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  • Jacket (1 value)
    If you dreamed of good, but not fashionable clothes, you will be lucky, but you
  • Justify (1 value)
    To dream that you are making excuses for a crime means that you are about to enter
  • Jump (1 value)
    To empty chores.
  • Jump, jump (1 value)
    If a young woman sees a dream in which she jumps over an obstacle, this means
  • Journey (1 value)
    If you dream that you are traveling, then success will accompany you both in..
  • Job (2 value)
    To dream that you are working hard means that you will achieve deserved success,
  • Joy (2 value)
    To see in a dream that you are happy with some event means harmony and harmony..
  • Jealousy (2 value)
    To see in a dream that you are jealous of your wife means that you are being..
  • Justice (1 value)
    To see a dream in which you demand justice means that you are facing difficulties,
  • Joiner (1 value)
    To see the joiner in a dream - promises you a pleasant work at first glance, which..
  • Jelly (1 value)
    To dream that eating jelly means that there are many obstacles on your way to your c
  • Jazz Dance (1 value)
    Dancing in a dream jig - foreshadows fun and lots of pleasures in the near future. Uv
  • Jailer (1 value)
    To see a jailer in a dream means that the perfidy of others will interfere with..
  • Jail (4 value)
    Seeing others in prison in a dream means that you will insist on granting a privilege
  • Jaws (2 value)
    To see in a dream heavy ugly jaws - means disagreement and painful relations between
Prophetic dreams of the lunar calendar
whether today's dream will come true or was just a nightmare, this will help the lunar calendar of dreams →

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