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Snake on the eastern horoscope

Snake on the eastern horoscope

In the East, the Serpent is very revered for wisdom, foresight and immense will power. In the Christian countries, however, the Snake has a very bad reputation. She will be happy if she was born in a tropical country. If the Serpent was born in a violent storm, it will be in the course of a lifetime in great danger.

The snake says little, but thinks a lot and deeply. Has a wonderful intuition, and if she still got a good education, she can become clairvoyant. The snake more often trusts its feelings and sensations than the facts and experiences of others. Although she ponders for a long time, she takes decisions very quickly and resolutely. Sometimes it goes to extremes.

The snake is pretty clever to waste itself on trifles. She will not associate with someone who, in her opinion, is not worthy of attention, and the Snake is mistaken enough rarely, natural intuition helps her in this.

They are quite bright people, you can reach for them if you are not afraid of the risk of being eventually strangled by its strength and intelligence. The snake does not try to achieve the situation, it comes to it, because they are people who bring everything to its logical conclusion. But the Serpent acts more forcefully than cunning, it's not a player.

The Snake Man

Sentimental, charming, pleasant in communication, he has a very well developed sense of humor. He will be popular not only among women, men will come to him for advice. But it can be quite sharp, this quality sometimes leads.

If the male Snake has set himself any goal, he will necessarily achieve it - despite the various obstacles. He will act by methods that you absolutely do not expect from him.

Woman Snake

The Snake Woman is very beautiful, her look is literally fascinating. She dresses with great taste and grace, pointedly exquisitely. In her house you will be able to see everything - from knitting needles and knitting to crystal vases in height with your own height. This is a real museum of antiques and modernity, which are combined in the most magnificent manner.

The Snake Woman is drawn to art, she is sensitive to the situation in the house, her appearance, but this does not prevent her from following the offspring. The snake attentively follows the upbringing of its children, as well as itself. She will protect them in her childhood, follow their lives in the years to come, and even in old age, when she herself will be well provided, will take them to a corner in her heart - though children can not wait for financial support from her.

Relations with other people

The serpent aspires to numerous connections, which, however, only complicate her life. The Snake, as a rule, has a very large family, which keeps her in marriage. To her partners she is very intolerant, even if a person for her does not represent a special interest.

With the Will, the Serpent will be successful in all endeavors, since it allows you to completely take possession of yourself. She will share her wisdom, provided the Will is leading in this alliance. Contraindicated relationship with the Pig and Rooster, where between the partners will be an uncompromising struggle. And absolutely impossible is an alliance with the Tiger, who will simply eat the Snake for breakfast.

The snake will successfully get along with the Dragon provided mutual concessions are made. She will shine in the rays of his glory, and he will consult the Snake.


The snake does not like to lend money to others, but sometimes from personal sympathies can come to the rescue. She seldom pays for the service with money, often pays herself. If she gives someone support, she has an obsessive desire to destroy this person. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully consider everything carefully before seeking help from the Serpent.

The snake is decisive and has great willpower, so it always brings the matter to the end, whatever it costs. She overcomes the most fantastic obstacles to achieve her goal.

A snake by nature is not a player, so it can perform any work that is not risk-related. Money for her is not a problem - when necessary, then they will. To old age becomes grumpy and greedy.


The Snake is resting pretty beautifully. She tries to surround herself with beauty in everything. This applies to rest. If the Serpent decided to devote himself to relaxation, he will choose a warm place under the sun - both literally and figuratively.

She will surround herself with everything necessary to not be distracted by small things. You can always watch her, but it is advisable to do it from afar, so, God forbid, not to disturb her peace. Otherwise, this will later be remembered.

The first two phases of life in the Serpent pass relatively quietly. At this time, especially her sentimental and passionate nature, but the habit of adventure can lead to a dangerous situation.

This can spread even to the period of old age.

The whole life of the Snake will lead as the weather predicts to her. If the Serpent is born on a sunny day, her life will be the same. Born in a bad weather is doomed to an eternal run with obstacles, and overcome them will not always be possible.

A wise Snake can sometimes be cruel. This can be seen from the events that took place during her rule: 1917, 1941 for our history were quite heavy.

Snake - compatibility characteristics

Compatibility of Snake with Rat

This is a rather strange alliance. Both are clever and adapt to each other. At first glance, their relationship is unusual, because Snake is used to excite, and the Rat calms her down in time. They also have a similar feature - money-grubbing.

For the Serpent there is no fidelity, but it is impossible to deceive the Rat. In such situations, a real war begins between them, where the Serpent can defeat. This proves that they do not need each other, but they value their union and are simply ideal in friendship. Together they know how to have fun and scream at others.

Their union is based only on tolerance and understanding. These types are very easy to solve each other: if the Rat begins to show aggressiveness, the Snake turns into a boa constrictor and hypnotizes the unlucky mouse. However, in such a situation, they will never be caught by an outsider.

Snake Compatibility with the Bull

The snake is an animal that can adapt to everything. In this union, the Bull will seem that he can take the lead. Of course, at first the Serpent will not show visible resistance, surround the Bull with care and understanding, will pour the balm on his soul.

The snake loves comfort, and the Bull can provide it. Of course, she can achieve everything in life herself, and yet she will never refuse to climb a pack animal that can work for two. He will never refuse to give himself more time than to spend it on useless work in the house.

The snake will try to swallow the Bull, which is possible, even give him pleasure. In this case. It turns out that everyone is satisfied. Seeing that the Bull shows selfless devotion, Snake can get out of his hole and look for other entertainment, but the Bull should not know about this. In the work they are very complementary.

Compatibility Snake with Tiger

The union is not favorable, because the Tiger is a moving animal, and the Snake is prone to contemplation and decides that the Tiger is simply nervous. The snake does not want to follow the Tiger and stick to its pace, because it's too lazy and does not like it when it's driven. She is used to dealing with everything herself, hates other people's advice, even if they are appropriate.

Often it is simply dogmatic, and this Tiger absolutely can not stand. The snake is the proprietor, who always walks winding ways, and the Tiger follows only a straight road and ahead. The snake constantly thinks about the result, and the Tiger prefers to think about the means, because they do not understand each other.

The Tiger will never want to follow the serpentine path of the Serpent, and the Serpent can not tame the wild Tiger for anything. In business they always have a wonderful union - they complement each other. One takes the risk, and the second - the execution. A joint life is absolutely impossible, since the Serpent betrays the Tiger, and he will destroy it.

Compatibility of Snakes with Rabbit

These two partners are very fond of peace, reliability and aesthetics. They attach great importance to the environment, home and beautiful things. Together they perfectly get along, for hours they can decorate their own home and improve their everyday life. For complete tranquility in this alliance, the Serpent should be given the opportunity to think about the well-being of the house, since the Serpent has become accustomed to be a mistress and mistress.

The more active principle belongs to it, even in the field of feelings. But sometimes Rabbit's indecision annoys the more flexible Snake. Their alliance is successful in both ways: both in friendship and in love. The patient Rabbit will be able to make the Snake listen to the opinions of others. And Snake, in turn, is never afraid of dangers and quickly adapts to the situation. She will help Rabbit to become even more philosopher.

Compatibility of Snakes with the Dragon

This is one of the best alliances. With his wisdom, the Serpent tempts the Dragon. The dragon will be proud of his partner, he will feel even stronger. No Snake will commit stupidities, will not seek the same power, she likes backstage maneuvers more.

If the Dragon is a woman, then the situation is worse - she wants to be in front of her fawned. For some time, the Dragon will do it out of courtesy, but having learned the Snake deeper, strongly attached to it. The dragon does not like shyness. He always wants to shine, and the Serpent can provide it. Although these are related signs, their union will be favorable. The dragon, who has a sense of dignity, will become more restrained, and the Serpent will be tolerant.

Compatibility Snake with Snake

This is a quite tolerable alliance. Friendship and common affairs are possible between them. They will deliver different pleasures to each other, but for a variety, they can prepare all sorts of traps and tricks. They should be confident in their partner and will be happy to follow how their loved ones overcome difficulties.

Snakes are happy with each other, but not always. Chinese wisdom says that Snakes rarely get along with each other and in a rush of rivalry are able to strangle a partner. This quality can overcome even parental love. When communicating among themselves, Snakes try to suppress each other.

They understand that this is bad, but they can not help it, and this irritates them even more. It is best to use this union in business, because cunning snakes will push each other than help the common cause.

Compatibility Snake with Horse

Often a Horse falls in love with the Serpent, and remains faithful to it. In this case, the Snake creates such an atmosphere that the Horse does not feel enslared, it has the illusion that it is free. Naturally, this is only a delusion, in fact, Snake encircles his freedom-loving friend with a dead ring.

Philosopher - The snake never worries and is not interested in someone else's opinion. First of all, it takes into account only its own interests. In this union, it will turn into a whip, made of the skin of a boa constrictor, which is driven in the circus horses.

Of course, the unsurpassed egoism of the Horse can push it into insanity - it can get away from the Serpent. But Snake is not difficult to replace partner, although this union is exciting and favorable, especially in its beginning. The snake dazzles the Horse with its passion, so that in any situation they will be able to find a way out.

Compatibility Snake with Sheep

These signs understand each other, because the Snake values ​​the imagination and imagination of the Sheep, and that, in turn, the creative abilities of its flexible girlfriend. They both have a developed love for art, for beauty and harmony, which makes them very close. But they do not always like to work actively, and the need for money is simply enormous.

Sheep are little adapted for this, the Snake, too, can not really be relied upon, because it is occupied by its person. Almost all the means of the Serpent earns only for themselves, and presents for the Sheep are extremely rare. If they were well-financed before their union, they are still able to create something.

These mockers are used to scoff at those who work twenty-four hours a day. Both signs are born egoists. Together they have a great time, but often show excessive in everything that they can quickly get bored with.

Compatibility Snake with Monkey

This is a wonderful intellectual union. Both signs are the most gifted in the whole Chinese horoscope. These people perfectly adapt to the circumstances, they easily think and quickly find a way out of all situations. They complement each other. Because a more agile Monkey can give the Serpent a depth of feeling.

In professional terms, they will give each other many crazy and interesting ideas, which promises great opportunities. Here they are inseparable from each other. In the emotional aspect, not everything goes as smoothly as we would like. The monkey is the only sign that can crush the Serpent.

But Snake, does not apply to those who will swallow themselves. In this case, the Serpent will not insist that the Monkey stay with her for a long time. She will try to find herself a worthy sacrifice. Their mutual faithfulness is not too long-lived, but they can always remain good friends, which is much more profitable for them both.

Compatibility Snake with Rooster

According to the Chinese horoscope, this union is considered ideal. They can achieve balance, because they combine spirit and consciousness. These allies can always agree, because they perfectly feel each other. They appreciate their inherent elegance, look great alongside and give the impression of a lovely couple. When they go out into society, they carefully and carefully select clothes to be on top.

The rooster likes to talk about his successes and victories, but the Snake listens to him with pleasure and comments with humor. The snake feels very calm next to the Rooster, because this is the only person who can understand it. The snake will learn to perceive it as it really is. Oddly enough, she will patiently endure his primacy, for she intuitively feels that they fit together. Even if there are quarrels, they will still manage to find a common language.

Compatibility Snake with Dog

Dogs very quickly become attached to Snakes, because they are fascinated by Snake wisdom and depth of mind. They do not even want to notice the shortcomings and patiently demolish their careerism. Dogs idealize Snakes and try to protect them from all troubles. The snake, in turn, also admires the honesty of the Dog. In their alliance everything goes well, because the Serpent loves to be adored.

Of course, it can not do without difficulties. The snake is not enough for one partner, and she will want to find someone on the side. True, there is one "but" - it can do this only if it completely paralyzes the will of the Dog. The dog is not very upset, because she likes to work alone quietly. The snake will regularly return home and keep it in its power. In this case, they can live a long life together. And even happily.

Compatibility Snake with Pig

With this alliance, some paradoxes are observed. Bewildered by the Serpent, the Pig instantly falls in love with her - and makes a big mistake. Because the Serpent will fool her head, as well as the rest. Honesty is not her quality. The snake is even irritated by the natural honesty of the Pig.

She thinks she's incredibly stupid and naively trusting. Perhaps, her opinion has some truth, because Pig very easily goes to all agreements. Despite these difficulties, feelings can hold them together, although they are even expressed in different ways.

But there is a danger that soon Snake will want to eat Pig. This is unlikely to happen, because the Pig has a very quick reaction. The pig can easily get rid of the Snake's death grip, because she knows how to resist it. Of course, this fight will cost the teeth. The snake should not consider that it is a simpleton. Otherwise, unpleasant surprises await her.


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Ravi Yadav
What do you think a Snake is.Huh Someone can eat him for breakfast,someone can crush him and most of the time these are the animals that cant stand a chance against the serpant if he comes on his infamous intense revenge thing .So please consider before writing this shit .Every animal has its own stengths and weaknesses and no one is above or below someone.

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