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[Seeing in a dream a beautiful open face with a..]

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dream book Miller

To dream a beautiful open face with a simple gaze means that you can safely participate in the entertainment that will fall to your share in the near future. But to see an ugly, gloomy and angry face - portends undesirable events. If you dream that you admire the beautiful color of your face - it promises good luck, unexpected but pleasant events. An unimportant complexion portends disappointment. To see in a dream thick ugly lips on someone's face - to hasty and rash decisions. Pleasant smiling full lips - heralds harmony in relationships, abundance in the house. Loving such a dream promises reciprocity. Thin lips mean that you can easily master the upcoming difficult situation. Inflamed, swollen lips - a sign of future unhealthy desires, deprivation and illness of someone from friends. Happy faces around you in a dream - a very favorable sleep, but the environment of gloomy faces - to future anxiety. An unfavorable dream, in which you see your face or face of a stranger, ~ - it promises you sorrows. To see in the mirror the reflection of one's face is a sign of an early discontent with oneself because of the inability to organize oneself and to finish the intended one.

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If you dreamed happy smiling faces, then this is a good night's sleep. But if the faces are ugly and gloomy, then beware of the misfortune. An unfamiliar strange face, seen in a dream, can mean that there are only enemies around you. If you dreamed of your own face, then it's for trouble. If you are married, then such a dream may be a harbinger of a divorce. To see the reflection of your face in the mirror means that you will be tormented by discontent connected with the fact that you will not be able to fulfill the intended.

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dream book Lunar

Red - grief; Wracking - for relief; pale - the joy of seeing in the mirror - the profit or the birth of a son; in the water to wash - to longevity.

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dream book Muslim

Who sees an eyebrow, or forehead, or face beautiful and large, is to the meaning and even position in society and to well-being. And if someone sees this as ugly and in small sizes, on the contrary. If one sees a dust in his dream, this is impiety and depravity.

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