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Rooster on the eastern horoscope

Rooster on the eastern horoscope

A sharp and intolerant nature, not shy in the expressions, which often leads to collisions with others. The rooster is very frank and eccentric, because he really says what he thinks. But this frankness, most likely, testifies to selfishness, than about desire to look clever and useful. The rooster is absolutely indifferent to the scruples of others - and believes that there is no reason to spare them.

It literally bursts with all sorts of ideas, projects, which in their essence are unrealizable. The rooster loves to dream, plan for the future, likes to contemplate the environment, imagine himself a superhero, but, unfortunately, does this, comfortably settling in his home chair and expecting that everything will be decided and will come by itself.

People find Rooster a very interesting person and an interlocutor, although he risks his boastfulness and recklessness to alienate very many. Therefore, the Rooster has few friends, the friendship with which he carries through his whole life, not daring for new attachments. And actually, why? After all, he also has one outlet, and that's enough.

A rooster is able to benefit from a situation that is not very favorable, because, according to the Oriental people, the Rooster, even with legs and beaks, can find a worm in the desert. This constant movement fully characterizes the Rooster. But at the same time, if the Rooster gives himself up to the mercy of his fantasy and dreaminess, he will look like a vagabond who philosophically digs in a garbage dump, because what, in the end, is the difference, just to attract the attention of others.

During all phases of life, the Rooster will be haunted by ups and downs both in his personal life and in the business sphere. His path will pass from poverty to wealth, from ideal pure love to the most disgusting forms of its manifestation, even to perversion. But old age will be happy and will pass in a circle of children and grandchildren.

Rooster Male

She likes to show off in the society of women. He used to be loved, cherished and cherished, otherwise he would just find himself another chicken in his big chicken harem.

Although the male Rooster is able to make himself a decent fortune, he is very wasteful and can at one time spend his salary for a whole month, so in his life there is a tendency to be financially crippled. Often this may result in bankruptcy.

He is completely sure of what he is doing, so do not try to convince him, it's just useless. The rooster trusts no one - and relies only on its own strengths and knowledge, so to the right and left hand out advice and wishes.


Eccentricity is the outward side of the Rooster, because she likes to be noticed, and in clothes most often prefers a style that distinguishes her from the crowd. But this does not mean that she prefers bright and bright colors in clothes.

This Chicken will always keep track of every chicken. She will teach him to take it from life bit by bit. This skill, received from a caring mother, is useful to children in later life. The hen, until the last breath, will cover up with its wings the growing offspring.

Relations with other people

In love, the Rooster will have to hardly conquer and retain the object of his lusts. Often he just disappoints his friends, because reality does not always confirm the dream.

The Wave will complement the Rooster in the business sphere, because he conservatively looks at things that the Rooster lacks. The snake attracts him with his reflections. Union with the Dragon is an alliance of two powers: one is power, and the other is its rear, which the Cock will provide.

But with whom you should not even meet, it's with the Cat, who pulls out not one pair of feathers from the Rooster.


A rooster, having a nature predisposed to contemplation, runs the risk of becoming lazy to the impossible. But at the same time he is often a great hard worker. He always wants to do more than he can in reality, he never sits without work, and sometimes even takes it to his house and sits over it all evenings. Not calculating their own strength, the Rooster exposes himself to nervous and mental breakdowns, from which, however, quickly recovers.

The Rooster has every reason to be very active at work, because the money will not fall right into his beak from the sky. He works very hard to ensure a quiet, comfortable existence. If the field of his activity is favorable, the Rooster can achieve great successes and even make a fortune.

From the Rooster you get a wonderful boss who not only demands too much from his subordinates, but also gives them all his knowledge, because the Rooster learns and teaches others practically all his conscious life. Petukhov is very attracted to the land, therefore from them excellent agronomists and cattle breeders are obtained. But here, in the bosom of nature, the Rooster does not forget to show off to others and presents them with two or three "very necessary" advice.

The rooster is a brave and brave person and can take risks even with a smile on his lips. From the Roosters are excellent military leaders.


It's not for him. The rooster is not able to sit around and even in moments of tranquility does not want to completely relax. He will always do something or decide, so he just does not have time for rest. As they say: chicken on the grain ...

The rooster is a pretty warlike bird. This can be judged from the events that fell on the Rooster years. This is the year 1933 - the year of famine and death, 1945, when the threat of war ceased to hang over our homeland.

Rooster - compatibility characteristics

Compatibility of the Rooster with the Rat

The rat immediately repels the Rooster. The rat sees only the shortcomings of his partner, she does not tolerate vanity and superficiality. But if the Rat examined the Rooster more closely, it would find positive traits in it. In aggressiveness, they can argue with each other, so that their relationship can turn into a real war.

In addition, they both do not know how to save money. At first they behave too wastefully, and then they finally ruin themselves. In this combination it is better if a man is born a rat, and a woman is a Rooster. Then its economy will help to save the remaining savings.

Compatibility of the Rooster with the Bull

These partners get along without problems. The bull allows the Rooster to straighten the feathers, because he knows that the Rooster needs communication. The Bull himself does not know how to maintain a secular conversation. The rooster gives the toiler of the Bull to earn bread, and he himself prefers to sing. The rooster is not the most industrious animal, but at the same time it is very diplomatic and can foresee the irritation of the partner.

They always manage to find harmony. True, this union can not do without friction, for example, if the Bull invites friends for dinner and does not report it in time. However, these are the little things of life. The union is ideal for business: the Rooster directs, and the Bull executes.

Cock Compatibility with Tiger

This is a very difficult alliance. A sensitive and loyal Tiger is not judicious enough to understand the actions of the Rooster. The Tigers are often puzzled by the actions of people. But the Rooster can not be judged only by external actions. The rooster produces an irresistible impression that sometimes creates a false impression of his personality.

In alliance with the Tiger, at first everything goes well. The power-loving Tiger is flattered by the adoration of the Rooster. But soon the bragging of the Rooster begins to irritate the Tiger, and he is taken to criticize him. The rooster does not tolerate remarks and suffers from the injustice of the partner.

The case takes an unwanted turn, the Rooster feels misunderstood and decides to retire to places where people are more tolerant. But before he leaves, he will openly tell the truth to the Tigger. They can keep friendly relations, be wonderful lovers or companions, but not for long.

Compatibility of Rooster with Rabbit

This is a very strange and dangerous alliance that can end in a fight - whether it's love, friendship or work. Even the patient Rabbit can not stand the fidgety Rooster. At first, he will be amused by the awkward actions of his motley partner, but then he gets bored.

The patience of the Rabbit comes to an end, and he begins to get angry. The rooster can literally go white, then the Rabbit looses control and wants to pluck the Rooster. The rooster does not have bad intentions, and therefore he will consider the Rabbit simply evil. In this case, he will be right.

If the man is Rabbit, he will try to make an obedient hostess out of a woman - Rooster. But this role, she can not play until the end. Only he will go beyond the threshold, she will necessarily fly out the window. If a man is born in the year of the Rooster, then the woman Rabbit just gnaws at him with her criticism.

Compatibility of the Rooster with the Dragon

Both are very fond of shining and flaunting, but they do it differently. The cock wants everyone to like, and the Dragon is simply created brilliant. In this alliance, everything is going pretty well. The cock tries to show itself in all its splendor thanks to the Dragon. He admires the Dragon and is proud to have attracted his attention, and flattery for the Dragon is the most important thing.

True, it will not do without crises. From mutual misunderstanding, quarrels may arise. The rooster does everything unselfishly and takes great care of his appearance, and the Dragon can be annoying. He loses patience, and the Rooster only has to retire.

Compatibility of the Rooster with the Snake

According to the Chinese horoscope, this union is considered ideal. They can achieve balance, because they combine spirit and consciousness. These allies can always agree, because they perfectly feel each other. They appreciate their inherent elegance, look great alongside and give the impression of a lovely couple.

When they go out into society, they carefully and carefully select clothes to be on top. The rooster likes to talk about his successes and victories, but the Snake listens to him with pleasure and comments with humor. The snake feels very calm next to the Rooster, because this is the only person who can understand it.

The snake will learn to perceive it as it really is. Oddly enough, she will patiently endure his primacy, for she intuitively feels that they fit together. Even if there are quarrels, they will still manage to find a common language.

Compatibility of the Rooster with the Horse

This union has every chance of failure. Both are trying to improve and are used to taking care of themselves. For these allies, the opinion of others is very important, they are picky and touchy - especially Rooster. In their relationship there is a competition in which everyone tries to emerge victorious.

In addition, their similarity does not contribute to deepening relations, but, on the contrary, depresses them. The horse will irritate the Rooster's efforts to dissolve his tail outside the house. She will begin to suffer, and they will get on each other's nerves. The silence between them will be prolonged, and, as is known, both need communication. As a result, they will start looking for communication on the side.

Cock Compatibility with Sheep

These people have a lot in common, but they look at love and secular life in different ways, and sometimes they do not understand each other well. The sheep next to the Rooster feels completely safe, since the Rooster is used to working for everyone. Egoist - The Rooster will require the Sheep's constant presence and her boundless love, and this is difficult for the Sheep.

The rooster will remain disappointed, and the Sheep will be offended and go to seek happiness elsewhere. If in this union a woman is a Rooster, and a man is a Sheep, she tortures him with endless reproaches in looseness and irresponsibility. This union can be preserved only with a full understanding of each other's shortcomings.

Compatibility of the Rooster with the Monkey

These signs can understand each other, but only superficially. A clever and cunning monkey in many ways complements the sincere and honest Cock. Although secretly still can not refrain from criticism. The monkey begins to abuse the naive Rooster, and he does not even notice.

He will open his mouth with admiration, looking at the circus tricks of the Monkey, and only after that he will start to take a closer look. From his eyes, the superficiality of the Monkey does not escape, and this can cause great conflicts, because people tend to notice the shortcomings of others more often than their own.

They will always have difficulties that they will not want to admit. This will constantly stir up antagonism between them, rivalry, for which there will be enough of the slightest excuse. In addition to the love of secular life, these people absolutely nothing connects. After the ball at home quarrels will begin.

Compatibility of the Rooster with the Rooster

These partners live peacefully, although there are stormy emotions. They are always interesting together, and the matter never comes to contention or misunderstanding. When they love their partner, they show a lot of emotions, and if they are indifferent to it, they openly talk about it.

Roosters do not tolerate other people's shortcomings, while not noticing their own. This situation can only cause disagreement. But this does not mean that, it will end in a war. A family can be strong if they have children.

Compatibility of the Rooster with the Dog

These people are similar in only one: both like to criticize, which is the cause of strife. The rooster criticizes constantly and does not even give himself a report. The dog, in turn, does not tolerate the bragging and carelessness of the Rooster - she spends a lot of time on his upbringing.

But no matter how hard the Dog tried, she still will not be able to remake her original partner. Their relationship can turn into a "battle of Borodino." Both will suffer, because they are too sensitive. If they behave more restrained, their union can last a very long time.

Cock Compatibility with Pig

Calm and thick-skinned Pig will not pay attention to the sticks of the Rooster. Pig can appreciate the kindness and nobility of the Rooster, by which he does not particularly boast. Pig can curb the aggressiveness of his motley friend and in time calms him down. The rooster will never humiliate the Pig and will not exploit it.

These people get on well and have excellent comradely relations between them based on mutual understanding and loquacity. Union is more based on intellect than on passion and love. At the slightest danger they always rush to the aid of each other. In their home there is always an iron order that can not be destroyed even by outside interference.


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