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Lunar calendar of pruning trees on march 2023

Lunar calendar of pruning trees on march 2023 year Lunar calendar of pruning trees on march 2023

Pruning trees and pruning shrubs is necessary for their normal development and growth. With proper care, garden crops develop well, more fruit, thereby delivering joy to the owner. Young trees are pruned to form the crown. If the case is left to chance, many saplings may have problems - there will be an ankle, a significant weakening, and possibly the death of the central conductor, an extra height and, as a consequence, the instability of the tree, the sagging of the branches. There are types of pruning, the timing of pruning of trees, for this we devoted a separate topic " species, timing of pruning trees and shrubs, " and then provides recommendations based on the phase of the moon and its position in the sign of the zodiac. City New York.

The basic rules of pruning trees on the Moon. Do not cut trees and shrubs with the growing moon. The vital forces of the trees with the waning moon are concentrated downward, so they hardly notice the scraps and will easily transfer it, especially in the last quarter - closer to the new moon. The best days of the moon for pruning trees under the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Lunar calendar of pruning and trimming trees on march 2023 year
assessment of
1 we from 00:00
First quarter The first quarter 🌓 phase continues
11 sa 05:32
end stage
Full moon End of full moon 🌕 phase
15 we from 08:05
In the sign of Capricorn ☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♑ Capricorn, last quarter 🌗
17 fr 10:24
end stage
In the sign of Aquarius ☽ Moon goes into the sign of ♒ Aquarius
21 tu from 13:23
New moon The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase

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