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Sign of the zodiac Scorpio - characteristic

Sign of the zodiac Scorpio - characteristic

The zodiacal sign of Scorpio begins on October 21st, but within seven days does not enter into full authority. The Scorpio sign is in full force until November 20th - then within seven days, gradually losing its influence due to the growing sign of Sagittarius.

Symbols for Scorpio is a scorpion, a killer living on the earth with a poisonous sting in his tail, as well as an eagle - a visionary predator, flying above small earth problems in free flight.

People born in this section of the year seem to be overwhelmed with congenital contradictions. The best and worst, good and evil, as if making this period their battleground for the souls of the owners of this ambiguous zodiac sign.

Almost until the age of twenty, Scorpios are usually extremely prone to meditation, since they are not deprived of intelligence, virtuous, and religious, but as soon as their true nature is awakened, they often begin to rush from extreme to extreme, and often their behavior does not lend themselves to conventional logic.

People who were born during this period of the year are often very attractive personalities, have the skills to manipulate the crowd and, more often than not, in the process of persuading their opponents, resort to pressure on the person's emotions. Scorpions are seekers, with an unquenchable thirst for the discovery of everything new and unknown. Spiritually and intellectually, the Scorpions want to reach the edge of opportunities and cross it.

In dangerous situations and in sudden crises, they remain unperturbed and very determined in their actions. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac often become workaholics, they themselves often work for wear and mercilessly demand the same from others. They despise weakness in themselves or in others.

Sexual life is an important part of their image and plays a vital role in their way of life. Women attract men, and men attract women, but in cases where desire and ambition are dominant, these people can control their strong sexual nature. Relationships are a kind of secret for Scorpios, so anyone connected with them must prepare for profound changes in himself, their mysterious partner will surely present something unusual in their relationship. Usually Scorpios are interested in marriage and long-term obligations, Scorpios are monogamous, love for them is a strong passionate and enduring emotion that can only be directed to one person.

Sooner or later, Scorpios begin to show interest in the occult and occult sciences, they readily develop unusual clairvoyant opportunities, and very often they become famous as book authors, painters or poets. They are natural natural philosophers, deep thinkers, observe and analyze the characters of other people better than any other representative of the zodiac signs.

Usually people born in this sign have two sources of income. They often have to overcome troubles and various difficulties in life, but sooner or later success and fame almost always find them.


Scorpios usually have only a few friends. They make the longest friendship with people born in their own period and between June 21 and July 20-27, from February 19 to May 20-27.


These people tend to be thin in their early years, but they gain weight and are prone to corpulence after reaching middle age. Scorpio controls the reproductive organs and excretory system, so that most often they suffer from headaches, often carry infections and are prone to diseases in various intimate places. In adulthood, the Achilles' heel can become a heart, problems with which can arise when overstretching at work.


The colors most suitable for people of this period are all shades of dark red and blue halftones.


Birthstones during this period are turquoise, ruby, and all red stones.


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