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Current time - Phnom Penh

Find out how much time is now accurate to the second and the time zone of the city. The exact local time will allow you to plan a working day, a meeting or a trip.

Phnom Penh 20:53:44 Thursday, 30 March 2023
Phnom Penh - general information
Country: Cambodia
Timezone: UTC+07:00 +07, Asia/Phnom_Penh
Daylight saving time: no transition
Coordinates: 11°33′, 104°54′ e.long.
The exact time of sunrise and sunset ☼
Sunrise ☼ of the Sun: 06:01:19 30-03-2023
Sunset ☼: 18:11:44 30-03-2023
Light day: 12 hour 10 min. 25 sec. full information about the sunrise
Astronomical (true sunny) noon: 12:06:27 30-03-2023
The exact time is Cambodia Battambang Takmau

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