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Rules of hair cutting, signs

Rules of hair cutting, signs

Our ancestors respected the hair, it was believed that the hair act as a link between man and the universe, accumulate the life force and experience of man. Therefore, in ancient times, hair was cut only in extreme cases, because the haircut was equated with loss of energy and experience, loss of communication with higher forces. Let's find out what they say about when you can not cut the hair of the signs of our ancestors.

Ancient legend

Once upon a time there was a halo around the man's head. This is what is seen on the icons around the head of the saints. But there was no hair. The head was covered with something like a fluff. Type of what is on the head of a newborn baby. When a man fell into sin, the rays of cosmic energy around his head became heavy and turned into hair. And this is the link between man and heaven.

There is a sign: cut your hair - change your life. To get the result of haircuts led to positive changes in your life, use the following tips.


Rules for successful hair cutting

Rule one

You can not trust your hair to anyone. The person who cuts you, changes your biofield. Having come to the hairdresser, choose not only fashionable hairstyles, but also an energetic and cheerful master, then your life after the haircut will change for the better.

The older the hairdresser, the stronger his influence on your life. If you are an independent person, you are used to solving your problems yourself and do not like them, when something prevents you from doing them, choose a master or one of your age, or younger than you.

When you are chronically unsuccessful for some strange reason, it makes sense to choose a very old and well-known master, even a haircut, which will cost you dearly. But after visiting the hairdresser's, your life will change dramatically. And if you still correctly calculate the time of visit, it will not just change, but will improve dramatically.

Rule two

We do not want to cut our hair ourselves. This is a "superstition", although it is very difficult for a person to cure himself. No matter how strong and strong-willed a person is, it is very difficult for him to correct the deformations of his own biofield, as he rewrites them with such deformed energy.

Rule Three

It is believed that it is better if you are sheared or, for example, makes a man in the cabin of hair masks a man of your sex. During the haircuts, you change the etheric, astral and mental biofields, and as a result, we easily succumb to someone else's influence.

Therefore, if you liked the master of a different sex with you, this can lead to trouble in your personal life. In the biblical legends of Samson, a woman who cut off his hair killed him.

Rule Four

If you want hair to grow faster after a haircut, you need to make your hair with a full moon.

If you want your hair to change its properties a little - for example, you do not like that they are confused, disobedient - you should go to the hairdresser on the waning moon. But after such a haircut, the hair will grow very long. On the waning moon it's also good to cut your hair if you want to stop hair loss, strengthen the hair roots.

Council of ancient Slavic Magi. If you catch a cold - slightly trim your hair, so that the negative energy of the disease goes off with the cut ends and the body can be easier to clean.

Rule Five

Hair can not be cut on certain lunar days (9, 15, 23 and 29 days of the lunar calendar), as well as in the days of the solar and lunar eclipse. After such procedures you can get sick or, as they said in old days, "memory and mind to cut off".

Rule Six

Before registering with a hairdresser, determine how you want to change your life:

Haircut on Monday
Day, favorable. At this time, you can remove a lot of negative emotions and unresolved problems that have accumulated in life. The day is favorable for coloring the hair.

Haircut on Tuesday
It is better to go to the hairdresser's, if you lack physical strength or will to solve some important problem, if you lack activity or tortured the monotony of life.

Haircut on Wednesday
It's good to get a haircut to learn something new or interesting, meet new friends or draw in old ones, increase the number of trips, travel and communication in life.

Haircut on Thursday
Promotes changes in relationships with others, contributes to the popularity of man, increasing his luck and well-being.

Haircut on Friday - the day of female beauty.
When you visit a hairdresser on this day of the week, you change not just your hair, you change your appearance. Therefore, if you are comfortable, how you look on this day of the week is better not to get a haircut.

Haircut on Saturday
It's a good day for a haircut. Hair on this day are healed. A part of the karmic debts and sins of your kind are removed.

Haircut on Sunday
It is better to not cut hair - you can kill your own destiny or good luck. This day is good only for chronic losers - maybe, fate will have mercy and after this procedure will change for the better.


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So Superstitious.... I, on 21/6/2020 (Solar eclipse day) got my hair cut between 10:00-11:30 ( though i wish it the peak phase).. Neither m sick nor my mind or memory is cut off.
i used to slightly cut my hair in school days, then later i used to cut my hair totally on my own, sometimes i also cut my father's and brother's hair, plus nowadays i am trying to heal myself...mars ketu conj. in 6th house whle mars aspecting r.saturn. my only question is, how did you get so much information on haircut?

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