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Retrograde ♂ Mars in 2019 year

Retrograde planets for 2017-2024 years

Retrograde, or retreat. It is indicated by the "R" icon. The word "retrograde" means something moving backwards. The planet does not move back, but the fact is that if you look from the Earth, it seems that the planet slows down its movement and is about to retreat. It's like moving two parallel trains. If one goes with greater speed, then it seems that the second one is going back.

Different phases of the movement of the planet in astrology are usually denoted by letters: D - for direct (direct) movement, R- for retrograde, SD - when the planet after stopping starts direct movement and SR - when the planet after stopping, will begin retrograde motion. Retrograde are all the planets, with the exception of the Sun and the Moon.

If the planet is retrograde, that is, it moves in an unusual way, then its impact will be less obvious, more hidden and introvert. In some cases, this is a real blessing, and sometimes it can slow the process of ripening the event. City New York.

Retrograde ♂ Mars in 2019 year, city New York
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Whole year ♂ Mars in direct condition

Overall forecast

Ruler Mars

Transit Mars symbolizes rapid life energy, and when it starts retrograde motion, the course of events slows down. The aggressor, who started the war during this period, is threatened with defeat. Do not also show activity in interpersonal relationships. Retrograde movement of Mars more sharply manifests the effects of the industrial recession, rising unemployment, lack of enthusiasm and inertia in the movement of goals. Speaking of energy in the broad sense of the word, the positive opportunities for a decline in business activity contribute to the conservation of energy, as well as the development of more productive and improved methods of its application.

Retrograde periods of Mars are observed every two years and last about 10 weeks.


Retrograde movement of Mars lasts about 80 days and happens every 2 years. In this period, it may seem that your new plans and plans have the opposite result, are not made on time, develop too slowly or, in general, they are not destined to be fulfilled. This is not the best time to start an activity that requires significant enterprising efforts, bold actions, adventurous risks or long physical costs. You can be affected by difficult situations, but you need to maintain your energy at the proper level and focus on what you neglected earlier and failed to bring to completion. In this difficult period for you, it is likely that the health disorders that result from involuntary quick temper, irritability, impatience, disappointment or tension. Complaints about inflammation, abrasions, burns, cuts or wounds caused by sudden accidents are quite possible. Nevertheless, this phase is the best way to start planning any important projects or to review and refine the projects that have already been started and successfully conclude them. With a constructive use, this period will provide an opportunity to review your actions and return what is really important to you.

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