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Characteristics of 28th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

Symbol - edelweiss, "karma", lotus, water lily, lily. They are flowers expressing the unity of all four elements: roots grow into the earth, the stem is in the water, the leaves breathe air, the flower is turned towards the Sun - the elements of Fire. Auspicious day, the day of the Sun, into which spiritual enlightenment is possible.

This is a very good day. Spiritual knowledge is acquired, truths are comprehended. It is allowed to deal with clairvoyance, chakras, astral bodies, with dreams. It is necessary to be in high spirits on this day, and also to take control of your emotions. Also allowed to engage in ordinary activities: to make repairs, plant different plants, to buy a house. In no case can you tear and cut flowers or give them, and also bring down trees.

The day will be successful for all undertakings. It will also allow you to rethink the past and reduce fever and nervousness. It is necessary to listen to the wise advice of partners - this can help you to anticipate the prepared troubles.

Love and relationships. One of the quietest and harmonious days of the month. When meeting with your mate, keep each other's good, heartfelt mood, spend a quiet meeting, during which you can learn new facets of your relationship, discover new qualities and even feelings. A bad omen on this day is the donated cut flowers, which symbolize the breaking of relations.

Housework. Set aside household matters. First of all, those that require considerable physical effort. This is a very inappropriate time for housework. You can engage in harvesting and planting plants.

Business and money. It is considered successful for almost all business and business. Suitable for starting businesses of a very different kind and nature. Particularly successful transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate. It is good to plan all the affairs for the next month (or better - for a year or even a few). The plans of the twenty-eighth lunar day are famous for being the best in all respects and realized without any special nervous, time and material costs. If you have debts that you did not have time to return, then do not conduct financial transactions. There is a risk of losing them.

Dreams. In these lunar days you can work with dreams. Dreams can indicate obstacles, difficulties in the affairs and ways to overcome them. Dreams on these days are prophetic. In them you can see your future. Draw conclusions and know: sleep only warns, but it will come true or not - it depends on you. In a dream, a person can see who he was in the previous life. In addition, dreams on this day reflect the sensual world of a person, his emotional sphere, the sphere of love, and therefore, when interpreting sleep, one can consider the obstacles associated with the manifestation of love, and finding a clue to follow it.

Health. Today it is recommended to drink juices and give the main vegetable food. It is possible to load the eyesight, so it's best to read less or try not to do things that strain your vision, do not look at the bright light. But, especially for those who suffer from insomnia, it is good to look at the dim light before going to bed (the bulb should not be brighter than 15 volts), up to about 10 minutes. Diseases that began on this day are usually complex, especially for the elderly. Especially today it is necessary to protect the head, the brain, for the elderly today, we must diligently monitor the pressure.

  • Start 28-x lunar days in 2024 ​​year, Yerevan:
  • 9 january 06:33
  • 8 february 07:18
  • 8 march 06:32
  • 7 april 05:57
  • 6 may 04:47
  • 5 june 04:16
  • 4 july 03:37
  • 2 august 03:23
  • 1 september 04:30
  • 30 september 04:29
  • 30 october 05:20
  • 29 november 06:14
  • 29 december 07:15
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Haircut is able to give a special charm to the external image of a person who will become the object of admiration of others.


People born on the 28th lunar day, originally carry within themselves the mystery of being, are distinguished by wisdom, spiritual ideals. How much you work on yourself depends on how consciously you live. You can become an altruist, to which the surrounding will be drawn, and you can not have attachments at all.
Advice: do not lose the ability to distinguish between bad and good, develop in yourself an "inner light", carry it to people, give them your love.

Bathing in the bath

Neutral day. It is not necessary to prepare brooms on that day.


28 dreaming prophetic dreams. They are not only dedicated to our future, they contain messages on how best to survive what awaits us.

Stones keepers

Chrysolite, chrysoprase.

Conception of the child

Conceived on the 28th lunar day will be successful in business. He will be accompanied by success in all endeavors, an amazing success will accompany his plans. Sometimes they will be realized as if by themselves, without any influence or participation. He's just a favorite of fortune! The person born on this day can achieve very, very much: on the 28th lunar day, the rulers of destinies, earthly rulers, are born. At the same time, his character is light and joyful. He is calm, he is not characterized by temper tantrums and riotous temperament. He is aware of every word and deed. Such a person knows a lot about himself, people, riddles of the world. For him, many mean feelings, he is emotional, love can become the meaning of his life. He seeks pleasures for the soul and often evaluates events according to the voice of the heart. To prevent him in life can be carelessness and passivity.

Weather forecast

With the new Moon and its outcome, the weather changes: raw on dry, warm - on frosty, overcast - on clear.

Aromatherapy and home scents

He very well cleanses and strengthens the energy field. Relieves fatigue and overwork, Calms the nervous system. Sandal's fragrance removes unpleasant sensations and feelings. Good from depression. Calms the nervous system and promotes pleasant communication. Aroma for meditation.


The twenty-eighth lunar day is the last period when marriages can be made. On this day it is desirable to create a family for mature people, with life experience. But young couples are better off refraining, as the family created on this lunar day will be constantly influenced by parents who try to remake the life of the newlyweds in the way they want, which, of course, will lead to a divorce. Weddings on the twenty-eighth lunar day should be calm, without special pomp, so to speak, family.


This period is favorable for absolutely all types of purchases, both long-planned and those that are inspired by a fleeting whim, both for the purchase of insanely expensive goods and for buying cheap trifles. The main thing is to do everything with joy and tranquility. The only thing you should not do now is take the goods on credit.


symbol: Arkhangelsk pipe
stones: hyacinth, sapphire
part of the body: intestine

Not marked by special influences, any works of the waning moon. When guessing, you can ask any questions and perform any actions within the framework of magic.

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Excellent site. Can you write , how to do the three candle ritual exactly? Thank you.
I'm just posting this on this lunar day because I was doing research. But this is a fantastic site. I've been studying astrology for 8+ years, and the information here is very useful. I am a day trader and have been implementing lunar days in my strategies and it is very beneficial! Thank you for this.
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