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Love horoscope by date of birth

Love horoscope

Venus in the horoscope since ancient times played a significant role. In the astrology of the omens and in classical astrology was considered "small happiness." In modern astrology, Venus patronizes such concepts as love, harmony, beauty, sympathy, friendship, art, pleasure, that is, Venus symbolizes everything that a person likes and that he realizes as pleasing. Therefore, with Venus in astrology, money, material wealth and ethical values ​​are also connected.

By the location of Venus in a man's horoscope, astrologers judge about the forms in which his emotional life manifests, who is sympathetic to him, who is not, what are his aesthetic ideals and artistic preferences.

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♀ Venus in the sign of Pisces

In the sign of Pisces

Here Venus is on a visit to Neptune and Jupiter in a watermark, this is her best position. Pisces is a sign of her exaltation.

Venus in Pisces gives a very high degree of sensitivity in emotional relationships, that is, for you, most likely, is characterized by a great sense of partner up to a complete identification with him, in which emotion is directed to the deepest essence of the partner, total rejection, dissolution in the perception of a loved one rights. You can also have a strong need for tenderness, in embraces, in which you will forget about everything in the world. Unlike Venus, there are no egoistic motives in Cancer, as there is no fixation on your subconscious. A person with Venus in Pisces is ready even for self-sacrifice.

Especially this position of Venus is favorable for women, since such a woman is considered an ideal lover, mother, wife, the ideal of any female manifestation. Here Venus is visiting Neptune, so there is a kind of material manifestation of universal love (Neptune) in the form of love for a particular person (Venus). That's why you can be capable of very deep feelings. But in order for these deep feelings to manifest themselves, it is often necessary for the partner to feel the same for you. Here the principle "Water requires investment," that is, a person with Venus in Pisces does not show any initiative. Apparently, you will usually be enthralled by someone, that is, someone has to invest first in you the energy of your feelings, to turn on the tumbler of the reciprocal feeling, to open your "floodgates". Sometimes a small investment is enough to get a very strong return. Most likely, you can usually be attracted to the most subtle partners, able to assess your perception, to enter with you in the most subtle resonance. Most often, you can find such partners among the sun signs of Gemini, Cancers, Scorpions, Aquarius and Pisces.

With "evil" Venus, you can be somewhat vague in perception, prone to superstitions, you can manifest too sharp, interfering with living sensitivity. For you in this case, the resentment of the little things in the relationship with your loved one and the hysterical summoning of him to empathy are characteristic.

In addition, Venus in Pisces gives love to music, so music in your life is likely to play a particularly big role (Neptune is associated with music). Mind you can have a strong love for music, theater, poetry, it is very possible to have a subtle taste and musical abilities. But the music here refers to the classical, modern with Neptune is tied little, it more comes from Mars. Neptune's music is soft, calm, harmonious.

In order for you to have an aesthetic criterion, so that you have a normal development of the emotional sphere, you need a calm, protected environment, where the relations would be close to ideal. You need the opportunity to feel yourself, to come in contact with your unconscious feelings, with the subtle world. "A holy place is never empty," and if you do not have contact with the subtle world, there is no ideal, then you can put "substitutes" in the form of illusions or drugs. You can create in this way states like touching the subtle world. That is, if the conditions of complete harmony of development are not met, then in return you can form strong illusions in the field of emotional relationships, depending on your experience. If there is a negative way, there will be an emotional spanking, in which case you become so vulnerable that you try not to show feelings. You may have extreme misconceptions about emotional relationships, including strange love for people inaccessible. You can even be a sluggish and sleepy person, then you will have a reduced ability to regain strength. You, of course, need a touch of feelings with reality, because Venus in Pisces is too much opportunity to break away from the real world and experience feelings for illusory objects and subjects. In this case, your entire emotional life will go into the subconscious, into the imagination.

In terms of rest you are very shown the sea, because the sea is connected with Neptune. Sea trips, coast, islands for you are a very good form of recreation and recovery. And since Neptune is associated with meditations, then you will have this ability, it is just such a case when meditation gives a good effect on rest.

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