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Garden work in March

Garden work in March

Although March is the first spring month, but in the garden there is still a thick layer of snow, and snowstorms and snowstorms continue. Nevertheless, the warmth approach is felt, since the light day is already significantly increasing.

The daytime temperature of March is increasingly positive, however, there is a danger for fruit trees due to a sharp temperature fluctuation: during the day, the temperature can be +5, and at night it can drop to -20 degrees. This can cause a sunburn of the fruit tree crust usually from the southeast, south-west and south sides.

Garden work in March

That is why, without waiting for the complete melting of snow, in order to avoid sunburn, the bark of trees, the crown, the trunk and the bough should be sprinkled with a lime solution (for 10 liters of water, 1 kg of lime). As the bar is freed from snow, it should be bleached with lime. Whitewing is spent on sunny warm days so that it can dry up until night.

More reliable protection against sunburn is the tying of trunks and thick branches with fir branches, reeds, willow rods, raspberry dried, etc. This method is called - shading.

In March, the fight against mice continues (check mousetraps, lay out baits). It is necessary to continue trampling down the snow on the trunks. In the second half of March, when mass melting and subsidence of snow begins, it is necessary to shake it off the branches in a timely manner so that they do not break. Branches that have fallen under the snow when hilling, should be freed, if necessary, breaking the ice crust around the tree with a stake. It is necessary to do this when the snow becomes loose - in the second half of a warm day.

Garden work in March

As soon as the melting of snow begins, it is necessary to carry out work on the retention of meltwater. In the lowland areas, drainage canals are being cleared. If you do not use artificial irrigation, you should detain and store melt water. For the purpose of this accumulation, snow shafts are made across the slopes and furrows in the snow.

At the end of March, it is necessary to prepare for the meeting of the starlings, having hung birdhouses in time.

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