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Your star - what's her name?

Your star - what's her name?

The International Astronomical Union recognizes the existence of 88 constellations. Twelve of them pass the Sun, they are called zodiacal. In each constellation there is the brightest star, the so-called α (alpha).

Aries - Alpha constellation is a star named Hamal. Translated from Arabic means "Head of a ram".

Taurus is the brightest star of the constellation - Aldebaran. In Arabic, "Going on the trail."

Twins are one of three paired constellations. The alpha of the constellation almost does not differ in brightness from Beta. So, α - Castor and β - Pollux (names of twins, characters of Greek myths).


Cancer - The alpha of the constellation bears the name Akubens, which from Arabic translates as a claw.

Leo - the brightest star - Regulus, which translates from Latin as "Prince". In the Arabic version, the name of the star sounds like Kalb Al-Assad and means "the heart of a lion".

Virgo - α of this constellation bears the name of Spica, which in Latin translates as "wheat ear".

Libra - the brightest star of the constellation is the Arab name Zuben el Genubi, which translates as "South claw". Before Libra was considered part of the constellation of the scorpion, hence the name of Alpha.

Scorpio - the brightest star of the constellation Antares, from the Latin - Against Ares (Mars). The color is reminiscent of Mars. The traditional Arabic name is Calb-al-Aqrab (Scorpio's Heart).

Sagittarius - Alpha constellation is considered to be the star of Rukbat (full name in Arabic Rukbat al Rami), while it is not the brightest. Translated as "knee archer".

Capricorn - Alpha constellation - the star Aljedi (Algyedi), from Arabic translates as "goat". It is only the third in brightness in the constellation of Capricorn.

Aquarius is the name of the constellation α - Sadalmelik. Which is translated from Arabic as "the happy star of the king."

Pisces is an Alisher, so the name is Pisces. From Arabic, Alrisha translates as "rope, rope".


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