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Natal card online with decryption

Natal chart

Natal card is a personal horoscope of a person's birth. It is built at the time of birth of a person and place of birth. This horoscope characterizes the fate of a person: the opportunities inherent in him, the propensities and circumstances of life. With the help of the birth chart, the position of the planets in signs of the zodiac relative to the Earth, as well as relative to each other, is determined. According to these data, a description of a person is made. We present you a service that allows you to make an online calculation of the natal chart by the date of birth with a decryption free of charge.

In order for the description to be most accurate, you must specify the date of birth, the time of birth (preferably the exact time) and the place of birth. If your city is not on the list, choose the closest city, a difference of 50-100 km is acceptable, it is important that the city is in this case in your time zone. To determine the position of houses, the Placidus system is used.

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♂ Mars in the 10 house of the natal chart

Ruler Mars

In his studies of public activities, such a person turns out to be surprisingly contradictory. He is active and constant, guided by noble motives, thanks to an amazing driving force, can perfectly perform his duties. For the sake of accelerating career advancement, I am ready to make a lot of effort and effort. Misuse of energy can lead to loss of prestige, so he should carefully watch and protect his reputation. Possible separation from the father, associated with its excessive dominance. The aspect favors military and technical pursuits. The desire for fame and high position is irresistible. Such a person seeks to occupy the highest positions in politics, management and engineering profession. Career is carried out with ambition and a rare energy. This is an enterprising, clever and assertive political leader. Sooner or later professional ambition makes him famous. The defeat of the planet creates the temptation of coming to power through dishonest fraud, rigging and struggle, conducted without rules. When a hidden negative action is detected, there is a danger of overthrowing and spreading a bad word. There is the possibility of excessive financial and financial ambition, a tendency to ignore ordinary human values ​​and a thirst for power at any cost. Impulsiveness and passion, the power of instincts and the indomitable will can prevail over prudence and intellectuality. Excessive craving for independence and the aggressiveness of self-manifestation lead to major strife and big riots. The spirit of freedom and the passion for conquest at times encourage this person to act to the detriment of himself. He is prone to extravagance and to extremes. The danger of disagreements with parents, high scandals and unexpected discrediting is great. There is an excess of courage, enterprise and personal energy. Such a person is always able to find a job for himself. Success is inclined to achieve in studies that correspond to the nature of Mars. Revenue is acquired through business acumen. The effectiveness of promotion in a career is associated with courage, administrative abilities and the ability to interest other people. It is not impossible to obtain a large inheritance from the father. Success is associated with engineering studies, engraving, architecture, constructive activity, the profession of surgeon and metal trade. Such a person, being in a crowd, in a critical situation is the most determined and fearless. He is very pretentious and inclined to dictatorship. Skepticism and criticism are combined with speed of judgment and high opinion of oneself. The main cause of the lesions is restless aggressiveness and convulsive impatience. The obsessive desire for captures and personal freedom is being weakened. Life is full of ups and downs. The property and financial position is unstable. Such a person is capricious and passionate, often quarrels with his superiors, and therefore runs the risk of losing his position. He is professionally active, but the propensity to fight for existence is steadily increasing the intensity of conflicts. Such a person self-asserted in power and finds himself in the awareness of power. He is violent and prone to coercion of others, his inexhaustible spiritual, psychic and physical energy eternally disturbs and disturbs the inner world, spurring and inciting, encouraging and encouraging to intellectual and physical activity. In the team, such a person is often disharmonious and inclined to confrontation. Even small conflicts risk ending in devastating disorder and catastrophic rupture. All professional life is full of struggle and rivalry. It is difficult for such a person to find a suitable job or stay in the workplace long enough. His character is rampant and poorly controlled. Such a person is distinguished by many interests and inclinations, a wide range of abilities and opportunities. He is easily excited, quickly annoyed, distinguished by persistent purposefulness, exactingness to himself and exactingness to others. Almost always he overestimates the available opportunities and available forces. This incessant inner anxiety determines the sweeping vibrations: from bad to good and back. Both successes and failures are internal in nature. Stability for the life of such a person is not typical.

♂ Mars in the houses of the horoscope
♂ Mars in 1 house
1 house

Self-confident person, inclined to self-affirmation at any cost. Combat character, overactivity and unbridled impulses can lead to accidents. Due to its considerable physical strength and pronounced dynamic energy, it is immediately put into action. He needs to.. go →

♂ Mars in 2 house
2 house

Such a person can easily get rich through his own work. He works hard to obtain the best financial position and always earns well. Money spends without restraint and constraint, and therefore he knows the generous and open needs of others. If the desires are not.. go →

♂ Mars in 3 house
3 house

Impulsive, persuasive, restless and straightforward, never crawls behind a word in his pocket. Tends bravely to speak in defense of relatives. The process of thinking is of great importance for such a person. He is aggressive-curious and curious in actions and.. go →

♂ Mars in 4 house
4 house

Such a person very much loves his own destiny and has an urgent need for reliability and security associated with his own home. There are various family difficulties caused by the dominant parent, because of which the individual can go far from the parent's.. go →

♂ Mars in 5 house
5 house

He is an impulsive, unstable person with athletic inclinations. He loves competitions, but he does not know how to lose. Can be a good educator, because it easily finds the language of communication with children. Sociable, resourceful, able to convince others... go →

♂ Mars in 6 house
6 house

This is a very hardworking person - both mentally and physically. But his tendency to overstrain and overwork may be bad for health. It seems to all that he is in a hurry to live, as he expects too much from his colleagues. In the absence of temperament control,.. go →

♂ Mars in 7 house
7 house

A contradictory person, who has a strong character and feels a constant need to prove everything to everyone. He often gets into alterations and is easily involved in quarrels. Aspect promotes early and hasty marriage with a dominant partner. With further.. go →

♂ Mars in 8 house
8 house

This man is very sexy, pragmatic and sensitive. Sexual life is of great importance to him. Often he disposes of other people's money, becoming someone's guardian. He is actively interested in the study of paranormal psychic phenomena and post-death existence... go →

♂ Mars in 9 house
9 house

It is an independent, enthusiastic and very restless person, inclined to actively travel in reality, or in the imagination. He is very inquisitive and loves to learn. If there is no opportunity to get a good education, much comprehends, becoming on the path of.. go →

♂ Mars in 10 house
10 house

In his studies of public activities, such a person turns out to be surprisingly contradictory. He is active and constant, guided by noble motives, thanks to an amazing driving force, can perfectly perform his duties. For the sake of accelerating career.. go →

♂ Mars in 11 house
11 house

Such a man works hard to achieve his material and spiritual goals. It is the leader of society and a born propagandist. He easily acquires friends and acquaintances, but equally easily loses them because of his persistence and excessive exactingness in.. go →

♂ Mars in 12 house
12 house

Such a man struggles to help the suffering and the unfortunate. Often, he becomes a good head physician of the hospital or deserving of gratitude and appreciation to the prison governor. He keeps secrets well, and therefore can succeed in the role of.. go →

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