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Terms of sowing of garden crops

Terms of sowing of garden crops

Planting a garden is a responsible occupation, on which the quality of the crop depends. Even the ancient people paid much attention to the weather in order to find out the most favorable time for planting certain crops. It is believed that the weather affects the heating of the soil and the amount of precipitation. If the crop is carried out without relying on any additional knowledge, then it is not possible to achieve good yields. Therefore, many gardeners appreciate and respect the sowing calendar.

Many know that the Moon has a certain influence on the quality of the crop. Its effect has long been proven. People can only listen to advice in order to increase the yield on their own plot.

Planting a garden

The use of the lunar seeding calendar is always justified and gives good results. Many experienced gardeners skillfully combine advice from the calendar with those observations that they have to do additionally. As already mentioned earlier, there are a lot of people's signs, which should not be neglected. For example, some gardeners are convinced that it is best to plant crops on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. In addition, there is an opinion that the culture, the fruits of which are in the earth, it is better to plant on the waning moon. The rest of the plants are planted on the incoming moon. As for the new moon and the full moon, it is worthwhile to refrain from planting crops in general, as there is a great risk not to get a good harvest.

Table seeded different crops for seedlings

In the seeding table, a seeding schedule for seedlings and seeding planting dates are shown in the open ground. Pay attention to the seeding dates indicated in the table: as a rule, the seeds are planted for a month, approximately the same range is given for transplantation of seedlings to beds. But there are exceptions. For example, from the seed sowing table it can be seen that broccoli can be planted for three months, and only two weeks are allowed to plant melon seeds. The same is true of planting seedlings: the table indicates that kohlrabi can be planted on the beds throughout the warm season, and, for example, it is desirable to finish potato planting within ten days.

The terms of planting of garden crops in the open ground
Culture Seeding on seedlings Planting (or sowing) in open ground
Anise   25.04-15.05
Basil 15.03-10.04 10.05-10.06
Eggplant 10.02-15.03 05-25.05 (it may be necessary to cover)
Beans   10.04-15.05 (it may be necessary to cover)
Swede 20.04-05.05 20.04-15.06 (grown both in seedlings and seedlings)
Peas   15.04-05.07 (if the soil is warmed up to> 6 ° С)
Mustard leaf   10.04-10.08
Melon 01-15.04 10-30.05 (if the soil is warmed up to> 15 ° C)
Strawberries 01.02-01.04 15.07-5.09
Courgettes, zucchini 25.04-15.05 20.05-10.06 (subject to soil warming up to> 11 ° C)
White cabbage 01-15.03 15.04-10.05
White cabbage late 25.03-15.04 10-25.05
Broccoli 01.03-25.05.05 25.04 (it may be necessary to cover) -30.06
Cabbage Brussels 25.03-25.04 15.05-15.06
Cabbage kohlrabi 01.03-15.07 05.04 (it may be necessary to cover) -20.08
Cabbage kolrabidlya storage 20.05-10.06 20.06-10.07
Red cabbage 15.04-05.05 20.05-25.06
Cabbage leaves 10.05-30.06 10.06-30.07
Cauliflower 01.03-15.06 25.04 (you may need to cover) - 25.07
Early potatoes   20-30.04 (if the soil is warmed up to> 9-10 ° C)
Potatoes 01-10.04 08-20.05
Cilantro   20.04-10.08
Watercress   10.04 (it may be necessary to cover) -10.09
Onions, from seeds 01-30.03 15.04-10.05
Onion-Batun   15.04-15.07 and until 10.09
Leek 01-30.05
Shallot   from 15.04 (it may be necessary to cover) and until October
Marjoram 20.03-10.04 15.05-15.06
Melissa 05.03-10.04 20.04-20.05
Early Carrots   10.04 (it may be necessary to cover) - 05.08
Carrot late for storage   05.20-05.06
Peppermint March April (and also in autumn)
Cucumber, greenhouse 05-30.04 01-25.05 (subject to soil warming up to 12 ° C)
Cucumbers, open ground 01-15.05 (it may be necessary to cover, provided the soil is warmed up to 12 ° C) - 05.06
Parsnip   10.04 (you may need to cover) - 25.04
Patissons 20.04-10.05 20.05 (subject to soil warming up to> 11 ° C) -10.06
Bulgarian pepper 10.02-15.03 05-25.05
Parsley March April and (or) October
Rhubarb 10.04-10.05 01-Sep-09
Radish   10.04-25.05
Radish late for storage   25.07-10.08
Radish, spring-summer varieties   25.04-20.05
Radish, summer-autumn varieties   10.06-10.07
Turnip   20.04 (you may need to cover) - 10.05
Turnip for storage   05-20.07
Salad head 15.03-20.07 10.04 (you may need to cover) - 20.08
Salad leaves 15.03-20.07 10.04 (you may need to cover) - 20.08
Sveklastolovaya 10-25.04 20.04 (it may be necessary to cover, provided the soil is warmed up to 8 ° C) - 20.06
Beetroot dining room for storage   10-15.05
Celery, rhizomes 05-20.02 25.04-10.05
Celery leaf 01.03-15.04 01.05-10.06
Asparagus 25.02-10.06 01.05-10.07
Caraway   April or October
Tomatoes early 10-25.04 25.05-10.06
Tomatoes for pickling   20.05-10.06
Jerusalem artichoke   April
Pumpkin Common 05.05-25.05 25.5 (subject to soil warming up to> 11 ° C) -15.6
Muscat pumpkin 10-30.05 01-15.06 (subject to soil warming up to> 13 ° C)
Dill   01.04-31.07
Winter dill   15.10-30.11
Beans grain 20.04-20.05 15.05-15.06
Beans are high, winding   20-30.05
Horseradish   April
Chesnocosmetics (subject to soil warming up to +4 ° C)
Garlic is a spring   17.04-15.05
Sorrel   from April to July
Spinach 20-30.03 10.04 (you may need to cover) - 20.07
Endive March 01-15.06
Tarragon 10.02-5.05 05.04-30.06

Dear reader! In the article the approximate data of sowing in open ground are given. Regardless of the region of the country, the main criterion for planting dates is the temperature of the soil, the onset of the frost-free period, and the intensity of sunlight. If you have other guidelines and approaches that justify yourself, write in the comments.


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