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Love horoscope by date of birth

Love horoscope

Venus in the horoscope since ancient times played a significant role. In the astrology of the omens and in classical astrology was considered "small happiness." In modern astrology, Venus patronizes such concepts as love, harmony, beauty, sympathy, friendship, art, pleasure, that is, Venus symbolizes everything that a person likes and that he realizes as pleasing. Therefore, with Venus in astrology, money, material wealth and ethical values ​​are also connected.

By the location of Venus in a man's horoscope, astrologers judge about the forms in which his emotional life manifests, who is sympathetic to him, who is not, what are his aesthetic ideals and artistic preferences.

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♀ Venus in the sign of Sagittarius

In the sign of Sagittarius

Here Venus is on a visit to Jupiter, in a fiery sign.

This situation is very interesting, since Sagittarius will give a dual position: on the one hand, you are able to perceive the authority of the tradition, and on the other hand, to transfer it, that is, to be both a student and a teacher. Therefore, in your emotional relationships, you can have some duality.

More often than not, you should see the teacher as a partner, and your criterion of spiritual and physical beauty can be a little "blurry", spiritual and social authority, social position is much more important for perception and choice. In general, Venus in Sagittarius is characterized on the one hand by idealism in love, and on the other - by a great rationalism in choosing a partner. You usually choose those who can teach you something or give social protection. More often than not, you may be attracted (including erotic) to people you deeply respect, teachers, pastors, teachers, supervisors, professors. And in some cases, Venus in Sagittarius can give love to a person from afar, to a foreigner, for example. If the partner's authority has fallen dramatically, adultery (betrayal) or frustration and alienation in relations with him will be possible. In general, you will have an active position, you are often the initiator of feelings, seek to find love. Apparently, you can be characterized by greater independence and sincerity in love, lack of coquetry and a sense of ownership. Due to the fact that Venus in Sagittarius is on a visit to Jupiter, which gives a "horizontal" expansion in the form of capture of a large sphere of influence, you may have more than one partner. For you it is quite possible to have several lovers or mistresses at the same time, without experiencing a sense of guilt.

There are other options. First: you see in the teacher's partner, this is often the case with women regarding men. The second option is when you feel yourself as an authority in the field of feelings, a teacher in love, a model of behavior. This is more common in men, but not necessarily, this option can be observed in women. Moreover, you can observe both of these options, for example, in one company or part of life you feel yourself as an authority, and in another place will be a student. In some cases, such men prefer women older or smarter than them. Here, the development of aesthetic criteria is always strongly influenced by the social factor. In general, the influence of Venus in Sagittarius is rather weak, since there is practically no internal criterion of beauty, therefore very much depends on the social situation. Therefore, in your emotional drives you quite often focus on what is prestigious.

For example, at one time tennis was a prestigious holiday, and women with Venus in Sagittarius could often be seen on the courts. And when the boom passed, they began to leave from there. That is, even in matters of rest for you the main role, most likely, will be played by social orientation. And although the position of Venus in Sagittarius is not a fall, here it is "peregrin", that is, "wandering", nevertheless, here it manifests itself rather weakly, because in this sign it is not independent. In Sagittarius, the influence of Jupiter, that is, the social situation, is too great.

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