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Sign of the zodiac Taurus - characteristic

Sign of the zodiac Taurus - characteristic

The zodiacal sign of Taurus begins on April 20th, but for seven days still does not enter into full authority. Taurus is in full force until May 20th, then within seven days, gradually loses its force due to the formation of the zodiacal sign Gemini.

Taurus is a sign of practicality, property and material well-being. People born under the sign of Taurus tend to be very patient, practical and dedicated to themselves. Such people are usually very cautious when dealing with people, life or money. They have a curious feature - some power, domination over other people, sometimes even unconsciously managing their desires.

People born at this time are extremely devoted by nature, with a strong inner need for security, to a solid sustainable foundation, a family hearth. Although Taurus is considered a very mundane person, they can also be very romantic and sensitive when it comes to love or tender parental feelings.

Taurus have a great strength of endurance, both physical and mental, and can go through tremendous stress and fatigue. From them wonderful hosts and mistresses are obtained, they have a subtle taste for food, and when preparing dishes they can do much from nothing. These people often become excellent directors, have good business intuition, but are generally considered richer than they really are, because they always dress and look good.

Taurus is governed by their sensory experience, but attachment to a particular person is of far greater importance to them than their passions and impulses. Taurus is also sensual and vibrant with an appreciation of beautiful things in life. Taurus is motivated by the need for security, this sign is good for business matters, they can be trusted for the implementation of plans requiring permanent guardianship. These people are very determined and often very creative. The moon is exalted in Taurus, giving success in business, and is combined with the influence of Venus, the passionate nature of which provides the owners of this zodiacal sign with a clear meaning of life, strong loyalty to others and devotion to loved ones.

If the Taurus love, then love the rest, passionately and wholeheartedly devoting themselves to the beloved person they are worried about, and if something or someone is in their way - they will fight for their feelings in the most determined manner and their inherent stubbornness. However, they always fight openly, as they hate dexterity, hypocrisy, or deception.

They have an innate sense of harmony, rhythm and color, and are often very successful in music, poetry and art. Those born in this sign have the ability to become the most loyal and loyal friends.


Taurus breeds the longest friendship with people born between August 21-27, and September 20-27, December 21 and January 20-27.


In health, as a rule, provided by the luxurious constitution of Taurus, suffer from all sorts of diseases of the respiratory tract and problems associated with blood vessels.


The most favorable colors for them are all shades of blue. Red color is too exciting for them, Taurus should use this color as little as possible.


Birthstones during this period are emeralds, turquoise, and azure.


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