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[If you dreamed that you are stepping into the..]

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If you dream that you are stepping into the mud, then there is a danger of losing the trust of friends and people close to you, as well as a peaceful environment with your family. At the same time, all this can happen solely through your fault. If you notice that someone else in your dream is walking in the dirt, be prepared for the fact that you will hear ridiculous rumors in your address that your friends or colleagues will let go of. If such a dream is a dream for a peasant, it promises unfavorable events, namely, a bad harvest and a decrease or even a loss of profit. If in a dream you notice the dirt on your attire, then your reputation is under attack, it is in danger. If you can clean or wash a soiled place in a dream, then you can also cope with the slander of enemies.

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Dirt is a symbol of wealth. It shows the rapid activity, the abundance of events. And where there are events, there is an excuse for gossip.

If in a dream you observe a terrible dirt from which it does not seem to come out, such a dream warns that clouds are gathering over you, hard times and probable diseases that will appear in your life at the most inopportune time are waiting for you. These failures can deplete both your mind and body.

Dreamed of the city, which is in the mud because of the collapsed on him squall of mudflow and mud flows? Such a dream serves as a warning sign: in real life, natural cataclysms, tornadoes, tsunamis, due to which it is necessary to deal with financial problems, but even to witness mass deaths can occur. Under such circumstances, one can observe how the leaders and leaders of the country shift each other. To see the gold coins stained in the mud is to read and bow before an unworthy person-a foolish, crazy ruler who will behave like an overly vain and wasteful man. And his rule will be accompanied by embezzlement of material and cultural wealth, which was acquired before by many generations of people.

If you dreamed of a person who is dirty with mud, smearing it on yourself, then there is a chance of getting sick en masse. That is, in the world there will be such a disease, from which many people will suffer, and there will be no cure for this disease. Therefore, this will force people to leave cities and seek healing for natural medicines, for the forces of mother nature.

If in a dream you observe how dirt is poured into plates, then be ready to receive all kinds of riches. There will come an era when all around will prosper, will be provided, and will not know any worries.

A dream in which a mud and dirt - the breeding ground for frogs - appear in the well where clean water should have been located, then there is a global problem in France: there will be no drinking water. The trouble will be caused by the fact that there will be a major accident in the country, and it will take a lot of time and effort to eliminate its consequences.

The appearance of children playing with dirt and mud in their sleep means that cities will no longer be a comfortable haven for people. People will choose for themselves a different place of residence, closer to nature.

If you try to wash your hands of dirt in a dream, such a dream presages the receipt of big money, material prosperity, a successful course of business.

To step into a mud in a dream - in real life, suffer from the fact that your shortcomings and weaknesses will form the basis of silly tales, conjectures and rumors.

If you fall into a mud in a dream, then you can quarrel with close people because you are acting rashly.

In a dream, dirty the outfit, clothes in the mud - to deal with slander and intrigue.

If you had a dream in which someone had muddied shoes, then in reality there is enmity and alienation ahead of them. You should exercise restraint in order to avoid participation in a conflict situation.

The dream in which you are engaged in washing clothes soiled with mud, marks the veil that your reputation may be under attack, suffer.

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If in a dream you observe such a picture: all the trees, shrubs or flowers and the territories around them are mired in fresh mud, this indicates that your health is in order and everything is going well for you. If you see your clothes in the mud, such a dream should be taken as a prediction: you are waiting for an illness that will not be cured easily. Perhaps, for treatment and cure of it you will be forced to leave your home. If in a dream you are experiencing a situation when someone is throwing mud at you, then in real life be vigilant with your enemies, they may be plotting against you.

Dirty and muddy water dreams like a warning: you must be prepared for the impending danger, be vigilant. Light events in your life will be replaced by dark ones. If you wear dirty clothes in your dream, then in reality you should avoid cheating. Dream dirty wool, so you are waiting for forced work with people with whom you have nothing in common, and whose opinions and views on what is happening around are at odds with yours.

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Dreams dreamed of dreaming foreshadow sorrow or open any secrets. If you dream about mud in your own home, everything will be all right.

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To illness.

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