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Love horoscope by date of birth

Love horoscope

Venus in the horoscope since ancient times played a significant role. In the astrology of the omens and in classical astrology was considered "small happiness." In modern astrology, Venus patronizes such concepts as love, harmony, beauty, sympathy, friendship, art, pleasure, that is, Venus symbolizes everything that a person likes and that he realizes as pleasing. Therefore, with Venus in astrology, money, material wealth and ethical values ​​are also connected.

By the location of Venus in a man's horoscope, astrologers judge about the forms in which his emotional life manifests, who is sympathetic to him, who is not, what are his aesthetic ideals and artistic preferences.

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♀ Venus in the sign of Taurus

In the sign of Taurus

Venus in Taurus is in its abode, in the earthly sign. Here Venus will give strong attachments, feelings that develop quite slowly.

Most likely, you have strong habits, because Taurus is associated with bodily harmony and you will usually look for balance with the surrounding environment. Therefore, for you can be characterized by a high degree of adaptation, you will always adjust to the environment, wanting to emotionally adapt to it, but this process takes time. That is, you tend to slowly develop your attachments, feelings must take shape and then they will be smooth, inert and harmonious. Apparently, you are a slightly phlegmatic person, in the worst case you can even be lazy, but usually you are difficult to get out of balance. Reflection can be characteristic for you, that is, you often think about how others treat you, and how you treat them. Venus in Taurus also gives sober earthly love, "heavily implicated" in sex. It should be noted that you may not very much distinguish between love and sex, at least on the level of feelings. Most likely, you are inexhaustible and tireless in love and are always ready to indulge in pleasures. However, your love blossoms well only when you feel peace and security.

On the basis of only the position of Venus in Taurus, one can not speak of sexual behavior, since a rather wide variety of approaches can be observed here. But you will definitely have a desire for strong, stable emotional contacts, connections that are slowly being developed, that is, you can adapt to your partner, while slowly getting used to. Although you may need a lot of time to adjust, but in this way you can tune in to almost any person. And you, most likely, are long-suffering, for you the rupture of relations is almost always difficult and complex, before this there must be a long accumulation of negative experiences, since Taurus is a sign of the immobile cross. Therefore, extraordinary efforts are needed so that you break old strong ties. Usually you do not like to leave not so much from great love, but from dislike for change. Your attachments are very strong, so it is very difficult to seduce you. You are often characterized by loyalty and a high degree of trust in your partner. Jealousy you can manifest only when affected by aspects of Venus and certainly not without reason. In general, you are usually uneducated, especially if Venus is supported by good aspects. As a rule, your liking and attraction in you are more to partners, solid, strong and balanced.

Probably, you like comfort, bodily pleasures and money for them. Most likely you have a tendency to accumulation, but not money, but things, because you need to touch it, the accumulation for you must be materially designed. Most likely, you like to eat, and, if Venus in Taurus is "kind," then you will simply get a lot of pleasure from eating. Since Venus still shows a form, with "good" Venus, especially if you are a woman, you will surely be watching your figure carefully. That is, you can have conflicting feelings: the desire to eat deliciously and the desire to have a beautiful figure. The last aspiration often still outweighs, especially with "good" Venus: you agree to any diet, but that the figure looked beautiful. But if Venus in Taurus is "evil", then the main thing is still food and you can have a tendency to overeat, to gluttony, and, as a consequence, to obesity, when the form is already blurred.

So here attempts to bring the figure to order can even be considered as one of the ways to work out the "evil" Venus, which, being in Taurus, manifests itself in women precisely as a "malfunction" with the figure. And as a consequence, external manifestations will be shifted, and internal qualities and manifestations will change for the better.

If you go to sports classes, then, probably, on those that can well affect the figure. You must love the movement, because Venus in Taurus gives a good mood for nature, love for her, the ability to feel it, not only externally, but also on the inner plane. Excessively move you, most likely, will not, but just as much as you need to keep yourself in shape. Venus in Taurus also gives love to animals. And if you do not have them at home, then, probably, flowers grow on the window. Probably, at the slightest opportunity, you would start a plant or beast.

Naturally, your criterion of harmony is formed in a calm atmosphere. Often you are able even to balance different phenomena and arguments. Conversely, the rapidly changing situation, which requires instant switching, for you, most likely, will be disharmonious. If you constantly put in such conditions, then you will have violations in the formation of the emotional world. This especially applies to children, because adults, in general, are able to find such a niche in life, so as not to fall into such situations. For children, it is more difficult to evade influences, and when they begin to be pulled or forced to constantly change something, they may no longer like anything because they can not get into a state of balance. This neurotic condition can last a lifetime. In this case, you may have a broken taste, and you, in order to somehow calm down, you can start eating a lot. This is called "Venus protection" and is a sure sign that you have emotional problems, so you are protecting yourself from unbearable conditions or stresses. In Taurus in general very often there is a "food" protection from the inharmonious situation.

Since Venus is responsible for the form, design, history, many prominent artists with Venus in Taurus are known.

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