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Compatibility ♏ Scorpio and ♋ Cancer

♏ Scorpio and ♋ Cancer - compatibility of the lunar zodiacs

Our relationships with other people are largely determined by the Moon. It determines the emotional perception of each other, unconscious, unconscious attitude to another person, his acceptance or rejection, understanding or misunderstanding. The moon reflects the relationship of two people on the inner, hidden, intuitive level, which, however, is no less important and significant than rational, conscious relationships over the Sun or other active, Yang planets. And on what sign in the moment of birth was the Moon at your partner (husband, wife, friend, colleague, boss), depends on how harmonious or disharmonious your relations with him will be, whether you will be comfortable and well with each other, whether to hear and understand each other.

Select the lunar sign of the zodiac partner. If you do not know the lunar sign of the birth of a partner, calculate a lunar birthday. It is very important to remember that disharmonious interactions on the Moon have an extremely negative impact on the human psyche and can lead to emotional breakdowns, mood swings, outbreaks of aggression, etc.

♏ Scorpio - your attitude towards a partner

In the sign of Scorpio

If you are a lunar Scorpio, you and lunar Cancer will understand each other easily. You are both emotional, both have a very strong intuition. You can literally feel each other even from a distance and understand each other without words. Intuition will help and circumvent some of the difficulties in your communication that can arise when the vulnerability of Cancer and the burning passion of Scorpio collide.

♋ Cancer - the relation of the partner to you

In the sign of Cancer

If you are a lunar Cancer, then your sensitivity will allow you to understand the lunar Scorpion, as no other sign can do. After all, you first of all understand and appreciate his soul, what he so needs. Perhaps, it is with you that the lunar Scorpion can soften its wild nature.

♏ Scorpio - characteristic of the sign of the zodiac

In the sign of Scorpio

Moon and love relationships
Loving relationships with such a person can be both fascinating, exciting, and frightening of their unpredictability. It is not easy to forget them. The love interest is not a fleeting feeling for the Lunar Scorpion, it rushes into it with a head, forgetting about everything.

In the depths of his soul, there is a need for a partner who would coincide with him in everything. He may be the most romantic idealist, but the fear of discovering this quality makes him, at first glance, a cynic in love. Carefully hiding its vulnerability, Scorpios prefer to live with the reputation of a person who has seen everything in life, although this is certainly not the case.

People of this sign in the beginning of dating treat their partners with great care, being afraid of making mistakes. Scorpio needs a partner who understands his need to protect his inner world, he could listen to him. Questions of psychological vulnerability must be discussed, and Scorpio understands this. But he must be confident in the person before he reveals his weaknesses.

Beloved sign of Scorpio is distinguished by an exceptional heat of feelings. He can not say anything about his experiences, but everything will be written on his face.

Scorpions want to find passion in their partners, passion, sensitivity and at the same time strength. Such a depth of feelings, which is in Scorpio, can not boast of any sign of the zodiac. If you are committed to a peaceful, tranquil, serene relationship, look for another person.

Sometimes it is difficult to orient in the relationship with such a person. Sometimes it seems that the Lunar Scorpions seem to abandon their emotions, hiding them in the deepest secrets of the soul, not doing the same as always. For Scorpio himself, such variability is in the order of things, and for his companion can become offensive, reduce trust. People born under the sign of Scorpio are loyal and sensitive, attacks of their bad mood pass quickly. Scorpio respects only the strong, so it's better not to show him your weaknesses.

Scorpio is very jealous, can not stand, when talking about past hobbies and partners. Of course, this is not liked by any person, but we must remember that Scorpions are vindictive, and therefore, recall the past grievances.

Lunar Scorpio - from the category of psychologically complex partners. He does not immediately reveal the depth of his feelings, and gradually you have to discover all the new and new qualities of his personality. Scorpio for no reason can seclude himself in his own world, not letting even his loved one go there, to whom such alienation is offensive. Scorpio is not important to think alone, listen to your "I", to know how to act in the future. You should not blame him for such actions, because personal space is necessary for everyone.

To keep the beloved Scorpio, you must be for him an ideal partner, a soul-mate, sensitive, patient and seasoned.

Moon and family relations
If the childhood of a person born under the sign of the Moon Scorpion was not happy, then for the rest of his life he has a fear for his children. He will do everything to ensure that the child does not need anything, surrounds him with care, will indulge in various whims, indulge. Such efforts lead to the inappropriateness of the child to adulthood. It is difficult for him to make decisions independently, to struggle with problems. As a result, the excessive care of the parent turns into stresses, depressions of a child who does not understand what he did wrong, that the whole world suddenly became hostile.

Lunar Scorpions show exceptional care in relation to family members, to friends. A friend who has run into a guest for a minute remains for the whole evening, and all his excuses, references to employment by Scorpio are not accepted, being considered offensive. A warm and gentle attitude to friends, of course, makes them hospitable hosts. But do not prematurely put up hymns in their honor. For all their loyalty, the Scorpios are very vindictive, they do not forgive even minor sins and do not forget the most insignificant offenses.

Lunar Scorpios need more to trust their relatives and friends, do not inflate the fire of resentment because of misunderstandings.

Possessing increased psychic sensitivity, people of this sign should learn to feel more freely, at ease both at home and in a friendly company.

♋ Cancer - characteristic of the sign of the zodiac

In the sign of Cancer

Moon and love relationships
Lunar Cancer is a sensitive lover, communication with him brings joy, is filled with happiness. The moon so aggravates all the sensations that Raku feels as if he can recognize his ideal partner, hardly glancing at him. In this case, Cancer can not be denied and in practicality, he does not lose his head. The strength of his emotions is great, and it has to be reckoned with.

The influence of the Moon on Cancer is dual: it immerses him in dreams, leading from the world of reality. On the other hand, staying on the ground, Cancer, with the help of the Moon, attains a high sensuality, which is capable of driving his chosen one crazy. At heart, a man born under this sign, all his life trying to find a beloved woman, which would remind him of his mother.

In love, he behaves like a madman. If the relationship has reached a dead end and people are forced to part, then this love will leave a bright feeling in the soul for both of which it will not be possible to forget quickly.

Cancers are amazing idealists. As for bulls, flirting is not acceptable for them. They are looking for a person with whom they can create a strong family. For them, life is limited to family ties.

To doubt the sincerity of their love is not worth it, they really will do everything for a loved one. But sometimes it is necessary to take into account the nature of their nature and calmly treat the sudden changes in moods, as a result of which a tender and tender Cancer can become angry and heartless. This is not a pretense, but a manifestation of his complex nature and a strong impact of the lunar rhythms. For the sake of your beloved Cancers, you must learn to be wise, patient.

Cancer sometimes needs solitude, you should not impose your plans at this time.

Moon crayfish love to be cared for constantly. They are convinced that they owe it, they deserve it. Relations with them should be based on mutual respect and understanding of each other.

Life with a loved one of this sign will be comfortable and calm, because his feelings are very thin. This means that he is able to instinctively perceive your subconscious desires, translating dreams into reality.

For such a complex person as Cancer, it is extremely important that his warmth and tenderness be the same. Cancers try to achieve complete harmony with loved ones, find a lot of pleasures in each other's society, wishing to arrive in this state as long as possible.

Moon and family relations
Lunar Cancer is a very sensitive nature. This affects his relationship in the family. When he is in a good mood, he becomes a caring parent, a faithful and loving friend for his second half. He appreciates his house very much. Being in it, feels security. As soon as good luck turns away from him, Cancer becomes capricious, insecure. In the family, everyone is to blame for his failures. His world is broken, as a result, a person closes in himself, can not talk with his family all day.

Halo of the martyr. Which he creates around him, allows him to manipulate others. And they are doing everything possible to please him. The tense family situation eventually closes on him. As soon as the state of affairs changes and Cancer is again in a good mood, the family reigns in celebration and merriment.

During periods of being in the spirit, Cancer is unusually loyal to the family. This time of family happiness - he is incredibly good-natured, responsive, kind, caressing, unfortunately, only until the next breakdown.

Lunar Cancer very much appreciates family ties, traditions, heritage of generations. Sometimes he is unduly guided by the desire to live for the family or, worse still, to live the life of his household, not letting them go from himself, even when it is necessary.

The same applies to friendly relations. Cancers seem to be that the family holidays that they arrange are the ultimate dream. Friends appreciate their efforts, but they are not inclined to idealize so much. Moon cancer is not as jealous as Scorpio, but at times it seems that friends ignore it. His usual reaction in such cases is to pout at all. But when it passes, Cancer will again easily maintain family contacts.

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