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[Seeing others in prison in a dream means that..]

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Seeing others in prison in a dream means that you will insist on granting privileges to people you believe unreservedly. If you dream of a prison with brightly lit windows - this means that your discernment will help you avoid trouble. If a young woman sees her loved one in a dungeon - she is not without foundation, she will be disappointed in his decency. To see yourself in prison - foreshadows events that will have a bad effect on your affairs. Happy to avoid imprisonment - promises you participation in several profitable businesses. The most favorable dream about prison, foreshadowing that you will escape trouble or cope with it, ~ is a dream in which you see the release of a prisoner.

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Prison is a symbol of lack of freedom, isolation and loneliness.

Seeing yourself in a prisoner's prisoner's dream means you are under the authority of your complexes, which will prevent you from realizing what you have planned.

If in a dream you look at the world through a prison window - perhaps in the near future a person next to you will appear who will have unlimited power over you.

The dream in which you are trying to escape from prison warns the dreamer of the consequences of his hasty decisions.

Seeing in a dream how you break a prison lattice is an attempt to free yourself from someone else's influence.

If you saw in a dream how one of your loved ones is in prison, then you are too abusive of the trust of your loved ones who are starting to see you as a tyrant.

To release someone from prison - in reality you have to urgently solve the problem of loneliness.

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Prison is a sign of painful silence, of fatal inconsistency. If you dream about the building of the prison, it means that you will be trusted with a secret, which it will be painfully unpleasant for you to store, you will be tormented and worried. If in a dream you see yourself being imprisoned, then this dream portends that you will not be warned in time about danger or threat. You will suffer because you do not talk about something important with someone you know. In a dream you were hit hard, you did not expect such a turn of events and therefore could not protect yourself - this dream means that in reality you need time to understand what is happening. The dream in which you hit someone, presages unexpected news to you. If in a dream you managed to dodge a blow - in real life you can always get out of any situation. No matter how heavy it may be. In a dream, you tried to protect someone from loved ones, and therefore the brunt of the blow fell on you - it means that you will suffer a lot of damage in the wake of the imprudence and imprudence of relatives.

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