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Retrograde ♆ Neptune in 2017 year

Retrograde planets for 2017-2024 years

Retrograde, or retreat. It is indicated by the "R" icon. The word "retrograde" means something moving backwards. The planet does not move back, but the fact is that if you look from the Earth, it seems that the planet slows down its movement and is about to retreat. It's like moving two parallel trains. If one goes with greater speed, then it seems that the second one is going back.

Different phases of the movement of the planet in astrology are usually denoted by letters: D - for direct (direct) movement, R- for retrograde, SD - when the planet after stopping starts direct movement and SR - when the planet after stopping, will begin retrograde motion. Retrograde are all the planets, with the exception of the Sun and the Moon.

If the planet is retrograde, that is, it moves in an unusual way, then its impact will be less obvious, more hidden and introvert. In some cases, this is a real blessing, and sometimes it can slow the process of ripening the event. City New York.

Retrograde ♆ Neptune in 2017 year, city New York
planetbeginning of retrogradereturn to the direct state
♆ Neptune 16.06.2017 07:10 fr 22.11.2017 09:20 we


Ruler Neptune

The movement of Neptune in the retrograde phase lasts about 158 ​​days and occurs once a year. His primary influence is especially bright in the house through which he moves. Since Neptune is characterized by all the subtle and elusive, it will be difficult physically to determine all the planetary aspects that must be taken into account when analyzing and understanding the motion of Neptune. Much of this phase of the movement is considered mainly from the theoretical point of view and from the point of view of conjectures and conjectures, and can be understood only individually by everyone at a depth level, while you are in this period of time. Retrograde Neptune raises unresolved problems and circumstances from the past (even from the present life), which can change your emotionally psychological attitude. He is able to influence the deep, often hidden within you feelings. Try to be more thoughtful, and then realizing the nature of these feelings, you can take them under control. Due to Neptune's deceptiveness, other structures are gradually weakening, losing support and becoming less stable, even if it may seem from the outside, but to understand this you will have to look deep inside yourself for answers. Only then do you recognize the emotionally neglected parts of yourself that need careful participation and compassion. However, you may need to experience several phases in order to understand the true inner nature.

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