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[To dream beautiful babies - foreshadows..]

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dream book Miller

To dream beautiful babies - foreshadows extraordinary prosperity, happiness and good. For a mother to see her child in a dream easily sick - means that he will always have good health, but it will be troubled by other minor troubles associated with him.

To see how children work or study, presages peace and prosperity. To dream your child hopelessly sick or dead - means that you have reasons for fear, as there are terrible threats to his well-being. To dream a dead child in a dream is to worry and disappointment in the near future.

Grieved by something, crying children - a sign of future troubles, anxious forebodings, insidiousness and ill-will of your imaginary friends. To play and fiddle with children means that you will achieve the goal in all commercial and love affairs.

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dream book Wangi

To dream of many children is evidence that you will face many small problems, each of which will require additional time and effort from you. Perhaps such a dream predicts an increase in the birth rate on the planet. If you saw yourself as a child in a dream, then in real life you behave not in the best way. Your children's antics are highly inappropriate and offend people around you. To see crying children in a dream - a dream portends a world danger. There will come a time when men will go to war, women will take on their own affairs, and children will shed a lot of tears. To a dreamer such a dream prophesies troubles from his children or the children of close relatives. If children with disabilities have a dream, then your addictions are harmful not only to your health, but to the health of the people around you. Sometimes such a dream predicts an ecological catastrophe on the planet. If you saw your children in a dream, then you should be more careful in dealing with your family. It is possible that your actions and words you strongly offend them. To search for children is a bad omen. You will not be able to find a way out of the current situation due to a number of minor problems. Playing in a dream with children is a sign that in real life you are looking for a job to your liking, but despite your search, you will have to spend some time on the old unloved work, which deprives you of your last strength.

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dream book Correct

A dream in which you see many beautiful children promises prosperity and prosperity. If the mother has dreamed that her child is sick, then on the contrary he will be given strong health, but other troubles can not be avoided. Children engaged in study or other quiet occupation, mean a peaceful life. To see a dead child in a dream means that in the near future you are facing problems and disappointments. If you play with children, it's to success in love and deeds. A dream in which you see sad children, warns of troubles that your enemies will suit you.

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dream book Lunar

Calm; to see the thoracic - to well-being, to the correction of affairs; to see beautiful - joy, health.

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