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Astrological indicators of wealth

Astrological indicators of wealth

There is no doubt that a man can become rich if he has 3 necessary components: 1. will - to achieve the goal; 2. Intellect - for the ability to plan their actions to achieve the goal; 3. Industriousness - for the realization of the whole idea.

But this is not enough to become rich. There is one more element - this is luck. It is possible to meet 5000 people with the listed qualities, those who have not found themselves in this life. The reason is the lack of luck.

And what is luck? This is a combination of a positive impact on our life, resulting from all the good things that we have done in this life or in previous incarnations. How is it possible to calculate with the help of astrology whether there is a chance for a given person to become rich?

First, everyone should be able to set such goals himself. In order to find out what chances a person has for gaining material well-being, it is necessary to turn to the indicators of 2, 5, 9 and 11 houses.

Also it can be learned by the location of the lagna master - Asc, ie. the moment of birth (time). Then you should turn to the manager of the house responsible for your intellectual abilities. The level of material prosperity is determined by the house and its owner. Finally, if we manage to achieve wealth, we can see from the position of the house and its ruler.

However, to achieve all this, we need a fair amount of luck, which lives in the 9th house. So, what are the most important astrological components that make a person rich?

1) The ratio between the Rulers of the lagna and the 11 houses and their aspects. Indian astrologers call this Lakshmi Yoga, which is the symbol of a rich man.
2) Relations between the rulers of 5 and 9 houses. The more they are stronger and more successful, the richer the person will be.
3) The ratio between the host 2 houses and 11 houses is determined by a combination of aspects. If they are squared or exalted, the person will be like Kubera, the God of wealth.
4) The ratio between 5, 9, and 11 houses of houses, as well as their rulers. For example, all listed favorable relationships can be seen in the map of one of the richest people in the world - Bill Gates.
5) Lagna, 2 and 11 houses are either favorably aspected by their masters, or occupied by them.
6) The ruler of Lagna is connected with the rulers of the 2 nd and 9 th houses.
The last two indicators are present in the Rockefeller map.
7) Ruler of Lagna in the second house, Ruler of the 2nd house in the 11th house, and Ruler of the house in the 2nd house is called Dhana Yoga, which means a successful combination for gaining prosperity.
8) Lagna's ruler and 2 houses exchanged places.
9) The governors of 9 and 10 houses are combined in 9 or 10 houses.
10) The hosts of 9 and 11 houses exchanged seats
11) Favorable location of friendly planets (in cardinal houses and trigonal ones). While the planet-pests are in 3, 6, 11 houses - can talk about the royal state of man.
12) Lagna and her Governor are aspected at once by several favorable planets. Usually in standard horoscopes only some of the most important combinations are mentioned.

There are other indicators. Nevertheless, position 2, 5, 9 and 11 houses and their Rulers have the most significant impact on the level of human well-being. For example, in the horoscope of the Indian metallurgical king, one of the richest people in the world, JRTat can see the following relationships:

  • 5 and 9 of the house are aspected by Jupiter, the most generous of the planets.
  • Governors 5. 9 and 11 houses are in kendras (in cardinal houses).
  • The governors of the 2nd and 11th houses are mutually aspected.
  • The governors of 2 and 5 houses are combined.


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