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[If you happen to see the coffin in a dream, you..]

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If you had a chance to see the coffin in a dream, you will have to experience serious losses, the premature death of a loved relative, a family member. If in a dream the coffin is in the church, and it is strewn with flowers, then your marriage can turn into an unsuccessful enterprise. In general, such a dream is considered bad. For example, if a peasant dreams of something like this, in reality he may be threatened by a crop failure or cattle disease. For business people, such a dream means the onset of bad times. If the coffin dreams unmarried or unmarried people, their marriage will be happy. Similar meanings and interpretations promises both a vision in a dream of a moving coffin, or a hearse: such a dream can serve as a harbinger of the disease, and then for marriage, which will however be marred by previous events. If in your dream you are in a coffin or sitting on it, then in reality there is a probability of quarreling with someone, seriously getting sick, repenting of your actions and deeds.

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If you take part in a funeral procession and see the coffin and suddenly you realize that your name is engraved on it, then the subconscious sends you a certain signal: it's time to make serious changes in your life. It is necessary to change not only the habits that have developed over the years, but also the way of life, because over time people have to somehow change and improve.

If the coffin is dreamed, which turns out to be empty, then such a dream personifies the emptiness of the inner character, as well as the mental hardships. If during a dream you together with other people make a mourning trip, and you even bring a coffin, it means that in real life you will do the autumn ugly, and this your action will cause troubles and troubles to people who are close to you. If in a dream you are engaged in driving nails into the coffin, and doing this with effort, then in reality you will do everything possible and impossible to overcome your weaknesses and get rid of possible vices. If a fallen coffin had a dream, it is a good sign. He reports that your guardian angel will do everything to protect you from a dangerous catastrophe. If a coffin is buried in a dream in a dream, you should be vigilant in real life, because there is a terrible, incomparable evil in your life.

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The dreamed coffin in reality is an omen of an unhappy time in life. Business people like this dream warns about not getting into big debts, as giving them will be a very difficult matter. Dreamed of his own coffin? Fate will not be very supportive to you: you will not be taken professionally. Neither in matters of the heart. If you are in the grave by the plot of the dream, then your endeavors will end in failure. The hearse seen in the dream, which moves, and in which you are exactly the dream, serves as a sign of a serious illness. To see a moving coffin is to get sick and fail to marry or marry.

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If the coffins are dreamed of to young people, then this indicates the approach of the wedding celebration. If such a dream is a dream for people who have already created their family, they are destined to get a big profit.

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