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Lunar horoscope

Lunar horoscope

A lunar horoscope is a map compiled at the time when the transit moon returns to the position it occupied at the moment of the birth of the person (native). Lunar return is repeated approximately every 27 days and 8 hours - this is the sidereal cycle of the Moon. This horoscope is calculated using the coordinates of the place in which the person was or plans to be. In the case of moving and finding at this time in another locality, it is necessary to recalculate the lunar for new coordinates.

The lunar horoscope is a kind of matrix that preserves the tendencies laid at the time of the lunar return, during the coming lunar month.

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♆ Neptune in 6 home of the lunar horoscope

Ruler Neptune

Disappointment or illusion about work. Hopes for promotion do not come true or in a new place will not be as good as a person expected. Intricate relationships with subordinates and colleagues, in general an unclear situation in production. An ambiguous official position. Inspirational work, but misconceptions about the need to "plow so much." Vain hopes of an amendment of health, a certain method of treatment, the results of a surgical operation or procedures. In general, you need to be careful about medical prescriptions and taking medications. There may be a wrong diagnosis or wrong treatment. Man himself is mistaken about his state of health - in one direction or another. Favorable treatment on the waters, chemotherapy, water massage. It is necessary to pay attention to the conformity of the diet. Indicates the mental causes of diseases, nervous depression. The negative aspect of Neptune makes health concerns in vain. Labor requires inspiration, and work proceeds through strength. Unpleasant situations with employees - intrigues, intrigues, misunderstandings, wrecking, dishonesty.

♆ Neptune in the houses of the lunar horoscope
♆ Neptune in 1 house
1 house

A very chaotic month, leaving an unpleasant residue, especially if Neptune stands on the Ascendant. There are many vaguenesses, confusion, dirty tricks. For all its vigor, a person can cause others to feel passive, apathetic, melancholic, susceptible to depression. Hit in a.. go →

♆ Neptune with 2 house
2 house

There are inherent misconceptions about their material situation, both in the direction of understatement and exaggeration. In general, this situation predisposes to financial carelessness, since money comes to the person as if by themselves, without much effort. Man does not.. go →

♆ Neptune in 3 house
3 house

Relations with others are on an intuitive, sometimes mystical level. Many incomprehensible events, intricate situations in everyday life. Misconceptions about the value and dignity of existing connections, personalities of others, friends. Contacts at the subconscious level.. go →

♆ Neptune in 4 house
4 house

Removing from the family, confusion in the house, intricate situations, ignoring their family responsibilities. Secrets from relatives and friends, hidden activities. The situation of a person in a family is unstable. The year is unfavorable for property transactions, the.. go →

♆ Neptune in 5 house
5 house

Experiences due to love relationships, intimate relationships. Intricate relationships. Impossibility to understand your feelings. Often - illusions about a fan or subject of passion. Grief, disappointment, suffering. Isolation, spatial or spiritual remoteness of a loved one... go →

♆ Neptune in 6 house
6 house

Disappointment or illusion about work. Hopes for promotion do not come true or in a new place will not be as good as a person expected. Intricate relationships with subordinates and colleagues, in general an unclear situation in production. An ambiguous official position... go →

♆ Neptune in 7 house
7 house

Intricate relationships with partners of any kind, including spouse and business associates. Illusions about their role in their lives, the nature of the relationship, their human and business qualities. Their intervention brings an unpleasant quality of the situation,.. go →

♆ Neptune in 8 house
8 house

Sexual relationships bring grief and suffering, betrayal by an intimate partner. Jealousy, clarification of relations, strengthening of proprietary instincts towards a partner. Hopes for profit from other people's money, thinking of smart financial moves. But this provision.. go →

♆ Neptune in 9 house
9 house

Experiences associated with their interests abroad. Erroneous calculation regarding assistance from abroad, for joint activities, foreign partners. Dreams of a "better life" abroad. All these hopes, as a rule, are unrealized. Striving for travel, dreams of the unknown. Can.. go →

♆ Neptune in 10 house
10 house

It is in vain to expect an increase in the rank, rank and related improvement in the material situation and position in society. The intricate state of career and professional affairs, an unstable situation at work. Misconceptions about current goals, their prospects and.. go →

♆ Neptune in 11 house
11 house

Friendship with Neptunian personalities: both horoscope, for example, and with sailors, chemists, pharmacists, spies (with Neptune's defeat - with alcoholics and drug addicts, scammers). Sometimes refers to the friendship of an intimate property. Misconceptions about friendly.. go →

♆ Neptune in 12 house
12 house

The period of separation, disappointment, experience, refusal to cooperate, separation, ruin of plans and ideals. Can indicate departure, removal from familiar places. Vain hopes that there will be good. Secret affairs and worries, hidden troubles, poor state of mind,.. go →

The position of the planets in the houses of the lunar horoscope The position of the planets in the houses ☽ Moon ☉ Sun ☿ Mercury ♀ Venus ♂ Mars ♃ Jupiter ♄ Saturn ♅ Uranus ♆ Neptune ♇ Pluto


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