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Horoscope of marriage online with decoding

Horoscope of marriage

A marriage horoscope is a map built at the time of marriage registration. Many believe that this is the time for which registration was assigned. However, this is not quite true. The moment (birth) of marriage should be considered the phrase: "I declare you husband and wife!" or the moment of mutual exchange by rings. You can build horoscopes of "unofficial" marriage. In the case of a civil marriage, the horoscope is built on a date that the couple considers to be significant - dating date, date of first sexual contacts, date of cohabitation, date of the first meaningful joint purchase, etc. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that not all marriages are concluded "for love", often - "by calculation," and the unconscious; for mutual benefit, "because of" children (marriages "according to the flight"), because of feelings of guilt, a sense of duty, duty, because of fears "to remain alone", etc. All this can tell a horoscope of marriage.

Throughout life, we encounter a lot of people, but only a few of them are in harmony with us in a spiritual and sexual sense. Compatibility horoscope by birth date will help you to reveal the character traits of a partner. It is also recommended to calculate the compatibility of the lunar signs of the zodiac. And the marriage horoscope will help you avoid many problems, with its help you will be able to skilfully bypass all the pitfalls that may meet in your path. Married couples, this horoscope will allow you to penetrate into sometimes unconscious features of your marriage, to realize and solve many problems.

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Cuspid 5th house in the sign ♊ Gemini horoscope marriage

5 house of the horoscope

Very soon after the marriage, a cool, intellectualized relationship is established between the spouses. Sometimes they are characterized by the relationship of the brother and sister, preventing them from starting (or continuing) intimate relationships. With the children there is also a familiar relationship. In the hobby preference is given to intellectual pursuits, even in families with a low level: solving crosswords, all sorts of quizzes and "guessing". For them, the "Field of Miracles" was invented.

5 house in the zodiac signs
5 house in the sign Aries
In the sign of Aries

The love relations of the spouses, very violent at the beginning of a life together, suddenly fade, but they constantly ignite with renewed force. Spouses are never bored in each other's company. They then embark on a process.. go →

5 house in the sign Taurus
In the sign of Taurus

The couple's love relationships are often boring, inert and mean in expressing emotions. The spouses are treated with all severity to their children, they follow the methods chosen once and for all, instilling persistence,.. go →

5 house in the sign Gemini
In the sign of Gemini

Very soon after the marriage, a cool, intellectualized relationship is established between the spouses. Sometimes they are characterized by the relationship of the brother and sister, preventing them from starting (or.. go →

5 house in the sign Cancer
In the sign of Cancer

The couple's love relationship is very emotional, sensual, sometimes to tearfulness. This is transferred to relationships with children. Serious upbringing of children in such families, as a rule, do not receive, only care,.. go →

5 house in the sign Leo
In the sign of Leo

The love life of the spouses is lush and accented, always takes place in the mind, they reward each other with intimate nicknames, the vast majority of which relates to the cat family. They like to have fun with the whole.. go →

5 house in the sign Virgo
In the sign of the Virgin

The love and social life of this couple, from the point of view of many, is boring and pragmatic. Loving relationships are reduced to the principle "I'll kiss you today, if tomorrow you vacuum the whole apartment." Their.. go →

5 house in the sign Libra
In the sign of Libra

The love relationship of this couple is often harmonious until old age, the couple are in a state of quiet love in each other. Children have the same optimal attitude, without punishments and reprimands. Children are taught to.. go →

5 house in the sign Scorpio
In the sign of Scorpio

Not the most pleasant position for a long life side by side. As a rule, the spouses divorce themselves to old age or go to different rooms. If in youth, during courtship and on a honeymoon, they were completely intemperate.. go →

5 house in the sign Sagittarius
In the sign of Sagittarius

The relationship between the spouses is very touching. They show each other's feelings of increased attention and great care. The same applies to their attitude towards children. Each other's and children's spouses are.. go →

5 house in the sign Capricorn
In the sign of Capricorn

Relationships of spouses are cold, insensitive and never carried out on people. They often feel that their affection is not enough to advertise it. With children are strict and exacting. Children often become influential people.

5 house in the sign Aquarius
In the sign of Aquarius

This is a couple with extraordinary, but unstable relationships. By methods of raising children, they often amaze others. Adultery is just as common as barren marriages. They like to spend time in a friendly environment,.. go →

5 house in the sign Pisces
In the sign of Pisces

Relationships of spouses are gentle, sensual, do not leave doubts in mutual affection. Cooling is rare, because of unjustified jealousy. Children also feel great tenderness, protect them, take care. The process of education as such, as a rule, is not observed.

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