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[The usual dream, in which you see the teeth,..]

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The usual dream in which you see a teeth, foretells an unpleasant collision with illness and restless, disturbing people. If you dream that you have lost your teeth. Unhappiness awaits you.

If in a dream the doctor pulled you a tooth. A terrible, long illness awaits you. If in a dream you observe a person's number of teeth in his mouth, then after many trials lost jewelry will return to you.

If in a dream you clean or rinse your teeth - this means that you will need a huge fight to save your happiness. If you dream that you have artificial teeth in your mouth - then. You should expect severe tests that will fall on you, and you have to overcome them. If you lose a tooth in a dream - you will face a heavy burden that will crush your pride and ruin your work.

If you dream that your teeth have been knocked out - then you should take good care of your affairs, since the enemies do not doze. If in a dream your teeth are broken or broken, it means. Your work or health will suffer from excessive workload. If you dream that you spit out your teeth - then the disease threatens you or your family. Wrong teeth with some flaws - the most terrible dream. He faces many misfortunes to the one who sees him. This is poverty, and the collapse of personal plans and hopes, and disease, and nervous exhaustion, even in healthy people hitherto. If you have a tooth in your dream - this means sad news; if two - then a strip of bad luck, in which the dreamer will be plunged because of his own negligence. If three teeth fall out, very serious disasters will follow. If you see that all your teeth have dropped out, it means that misfortunes are coming. If you dream that your teeth are spoiled and you pulled them out - then you, hunger and death are waiting for you.

If you are dreaming that your plaque flies off from your teeth, why they become healthy and white means. Your malaise is temporary; when it passes. You will come to your senses, and the realization of the fulfilled debt will please you.

If in a dream you admire the whiteness and perfection of your teeth. You are waiting for your friends dear to your heart and all the fullness of happiness that desire can fulfill. If in a dream you pull out one of your teeth, lose it, and then search for a tongue in your mouth, without finding it, and you leave this riddle unsolved - it means that you are expecting a meeting with some person that you absolutely do not want and which you want to neglect. And nevertheless this meeting will take place. And in the future you will continue to see this person and, despite the sidelong glances of friends, to receive from these meetings exciting you pleasure.

If you dream that your dentist has cleared your teeth perfectly, and the next morning you find that they have turned yellow again - this means that you will protect the protection of your interests to certain people, but soon you will find that they can not resist the flattering promises of some kind dexterous deceiver.

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Teeth are a symbol of loss of vital energy, experiences.

To dream, as your teeth are pulled out, you are really afraid of losing someone close to you.

If your teeth fall out in a dream - your confusion and inaction interfere with the realization of the goal.

To see in a dream rotten and collapsing teeth - illnesses, problems with health.

A dream in which you saw an empty place in your mouth instead of a tooth, warns of a loss of vitality and premature old age.

A painful tooth means that you have to deal with personal problems.

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The dream in which you see the teeth, warns of trouble caused by communication with sick or foolish people. If you dreamed that your teeth are falling out, then perhaps a series of anxieties and troubles awaits you ahead.

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dream book Lunar

White - to health; black - to be unloved; clean - the work of others; knock out - to failure; give tear - to illness; loss - death of relatives; language to touch - success in business.

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