they complement each other. And together they can make a pretty decent state.

Compatibility of the Bull with the Horse

This is not a very good combination, because both egoists do not want to understand each other. It's hard to hold the Fingering Horse in place, and the Bull is used to slowly trailing along the beaten path. They simply have different life rhythms, so it is very difficult to cross their paths.

If they do get acquainted, only the good will of the Bull can keep them. From this union the Horse will not become happy, she is very selfish, passionate and needs passionate love and proof of her affection. And the Bull with its slow reaction will be for her colder than ice. Without even noticing, he will start to scare off a beautiful animal.

The tragedy will end with the Horse wishing to communicate with someone, because she loves society, and the Bull is used to being alone, and will not want to make a company. He will hear only the sound of the closing door.

Compatibility of Bull with Sheep

They are very different from each other, but, probably, complement each other with their opposites. The bull is very useful to breathe the air that surrounds the Sheep. From this, two only win. Because the dreamer Sheep is not used to think rationally, and often even allows oversight.

But next to a judicious, intelligent Bull, she will be able to acquire something she has not found with others. According to the classic Chinese horoscope, they are not recommended to linger together, but we would like these two signs to fall in love and remain in the same harness.

Compatibility of the Bull with the Monkey

The monkey is too dynamic and fidgety, and therefore it is very difficult for the Bull to keep up with it. Most likely, he will very quickly fall behind. He will lose his vigilance and forget about his incredulity, watching the charming dance of his tailed girlfriend. Monkey - the most original sign of the Chinese horoscope and she will be able to notice in the Bull a balanced and interesting partner, which she so lacks in life.

The only thing their characters agree on is that they are both not sentimental, love in their life does not take the first place, and therefore they will be very happy when they meet a partner who does not know jealousy and does not say such incomprehensible words about love. Their union is favorable for both marriage and business. In tandem, they will be very dangerous, and no one will want to cheat with them.

Compatibility of the Bull with the Rooster

These partners get along absolutely without difficulties. The bull allows the Rooster to spread its beautiful feathers, because he knows that the Rooster really needs sociability. The Bull himself does not know how to maintain a small talk. The rooster gives the toiler of the Bull to earn a piece of bread, but he prefers to sing when the Bull earns bread.

A rooster is not the most industrious animal, but still it is very diplomatic and can foresee the annoyance of a partner. They will always be able to achieve harmony. True, it is impossible to avoid friction in this union, for example, if the Bull invited his friends to lunch and did not report it in time. But these are trifles in comparison with all life. They are ideal for business, because they have two driving forces: Bull - performing, Rooster - guide.

Compatibility of the Bull with the Dog

It is better if in this union the Dog is a man, and the Bull is a woman. The dog will find the desired balance, which will give him a calm and respectable woman - the Bull. Only in this case, the Dog will begin to sleep peacefully at night, not to run around the fence in search of the desired enemy.

In business, they also fit together, because the Dog is an excellent administrator, and the Bull is a wonderful financier, and in this duet they will never fail. If a woman is born in the year of the Dog, everything is different. Because the Dogs are very vain and can not live without entertainment, and the Bull can not always wait.

But in any case, these partners value each other. The bull likes the depth of the Dog's mind, and the Dog can not resist the balance of the Bull. The union between them is very happy and not without prospects, but it does not happen without difficulties.

Compatibility of the Bull with the Pig

The pig wants to be the most cunning, but in reality it is completely different: it can flash only with its frivolity. Therefore, the Bull should always be on the alert. They really like each other and especially appreciate honesty in the partner. The pig always acts as a fighter, and the Bull is distinguished by an exceptional peace, this is their strength.

But in such an alliance one can not do without disagreements, because a Pig is a glutton by nature, and the Bull can not afford such waste. After all, they are pleased with different things - one is satisfied with the small, and the other is tempted by abundance. The bull is an excellent economist, but the Pig is wasteful and can not live without comfort.

As a rule, this causes mutual reproaches. But on this, one can say, their differences and ends, because the Pig perfectly developed sense of proportion. And if she realizes that she was fed up with the Bull, she will immediately be silent.


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