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Lunar Calendar of Magic on november 2022 year

Lunar Calendar of Magic on november 2022 year Lunar Magic Calendar at november 2022 year

In order to conduct magical rituals, conspiracies, spells or fortune telling aimed at obtaining predictions, were successful, they must be correlated with the lunar rhythms. The moon has always been and remains the master of magic, and this is no accident, for it is subject to the flow and change of astral energies, which the magician directly deals with. Therefore, your experiments and experiments in the field of magic will become more productive if you conduct your rituals at the most suitable for them lunar day. This can be learned from our lunar calendar, which is presented below.

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The magical properties of the moon. The greatest aggravation of our emotional state often occurs during the full moon period. However, since other phases of the moon also have a direct impact on the energy of our life, we also need to consider the stages of the growing and waning moon, during each of which a unique energy inherent in this period is singled out. These kinds of energy have different beneficial effects on our emotions, feeding and charging them with the magical power of the moon. The natural emotions obtained in each of these periods give rise to the magic of extraordinary strength, being one of the strongest assistants in our endeavors associated with lunar magic. And now consider each phase, the moon day and the position of the moon in the sign of the Zodiac separately, with the intention of understanding what magical rituals, and for which phase of the moon is best suited to achieve certain goals set before you. City New York.

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Lunar calendar of magic, divination s 1 by 7 november 2022 years, city New York

from 01.11.2022 - tuesday 
from 00:00
8 lunar day continues
8 lunar day

symbol: bird Phoenix
stones: chrysolite, olivine
part of body: stomach

Manufacturing of medicines, including complex multicomponent, alchemical works, consecration of temples, sanctuaries, any works of the growing moon. Very good cleaning of the digestive tract. On this day you can not marry.

When guessing you need to ask only those questions that require a call to the past, to past events, whose consequences are directly related to the present. Also on these lunar days, you can clarify all the issues related to the karmic nodes and interpret the prophecies obtained in past predictions.

The waxing crescent 🌒 phase continues
Waxing crescent

Recommendations for both the new moon phase.

Like yesterday, the ☽ Moon in the sign of ♒ Aquarius 07°16'58"
In the sign of Aquarius

Magic rituals associated with science, freedom, creativity, solving problems with friends. Any fortune-teller can be engaged. In any situation, strive to go the right way. This time is also good for establishing friendship, strengthening friendly ties, and also for forming groups that are connected by common interests. At this time, you can develop intuition. If you began to study astrology, when the Moon in Aquarius arrives or is in its full phase, then your zeal will not be wasted.

from 02:37
The beginning of the first quarter 🌓 phase
First quarter

The growing Moon is the time to move towards the goal, to achieve plans, to prosperity. She begins to gain her former power, and with her grow magical powers. This is still only echoes of the former power, but they can have the most favorable effect during the rituals of love magic or money magic.

all current events (2)
1) 8 lunar day continues (from 01.11 00:00)
2) Like yesterday, the ☽ Moon in the sign of ♒ Aquarius 07°16'58" (from 01.11 00:00)
from 14:58
The beginning of the 9 lunar day
9 lunar day

character: bat
stones: alexandrite, black pearl
body part: chest

The first satanic lunar day. Guidance and removal of spoiling, female spells and seductions, hard love spells with suppression of will, rituals for ovums, purification of premises. On this day you can not marry.

In this period it is better to refrain from guessing practices. Engage in raising the level of education, which is an indispensable attribute of any professional magician. On these lunar days it is useful to get acquainted with the legacy or biographies of the great purple magicians, prophets and clairvoyants.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the first quarter 🌓 phase (from 01.11 02:37)
2) Like yesterday, the ☽ Moon in the sign of ♒ Aquarius 07°16'58" (from 01.11 00:00)
from 02.11.2022 - wednesday 
from 14:46
☽ Moon in the sign of ♓ Pisces
In the sign of Pisces

Divination by tarot, telepathy and clairvoyance. You can also practice spells to improve intuition, psychological and extrasensory abilities. This is a great time for all kinds of prayers and meditations, because Pisces helps us to dissolve into infinity. The energies of Pisces help to increase or develop supernatural abilities, especially clairvoyance.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the 9 lunar day (from 01.11 14:58)
2) The beginning of the first quarter 🌓 phase (from 01.11 02:37)
from 15:30
The beginning of the 10 lunar day
10 lunar day

symbol: crossroads
stones: beryl
body part: rectum, anus

Rites of ancestral commemoration, establishing ties with ancestors, rites for solving family problems, harmonizing relations in the family, rites for gaining material prosperity, any rituals of a growing moon.

On this day it is very favorable to bring offerings to the gods during priestly work, as well as to erect objects of worship.

When guessing ask only those questions that are relevant to the family, family, tradition. This, perhaps, is the only day when it is possible to hold joint sessions of summoning the spirits of divination, to conduct general divination sessions. But only those who are close to you in spirit, who could be your family not only in a direct but also figurative sense, should participate. Some masters on this lunar day spent their initiation in their tradition or acceptance into the order.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the first quarter 🌓 phase (from 01.11 02:37)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♓ Pisces (from 02.11 14:46)
from 03.11.2022 - thursday 
from 15:57
The beginning of the 11 lunar day
11 lunar day

symbol: tree crown
stones: turquoise, sardonyx
part of body: sternum, ribs

This day has the most powerful energy from the entire lunar cycle. It is connected with the energy of Kundalini. Very good on this day, lie down any spell, especially with a sexual bias, but on this day it is safe to work only dedicated practitioners. Beginners are undesirable, because, with the slightest mistake in the ritual, a powerful rollback may follow instead of the result, and beginners do not have the protection that the initiates have. Ordinary protection such a blow can not hold back.

Divination can be conducted on any topic. One of the best periods for performing rituals and magic ceremonies, as in the eleventh lunar day energy, the forces of living nature come to a state of increased activity.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the first quarter 🌓 phase (from 01.11 02:37)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♓ Pisces (from 02.11 14:46)
from 04.11.2022 - friday 
from 14:21
The beginning of the waxing gibbous 🌔 phase
Waxing gibbous

The second quarter of the growing Moon occurs at a time when the Moon is gradually starting to turn into a full moon. During this period, the astral forces are able to create real miracles. The most successful moment arrives for carrying out magical rituals for gaining vitality, gaining authority, significantly improving well-being and even turning the fortunes and character of a person for the better.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the 11 lunar day (from 03.11 15:57)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♓ Pisces (from 02.11 14:46)
from 16:22
The beginning of the 12 lunar day
12 lunar day

symbol: sword
stones: chrysoberyl, corundum
body part: kidney

Any appeal to patronizing forces, verbal magic, soft privoroty, rituals for money, luck, any creative work is not compulsory.

When guessing it is necessary to ask only clearly formulated questions and only those that have a high degree of importance. To address to any oracle at the moment for trifles is a dangerous undertaking, you can anger the spirits of predictions. As in the previous lunar day, now it is good to conduct serious rituals and ceremonies in the framework of magic, since the boundary between the worlds is especially thin. True, there is also a danger in this: if you make a little mistake in the correctness of the ritual, you may be in for a lot of trouble.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the waxing gibbous 🌔 phase (from 04.11 14:21)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♓ Pisces (from 02.11 14:46)
from 19:06
☽ Moon in the sign of ♈ Aries
In the sign of Aries

Magic rituals for gaining power, will power and rebirth. Suitable spells are aimed at freedom and adventure. This is a time of personal energy, enthusiasm. During this period, you can feel more impulsive, because Aries is characterized by a spirit of rivalry.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the 12 lunar day (from 04.11 16:22)
2) The beginning of the waxing gibbous 🌔 phase (from 04.11 14:21)
from 05.11.2022 - saturday 
from 16:45
The beginning of the 13 lunar day
13 lunar day

symbol: labyrinth
stones: hematite, selenite, opal
part of body: vertebral column

A magical day. Any spellbinding rituals, soft and hard, are especially strong spells on female blood, love involutovaniya. Rites for money and good luck.

These lunar days suggest the direction of the divination practices in the direction of clarifying questions concerning the future. It is not recommended to seek clarification of the present state of affairs or the past.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the waxing gibbous 🌔 phase (from 04.11 14:21)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♈ Aries (from 04.11 19:06)
from 06.11.2022 - sunday 
from 16:08
The beginning of the 14 lunar day
14 lunar day

symbol: crown, crown
stones: graphite
body part: underbelly

Rites full moon, love fortune, rites for money and luck. The most favorable day for starting a new business. Accepting the vow.

When guessing, ask only questions related to your inner state or the state of mind of someone who addresses you. It is also a wonderful period for the transition to a new stage in the development of extrasensory abilities.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the waxing gibbous 🌔 phase (from 04.11 14:21)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♈ Aries (from 04.11 19:06)
from 07.11.2022 - monday 
from 00:14
☽ Moon in the sign of ♉ Taurus
In the sign of Taurus

The magic of love, real estate and money. Do magic, aimed at improving material prosperity, stability and patience. Time is suitable for love spells. Taurus is one of the signs with which you can get a companion of life or find a sensual love adventure. Also this period is good for improving the surrounding space and finding a new home.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the 14 lunar day (from 06.11 16:08)
2) The beginning of the waxing gibbous 🌔 phase (from 04.11 14:21)
from 16:33
The beginning of the 15 lunar day
15 lunar day

symbol: jackal
stones: emerald, agate
body part: diaphragm, pancreas

Satan's Day. Day of influence of the Spirit of the flesh of Ahriman.

Rough sexual love spells. Envoltovaniya to love with the suppression of the will.

When guessing, you can ask any questions. From ancient times in all cultures, the fifteenth lunar day - the full moon, was considered the best day for any magical action, any ritual and ceremony. This period was actively used by all sorcerers, witches, healers, black and white magicians. The full moon is the peak of the lunar and, consequently, of the astral energy. For this reason, the connection between the human world and other dimensions is particularly subtle, so that all predictions will be extremely accurate, and you will have additional forces to penetrate the essence of things. The main thing - do not be tempted.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the waxing gibbous 🌔 phase (from 04.11 14:21)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♉ Taurus (from 07.11 00:14)
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