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Lunar diet and slimming calendar at january 2021

Lunar diet and slimming calendar at january 2021 year Lunar diet and slimming calendar at january 2021

The basic rules of the lunar diet for weight loss. In the new moon, you can easily get rid of the harmful substances that have accumulated in the body. If at the time of the new moon for several hours nothing is eaten, and a lot of drinking, the process will go faster. During the growing moon, the body perceives and absorbs everything from the surrounding world, putting off supplies. At this time gaining extra weight is easiest. Follow all the rules of nutrition on the growing Moon, without making allowances for yourself. In the full moon, it is better to eat more fruit, drink juices. These days our body is very susceptible, the body requires more food, therefore, this day can add extra pounds. On the waning moon, one must get rid of harmful substances and toxins that accumulate in the body. If you want to lose weight, try to eat a little less than you used to, then the weight will go away faster.

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All signs of the Zodiac belong to different elements - fire, water, earth and air. When the moon passes the sign of a certain element, we are most effectively learning a certain type of food. Taking certain food in combination with the phases of the moon and passing it through the signs of the zodiac has a significant impact on our health. Further recommendations are given on proper nutrition and weight loss for each day. If regularly, at least once a month, get on similar diets for the lunar calendar, you can achieve good results in combating excess kilograms and improve the overall state of your health. City New York.

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Tips for proper nutrition and weight loss s 1 by 7 january 2021

from 01.01.2021 - friday 
from 00:00  -  consume juices, fruits, protein requirement
The full moon 🌕 phase continues
Full moon

In the full moon, it is better to eat plenty of fruit, drink juices or have a fast. These days our body is very susceptible, the body requires more food, therefore, this day can add extra pounds.

Like yesterday, the ☽ Moon in the sign of ♌ Leo 05°28'21"
In the sign of Leo

When the Moon passes the signs of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), the body needs more protein. It is these days that the protein is best absorbed by the body and brings him the most benefit. This means that in the days of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, you need to make sure that your diet consisted mainly of protein food, and the proteins should be half vegetable, and half animal.

Animal proteins are found in lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cottage cheese; vegetable - in legumes (soy, beans, peas), as well as in various cereals.

But the amount of fat and carbohydrates in the "protein" days should be reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to cut off fat before cooking meat, while meat should not be fried, but cook, stew or cook it on a grill or a couple. It is advisable to use milk, cottage cheese, kefir with a low percentage of fat content or, even better, fat-free. From cheese in days of protein it is better to refuse, in spite of the fact that the protein in it is enough, since cheese is a very fatty product.

from 02.01.2021 - saturday 
from 16:06  -  body loses weight, protein requirement
The beginning of the waning gibbous 🌖 phase
Waning gibbous

With the same quantity and quality of food we eat, we lose weight more easily with a waning moon. On the waning moon we relax a little, we lose the energy accumulated earlier. In nutrition, this affects the poor digestion of food in phases 3 and 4 of the moon, so we do not face excess weight in overeating and you can afford to eat a little.

all current events (1)
1) Like yesterday, the ☽ Moon in the sign of ♌ Leo 05°28'21" (from 01.01 00:00) - protein requirement
from 20:12  -  need for salt, body loses weight
☽ Moon in the sign of ♍ Virgo
In the sign of the Virgin

When the Moon passes the signs of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), the body needs more salt. Salt these days is almost harmless, so you can forget for a while that it is called a white death. Excess salt is really harmful to health, but in moderation everything is good and everything is useful. Salt, which we use these days, improves blood composition and is not put off where it is not supposed to. However, if you have serious contraindications regarding the use of salt, be careful. If there are no contraindications, then these days you can afford as many salty as you want.

These days you can eat herring, pickles, salt nuts, you can slightly more than usual salt different dishes. Consumption of foods that contain many proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it is better to limit.

all current events (1)
1) The beginning of the waning gibbous 🌖 phase (from 02.01 16:06) - body loses weight
from 05.01.2021 - tuesday 
from 00:41  -  need for fat, body loses weight
☽ Moon in the sign of ♎ Libra
In the sign of Libra

When the Moon passes the signs of the elements of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), the body needs fats. In too large quantities to consume fatty foods even these days is not recommended. It is desirable to give preference to fats of vegetable origin. These days you can afford, of course, and meat, and fatty milk, and cheese, but all this - in moderation.

But practically without measure you can use nuts, vegetable salads with vegetable oil. Nuts and vegetable oil contain the greatest amount of vegetable fats, which in the days of fat will give you all the best that is in them, and will not cause harm.

all current events (1)
1) The beginning of the waning gibbous 🌖 phase (from 02.01 16:06) - body loses weight
from 07.01.2021 - thursday 
from 03:53  -  need for carbohydrates, body loses weight
☽ Moon in the sign of ♏ Scorpio
In the sign of Scorpio

When the Moon passes the signs of the elements of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), the body especially needs carbohydrates. Many carbohydrates are found in bakery products, in sweet and flour dishes. Naturally, here, too, you need to know the measure, especially if you are overweight. But to eat bread and sweets in excess of the norm these days is not a sin - the harm will be less than usual, and the benefits are greater. But give up foods containing large amounts of fat, protein and salt.

all current events (1)
1) The beginning of the last quarter 🌗 phase (from 06.01 04:37) - body loses weight
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