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Lunar eclipses in 2024 year

Lunar eclipses on 2024 year

Lunar eclipse - an interesting phenomenon of nature, familiar to man since ancient times. It is relatively common, but not seen from all terrain on the earth's surface and therefore many seem rare. Different feelings cause a lunar eclipse. You can admire the copper-red disc of the Moon, with a bluish rim along the edge of the shadow, rejoicing at what a bright and bright eclipse has now appeared. Lunar eclipses, especially full, were feared no less than sunny, because the Moon not only covered with an incomprehensible shadow, but often became red, as if bleeding. In individual astrology, eclipses are still considered a negative factor, which tends to influence badly the fate and health of a person. But the degree of this influence is largely corrected by the indices of each individual individual horoscope: the most negative effect of the eclipse is on those people whose horoscopes they fall on the most important points - the places where the Moon, the Sun or the Ascendant are at the time of birth. In this case, the eclipse point joins one of the main elements of the horoscope, which in reality can not be too favorable for health and the spheres of life of the owner of the horoscope.

Before you lunar eclipses on 2024 year. To view the events of a certain day, go to the date. City Los Angeles.

All lunar eclipses in 2024 year - Los Angeles of eclipsetype of eclipse
125-03-2024 00:13:59 moSemi-shadow eclipse
217-09-2024 19:45:25 tuPartial eclipse
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