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Aromatherapy and home scents at 2024 year

Lunar aromatherapy calendar for 2024 year

Aromatherapy is the use of medicinal properties of essential oils of plants in medicine and cosmetology. The use of aromatic oils leads its history from ancient times. Still Hippocrates prescribed to his patients aromatic baths and oil massage. Healing properties of essential oils were recognized in Greece, Rome and China. Ancient Egyptians used fragrances to care for the skin, flavoring clothes, added to food and wine. And in ancient India it was believed that the aromas set the mind and open the soul.

Aromatherapy will maintain health, preserve beauty and youth, relieve tension, reduce or increase pressure, help relax or concentrate attention. Moreover, they have a huge positive impact on the emotional state of a person. Aromas help restore the aura, gain confidence in yourself, get rid of old complexes, eliminate anger, calm your nerves. And for the effective use of aromatherapy, we will use the influence of the lunar rhythms in selecting odors and flavors for each day. City New York.

Lunar calendar for may

Lunar calendar on may The moon and the position of the stars significantly affect the character, life, sometimes determine the fate and push for solutions. Therefore, finding the moon in this or that sign of the zodiac is able both to give good luck and happiness, and bring troubles and bitterness. To protect yourself and loved ones and avoid disagreements at work and in your personal life, watch the stars
and control your destiny! go →

Phases of the Moon for may

Phases of the Moon on may 2024 The lunar month is 29 or 30 lunar days.
During each month, the Moon passes through four phases, first in a new moon, then in the first quarter, the full moon, and in the last quarter. The phase change is connected with the fact that depending on the location of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, the magnitude of the moon's surface illuminated by the Sun changes. go →

Natal birth chart online

Natal card online This is a personal horoscope, which is based on the time and place of birth of a person.
With its help you can learn about everyone's karma, and also
about inclinations, opportunities and anticipated circumstances that can affect the course of life. When you create a birth chart, you are defined with a cosmogram. It shows the alignment of the planets in the zodiacal circle and houses. go →