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Natal card online with decryption

Natal chart

Natal card is a personal horoscope of a person's birth. It is built at the time of birth of a person and place of birth. This horoscope characterizes the fate of a person: the opportunities inherent in him, the propensities and circumstances of life. With the help of the birth chart, the position of the planets in signs of the zodiac relative to the Earth, as well as relative to each other, is determined. According to these data, a description of a person is made. We present you a service that allows you to make an online calculation of the natal chart by the date of birth with a decryption free of charge.

In order for the description to be most accurate, you must specify the date of birth, the time of birth (preferably the exact time) and the place of birth. If your city is not on the list, choose the closest city, a difference of 50-100 km is acceptable, it is important that the city is in this case in your time zone. To determine the position of houses, the Placidus system is used.

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♀ Venus in a sign ♋ Cancer natal chart

Ruler Venus

Here she is visiting the Moon, in a watermark, so Venus in Cancer will give internal variability, that is, high sensitivity to the slightest fluctuations in the partner's feelings.

You most likely have a very subtle unconscious response to any change in a partner, the slightest cooling, you are a very sensitive person, but usually you hide it. If you do it at the expense of other people it will not be somehow compensated, then you probably will hide your vulnerability because of fear of "blackmail", fear of giving these "buttons for manipulation" into someone's hands. In this case, you hide exactly your attitude to what is very important for you.

Venus in Cancer gives idealism, unconscious and complete identification with a partner, sometimes seeking an ideal. Here Venus is on a visit to the Moon, and the Moon is a changing, fluctuating, impressionable planet. Therefore, people with such a cosmogram often have a high internal need for change and psychological renewal, a thirst for change in the search for the ideal, a constant need for deep understanding, love and affection. Therefore, despite the high degree of emotional, in-depth contact with the partner, strangely enough, for a long time to keep him faithful to you can be quite difficult. This is due to the fact that if someone has strong emotional contact with someone (naturally, based on your strong impressionability), then you are usually inclined to get involved in it and go to the end. For you the value of such contact is great, although you know that it will not be long. That is, here you manifest the so-called full emotional identification or the ability to empathy.

Probably, you badly suffer any, even an easy falsity. After all, the probability of infidelity and deceit, if you feel false, can rise sharply. And from their deceptions you yourself can very much suffer, suffer and suffer from neuroses on love grounds. This is the so-called "heavy-weight Don Juan" with nervous disorders on the basis of love problems.

Although you are fond of your feelings, but rarely show initiative, it will be in the establishment of emotional relationships will come from a partner, and your feelings are likely to arise already as a reaction to his feelings. In general, for the signs of Water - Cancer and Pisces (Scorpio somewhat falls out of this series, this is a special type), the rule is that Water requires an investment, that is, in order to get some return in feelings, it is necessary to have something in these people "to enclose". Therefore, to attract you, your fan or fan usually needs to first show some feelings to you.

Usually you tend, apparently, to be attracted to the most subtle and empathic partners. Often you may have a love for older people, in general, for you, it is likely that a great attachment to parents, especially to the mother, to their native places. You are definitely drawn to places related to your childhood. Perhaps you are more likely to communicate with your parents than with other people. To form a harmonious criterion of emotional development, you need an atmosphere of security, while the importance of relationships with parents, especially with the mother. If (especially it is typical for men) in childhood there were difficulties in the relationship with the mother, if, say, the mother did not love you, and this happens very often at the unconscious level, then these relationships are more likely to be transferred to other women. Then, in adult life with women, you too will not have emotional contact and your sphere of emotions in this case will be blocked.

Most likely, you like the usual types of recreation since childhood. And for you it can be very important, as it gives you the opportunity to again be in the role of a child. You, probably, will have a good rest in places where there is a lot of clean water, because Cancers are very fond of water, and not sea water, but fresh. In such places you can have a good rest and relax.

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The position of the planets in the signs of the Zodiac Planets in the signs of the Zodiac ☽ Moon ☉ Sun ☿ Mercury ♀ Venus ♂ Mars ♃ Jupiter ♄ Saturn ♅ Uranus ♆ Neptune ♇ Pluto


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